Your Complete Beginners Guide to Fermenting Foods at Home

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Brothers Green Eats : I know this is a lengthy video but I wanted to give you the full guide to Lacto-Fermented foods all in one place! please use this as reference for all of your delicious fermented recipes and feel free to skip around to specific recipes using the time indicator in the description

kaylashalaylaaaaa : i can't believe you didn't include any FRUIT "kvass," water kefir, or mead!! literally fruit kvass is raw honey, chopped fruit, water... after 5 days you have a super carbonated slightly alcoholic semi-sweet drink! tastes amazing using fresh cranberries. same with water kefir.

Shayan Givehchian : Excellent video. I'd punch a baby to see a collaboration between you guys and Brad from Bon Apetite

Danka Moonz : Boris dissaproves, this is not kvass. Western spy blyn !

MrEwok35 : Kvass isn't really fermented beets, but rather a fermented bread drink.

Aaron Sherman : A small correction: Tabasco sauce is one of the most popular fermented sauces on the market. They typically ferment the peppers for THREE YEARS!

OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY : We ferment like crazy, EATING LIVE FOOD is the best way to get great gut health... we are looking forward to a Colab

Igor Kozyrev : Sup. I'm russian. Honestly, never heard of beetroot kvas - usually it's made with bread and other stuff and it makes a nice refreshing beverage sorta like beer but not really. So I've asked my mom if she ever heard of beetroot kvas - and she did indeed. Even tasted once in her life. Said it was the worst thing she ever drunk. I find it kinda funny. So don't be easily fooled when people say "it's damn popular in that part of the world". Still, great video.

Kirill Domnin : The kvass you are talking about has nothing to do with kvass in Russian. Kvass is a fermented rye bread drink and there are no vegetables there. There is however a traditional summer cold soup in Russia, called okroshka, which is made using sliced fresh summer vegetables and kvass, but again that has nothing to do with what you are cooking in this video and calling kvass.

neoasura : Being almost 40...I had a hard time taking your channel seriously..didn't fit the demographic..but, after seeing this..This shows me you dudes are serious into your food craft. I am seriously impressed.

ilona492 : Kvas is made from fermenting rye bread. But please look at Russian style fermention. We pickle everything, even watermelon.

Bekk : Actually, peppers in Tabasco are fermented for 3 years in wood.

Max Đỗ : Another benefit is more salf, less heart attack. Yes, you read that right. Korean eats 1.5 - 2 times the daily amount of salt that American do, and yet they have the healthiest hearts in the world. American doctors just have hidden motives.

Mason K : Kimchi doesn't really go "bad" so long you keep it in relatively cool place. There are restaurants in Korea that specialize in dishes that use Kimchi that is 2-3 years old. Kimchi gets really sour as it ages, but it doesn't really spoil.

PeterM : That aint Kvass my friend! Kvass is a drink made from fermented grain or bread. It's like a sweet non alcoholic beer.

yuyu poiu : As a Korean, you should not let Kimchi sit outside the refrigerator for more than a couple of days. What you are doing with Kimchi is totally wrong for that reason.

qluen : If you like taste of fermented beetroots, you definitely should try traditional polish Christmas soup - barszcz (even the name seems completely polish xD). It's vegan, because for Christmas Eve in Poland, we do not eat meat (except of fish, which is not used for that soup). It's made with vegetable broth, in which you cook a loooot of beetroots and dried mushrooms, than you're adding the zakwas (which is the fluid from beetroots fermentation) and warming it to almost boil, but avoid it (it will loose beautiful color). It should be balanced between sweet and sour, also quite peppery on black pepper. It is amaaaaazing :D

darsh chaudhari : LACTOBACIL-L-US.... NOT BACIL-IC-US

Fennec Besixdouze : Beet kvass is definitely NOT something that's popular in Russia. Kvass in Russia is made with rye bread and has sort of a very lightly fermented, effervescent, very light cola flavor. The beet kvass that is getting popular on US fermented food circles, especially online, is not at all Russian.

Stanley Tweedle : Beat kvass? I have lived my whole life in the suburbs of Moscow and I've travelled around Russia quite a bit, but I've never EVER encountered this. Kvass is usually made based on stale Russian bread (rye bread). Honestly, most people nowadays simply buy ready-made kvass, usually manufactured by beer breweries as an additional "side product" during the summer season. The majority of those who still make it at home use special liquid concentrated "starter culture", a special kind of yeast manufactured since the Soviet era. It makes the process much simpler and faster, but nothing beats (pun unintended) the taste of real home-made bread kvass!

Evi1M4chine : Lol, people have been preserving food for WAAAAYYY longer than a millennium. It’s nearly as old as humanity itself!

Björn Mundt : Fermented garlic. Guys out there. Ferment some garlic. Peel them. Fill them in a jar. Cover with syrupy honey. And wait up to 1 year or longer. Old Chinese recipe. Good for cocking and Medicine too.

anoxic enviroment : но ведь квас это жидкий хлеб, грубо говоря .-.

