Bikie Wars

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Aunty Donna : 🇦🇺 We're performing 'Aunty Donna - The Album' live throughout Australia! Featuring Michelle Brasier and a live band! Buy tix at Or listen to the album here:

Aunty Donna : here because of cow chop

Klarikatt : Is this scourge from warriors or what?

Nafets : Thanks Paige and Pat!

SunnySplosion : I like how the stuff shot at the end left doesn't even make it to him because of the breeze hehehe XD

Jepper : Im here cuz of Paige & Pat

Natalie Nightwolf : Best piece of art I've ever seen.

Qthedude16 : Paige n Pat

Jaxondorf Red : Here due to a twin gingers whom have an adorable relationship

Smitty Werbluntjaegermanjensen : I'm gonna put you in... handcuffies!

Holotoast : Goddammit Paige

Captain Mischief : Who came here from their weird friend sending you a link

Wīthäzmund Lowenpeçetian d'Frithnanthi : Gingers live in Gingerton

Sneaky Zebra : God damn this is catchy!

Cam Ettery : Please, for the love of god make a longer version of this song...

Uhm Okay : *when people ask me what am i doing with my life i show them this*

Rabbit Hive : Over a million views! Haven't you done well!

Roxanne : If Dora the explorer became a gang leader.

Charlie George : I think i have an addiction, i cannot stop watching this xD BEST....SONG.....EVER!!

pointlessfailure : I have watched this probably about 20 times over the course of today.  I'm still laughing at it, I lose it at "Rippidy Dee" every time.

Engelbrekt : Gentlemen, This is with out a doubt the best sketch-musical i have seen since "The Lonely Island - Great Day"  Please do a longer version of this with Swat,choppers,police chase, Judge, prison, escape from prison ect..... Oscar? I think so! !

Manda L. : Scourge The Gang Leader is why I'm here

Jimbok21 : this man must have superhuman strength, he handles the recoil so well with one hand

Blackbird : I'm not even joking. Every time I feel down I watch this video. I'm frickin serious. Thank you.

max fifield : gta 5 update leaked footage

Jacket : Biker character pack.

CalebF_32 : omg i love these people im so happy cow chop watched their vid they deserve more subs

Daniel : .......I can't stop watching this over and over

Mowglischach : why am i obsessed with this wtf

Mr. Snickers : Am I the only one wondering what the passerby would've said if he wasn't shot?

Oakanavich : Reminds me of charlie day

RedTwoSB : The first four seconds is my favorite. That little dance/his face lololol

Excited James Aleks : Hey i'm snake METAL GEAR

Taylor Waite-Campbell : Who is here because of " Scourge the gang leader"?

The Kloons : You bastards have done it again.

Otaku Fedorashi : This would obviously never happen in Japan, where crime has been abolished since the late 1960s. And of course this baka Australian hip hop would be replaced by far superior music, like vocaloids and wonderful j-pop artists like SNSD. Gamsahabnida, Otaku Fedorashi, Anime curator and moderator of /r/Vocaloid

Chara Dreemurr : Here because of Scourge animation. WOO

Desmondo : 0:30 there are 2 bikes together in a public place, unrealistic video.

mammalmeat : Who came here because klariikat

StarTheAngel : Im here from Scourge the gang leader video.

Im Almost Batman : Cow chop sent me here, but I have to say, this video is pure amazing

Edwin Haigh : The production on the music is really nice.

Akuna My Tatas : I'm gonna put you in....handcuffies!

FerretZK : PAYDAY2 in a nutshell.

Jared Nobles : Every time that I watch this now, I imagine how it would sound if John Stossel was the lead... <>

Invader Nikku : who else is here because of scourge the gang leader?

Willie Scott : John Stossel would approve this video.

Kirk B : I'm a redditor. I own katanas, blades, nunchucks, air pistols, ninja stars. I have seen videos on JuJitsu so I am well trained in the martial arts. Just because I am an armed American doesn't mean I am dangerous. I am only going to defend myself if I have to, which judging by the amount of hostile jocks in the area, happens quite frequently. Come check out my posts on r/selfdefense r/katanatricks r/seduction, I am a moderator on reddit. Signed, K B Edit: I also have reddit gold.

Frank Is Low : Cow chop?

Drunk Hobo : Who Came From Review On Steam ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)