What 400 Very Happy Rocket Scientists Look Like

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ShadowZone : This makes me happy every time I watch it :)

RobotBattalion : I like the guy in front with the Blue Origin shirt. Holds his applause for touchdown. Landing is the hardest part! Great job everyone.

Savage Gaming : non average launch in KSP

Eko : if you don't know how difficult to do those maneuver try it yourself in KSP

Kapuzenwurm : 1:20 right window, high 5 denied :( Awesome to watch btw. somehow it makes me happy to just watch this :D

TriggerCurtis : Americans: Once you call "Touchdown" they all go insane.

Sniiskuu : This was extremely satisfying to watch, go science

Jamie Godman : Very reminiscent of SpaceX launch control center when they made it to the ISS for the first time. How about some regular videos from now on BO? Your no longer working in the shadows so I suggest a live webcast for future launches, you know like all the rest of the world does. Thank you!

Adam Miller : This is actually beautiful. Put a big smile on my face after a tiring day at work.

Cooper Davies : Is that Mike from Breaking Bad in the front row on the left?

Carol Kim Pedersen : My favorite video of the year.. PERIOD!

ThunderCat : I hope one day I can be part of a team like this.

Pirate : Seems like some of the SpaceX crew decided to dislike this video..

Paul Denisenko : I don't think you guys will read these comments but this is one of the reasons I wanted to become an engineer. To be part of something spectacular. I didn't go into engineering because I became in love with teaching. However, thank you for making this amazing sight. That was one of the most beautiful things I have seen. The amount of teamwork it has taken is astounding. Great job! The whole world can't wait see what else you can do!

HUFSA : Chills man!

Adrian : Just great! What an accomplishment!

mattcolver1 : At ULA the launches are so regular and go without a problem that I've worked right through a launch and not even put it on my computer. That regularity is what needs to be achieved. No one runs outside to watch an airliner fly over even though it is a miracle of modern times. It's the safest mode of transportation. Someday space travel will be as regular and safe as air travel.

TheAGCteam : I hope you all realize you are some of the finest examples of human beings out there and that we should all be grateful for your work because you are some of the few who are truly advancing human civilization.

M P : Love the passion!

Guywithcrazyideas : Why does Space X have to land at sea and Blue Origin doesn't?

Urick Baptiste : Jeff Bezos scientists are baby boomers while Elon Musks team of scientists are millennials. Let the competition begin.

Jefferson Nunn : Honestly this video is better than the landing video.

YoYo-Pete Gaming : I love how landing like this is so 'retro-future'

Steven Alfaro : thanks guys, you made my day. I cried when I saw everyone's emotional reaction. Hope I can join you all one day.

ziploc86 : I remember only seeing landings like this in sci-fi movies....wow this is awesome

ascissors : One of the coolest things I have ever seen. Congratulations! That's a hell of a thing to be proud of.

rakkatytam : So beautiful, love watching people get so hyped over something they are truly passionate about

MrWowh : Just watching this makes me happy. I can't even begin to imagine how happy they must feel.

Odan : Looks like a world cup finale reaction video or something like that lol

ayy lmao 👽 : Thanks for the love fam

Tom Gregory : shivers up and down my spine. Congratulations!

Zobius X : Great job Blue Origin! I hope to see more success from you!

Thu Giang Nguyen : Have no idea about rockets and such like but I truly hope to have this kind of emotion in my life, one day :)) Exciting shouts, laughing, clapping, hugs and tears. Quite an inspiring moment.

Golden 47 : Imagine after all that cheering it exploded after landing! *That be hilarious*

Deborah Ann Frederick : thumbs up

IRAMightyPirate : I think you mean what 400 very happy rocket engineers (and some scientists) looks like.

Matty Matt Matt : Now go for the two point conversion.

FunkyKoval : there are no black scientists in the 'greatest country' in the world? or is it just russians scientists?

Mason Bramblett : I don't know a damn thing about rocket science, but watching this still leaves me grinning like a fool.

Aakash Kalaria : BEST TITLE EVER! Congratulations to everyone :D

luke zhang : Great!!!

Rizky stones : which one is harder, landing on moon or the earth?

Charles Ostman : Absolutely amazing feat of engineering! It's becoming evermore obvious that the future of space is going to be emerging from the private sector, driven by various exceedingly brilliant and passionate design teams competing to push the boundaries of what is possible. Congrats to everyone . . . well done.

Eddie LaRegina : is that the guy from breaking bad in the front of the left box

SatyrEmpire : I didn't know Mike from Breaking Bad was also a Rocket Scientist.

dr4t : Who said Amazon employees are not happy?

dwa pięć na dwa pięć : 99% USA IQ is in this room

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : Thanks Bezos.

Tamiss : Why is Mike from breaking bad in the front row

ruthlessandevil : B1tch thats nothing ive been to mun and back