Krawurxus : "Fermentation is always happening in this house" *DEA kicks in door*

Jordi Ventura : It would be cool if you showed how to use all these foods in recipies

xzxarchangelxzx : This is the best video ever. I didn't even know sriracha was fermented.

broshka q : Kvass is made by fermented bread. I've never heard of kvass made from beats.

Doug Hicton : I thought kvass was a usually sweet fermented drink from Russia made from bread... sort of like their version of pop, but natural. Have you tried making that?

Kyu Tee Lee : I make all 4 of these. I know 20 different kimchi recipes. There are over 200!!! There is a Kimchi recipe that if eatten with rice, seaweed soup, and an asian pear you get 1/3 of your daily nutrients requirements!!! If you have asian pear in your kimchi you can omit eatting and Asian pear. If you do not add the shrimp, fish sauce, asian salted anchovies, or other salted asian seafood then you need to add a protein to your diet.😁 Kimchi is also diferent from province to province. Each having a signature kimchi. The kimchi you made is the common one in all provinces. 😁 Tips: 1. Sriracha gets more sour over time as well and at the 15 day level I would definitely not add vinegar before using it. 2. Top make traditional kimchi in summer only leave it out in dark area of kitchen away from heat for maximum 48 hours. To gain more probiotics cover the top with cheesecloth and held down with rubberband during the first 24 hours of fermentation process. After that put it in the refrigerator but do not cap tightly. It will continue to ferment in your refrigerator. Make sure you put a pan under the kimchi because it can bubble over even in your refrigerator as it ferments. It takes longer to ferment but it will not spoil. 3. Beware: you can have a jar explode due to capturing too much gas. 4. Sauerkraut during summer if going bad before fermenting then do tyhe same as with kimchi but make sure it starts to bubble first. 5. When pickling beets cut into thin strips like match sticks, fill jar with the beets. Add 1 clove of garlic and same amount of ginger. Then in the 2% brine mixture add 1/8 cup of honey and 1/4 tsp tumeric. When the honey is incorporated do everything else the same. This form of pickled beets can beva replacement for the pickled diacon radish in kimbap and bimbap dishes. 😁

White Lion : Hat er gerade wirklich Jalapeños ins Sauerkraut getan?

99TomatenPoopProductions : Kvas isn't made with beets. It's made with bread, with black bread. And it's a drink, the solids get descarded. Rest of the video was good, but that ain't kvas brother

James M : Pickles are the ultimate fermentation project! There so delicious!

Dylan Forest : Tabasco is fermented...for years.

RedboRF : Buddy, it absolutley isnt Kvas. Kvas is fermented bread drink and you should definitley try it. But change the title.

Emilia Mimi : Nice video! And interessting recipes :) thanks! But, I wouldn't add vinegar, cause it'll kill much of the beneficial bacteria. I'd also be carefull with plastic bags. With the acid being formed, even more plastic-substances might merge into the sauerkraut. For the salt, it should preferably be an unrefined salt, without added fluorid etc. in it. Big up

Cranky Old Man : That is not what kvass is. That's pickled beets.

drnycmedia : *I have a question, so many YT'ers are saying use things like cheese cloths when fermenting peppers for hot sauce, that it helps better. But then, you say the lack of air is good for fermentation. Wouldn't the cheese cloth cover (instead of putting a lid on it) be counterproductive for fermentation of hot peppers then? Love your channel btw!* 💙🍺🍻🍺

stefan holm : tabasco is also fermented

Nicholas Layton : How does that beet kvass work? Doesn't boiling water kill the lactobacillis?

Jonas Zabilius : Well kvass is fermented bread and malt drink. Not a fermented beetroot...

Peter Brogan : If you can’t get the shrimp ... you can add one oyster or two to the processor for the paste. Key to Great Kimchi is making the paste consistent much like grinding coffee beans consistently... produces a superb kimchi.

Warrior-Poet : What kind of salt do you use?

Nikolay Fomichev : Russian sauerkraut is made of cabbage + carrot. No jalapeno or any pepper!

Mar Khorkhordina : for the sriracha, did you use cloved garlic, or what looked like dried, minced garlic?

Jylerne_DesignLeaks : I recently made gingerbeer, and decided to let the ferentation go on until its alcoholic. Unfortunately i happend to let some air slip into the bottle. Does that mean that it could contain some dangerous bacterea now?

Jack Burton : Quality video! You guys are definitely one of the go-to channels for food on YT. 1mil subs inc!

Jonny_mazerati : He’s cute

Roy Meyer : I've regained my lost passion for getting in the kitchen and making great food thanks to this channel. There's one thing I'd really like to see though - a video on using ground beef in non-boring ways (as in things that don't have the words burger, meatloaf, or taco attached to them). It's such a common protein, but doesn't seem to be used in innovative ways too often.

Bi Bubble tea : How are y'all not way more popular? This is an amazing channel!

Ruta : Also Kvass is ussually a sweet fermented rye bread drink.. I wonder where the beetroot came in.