MAD TV Kenny Rogers Jackass 1 and 2 complete [High Quality]

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Travis K. : "High Quality"? Looks like this was filmed filmed with a calculator.

Diego Flores Reyes : "I Was Raised On The Dairy BITCH!!!!!!!" Lol Funniest Line ever

alastorr : Hey, aren't you the guy from Blink 182?

imascreamingtiger : i remember watching this as a kid. laughing, crying, dying.

Kevin Barber : life truth... "nobody wins in a dairy challenge"...

Steven Tyler : I remember downloading this on Kazaa way before the advent of Youtube, it's a classic!

Seba Cabré : Gotta love the endless supply of baseball bats.

Tom Anderson : Mad TV wasn't always good but they were always willing to be ridiculous and try new things. Miles ahead of SNL

VA Strength : 0:48 "We got pepper spray, cattle prong, sword i guess, nunchucks, bats...tap tap... (throws away)" that part got me lmfao when i seen it on comedy central! i was like seriously...he really want to try out a bat with a nail in it? lmao

Operator B : This is the bat fetcher trick with my teeth!


Casey Clark : I am emperor Kenny. The gladiators must fight to...please meh! 

ITS HappyHour : Who the Hell could dislike this, it's such a classic. "I was raised on the dairy BITCH" Lmfao

Orlando Cortez : MAd Tv please come back, with Will Sasso.

itsCorona29 : I love that he was able to get 3 real Jackasses on his show

THEPOWER99FM : i have not see this since i was 14 or 15 years old this is funny as shit thank you you tube i get to watch it again

slap n pop : I love how Steve-o flat out refuses to participate in the condiment eating challenge hahahaha

philkensebben : "I have to go southpaw because I lost my chicken"

ordealbyfire : Hey, aren't you the guy from blink-18tweeuauahhh!!!!!!!

EnemyAce88 : One night at a party in college, we reenacted the bat fetcher trick with a wiffle ball bat. I never laughed so hard in my life.

Bilal Ahmed : This is so stupid. Yet so damn funny and entertaining ! Miss MadTv !

Isaac Roque : Bat fetcher trick with my teeth

TheDjented : MAD tv was always under rated its a great show

Mario 360 : When my cousin first showed me this, i was literally laughing so hard i almost wet myself. This guy is so frickin hilarious!

Steve M : What is Will Sasso doing today? He made that show!

Miss Foxy Vixen : If I had a Boyfriend, this would be my idea of a romantic date. XD

Stray Dog : Gotta love Will Sasso.

Arnold David Fernandez : LMAO i remember watching this when it first came out!


Felipe Valdez : I love how Kenny calls them all a "trick"

Clayton Bigsby : Will Sasso OWNS.


Shane Brandy : Man I remember watching this and to this day still LAMO 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😂

crushercathy69 : Holy shit!! This whole video was hilarious, I too miss MAD TV and Will Sasso so much!! But honestly, the dairy challenge had me spitting out my corn flakes!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

badger mayhew : Hey ain't you the guy from blink 182

Josef : ''High Quality''? My grandma's wedding tape has better quality than this

serigraph73 : better than the real jackass. lol

matthew smith : AND I'M KENNY ROGERS!

Carol Villagomez : It makes me wonder how many of these stunts were actual attempts at imitating jackass. There were a couple of reactions from Will Sasso that seemed like genuine reactions.

SoberNostalgia : Damn, I miss MAD tv and Jackass

Steven Tyler : fail attempt at getting a handshake at 3:39


Timmy : I lost my shit at 2:03 hahaha! xD

QuangThichDuc : Remember watching this on TV. Madtv will always be better than SNL.

OG Whitey : Will Sasso's best work

David Beltran : i havnt laugh dis hard in a while

Sam Vids : 5:51 Dark Souls PvP in a nutshell

Inbonha Gamer : "Gimme all your money. AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAH"

G26808 : Jesus Christ, i was 13 years old when i saw this vid...

Malkolm Lind : I remember like 7 years ago when I didn't even have this account and saw this video for the first time. Ah dear it was funny. xD