Adam Conover Does Not Like Fact Checking | WikiWhat Epsiode 4

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Adam Ruins Everything's Adam Conover is a TV host and comedian who enjoys long walks on the beach, hate-watching Real Time with Bill Maher, and fact checking Wikipedia. Do you ever wonder if you and a celebrity have any weird habits in common? Did you ever google in the inside of an air conditioner just to see what it looks like? Subscribe to Cntl+Alt+Delete and get lost in the internet with us.

Comments from Youtube

Sorenmine : Why doesn't the title fit the video at all?

Connor Jensen : "Adam Conover Fact Checks His Own Wikipedia Page" There. You didn't have use a misleading clickbait title to get views.

Tombocartoons : not gonna lie; when i first read the title of this video i thought it was gonna be one of those edgelord, unpopular opinion "my problem with ______" rant videos. you know the kind.

Quinn Masselink : Felt like the title was a bit misleading, but ok...

Kaiden Rogers : This guy seems like a real stickler for the rules Adam: **editing his own Wikipedia page** Other guy: **shaking his head in strong disagreement and disbelief of what he is witnessing but also doesn't know how to stop it and is having an internal crisis**

greenghost2008_Progressive : the host seems really shy like he normally works in a cubicle and human conversation scares him.

Angry Yogbuscus : This child is so pure.

Matthijn Dijkstra : And where in the video are you guys talking about fact checking? No where? Well, okay then..

BejuledCosplay : Does it bother anyone else that every lollipop in that jar is unwrapped???

AnIntellectualClone : I am angry at wikipedia's editing system. I tried correcting a link that sent people to a city, when they were talking about a person, they reverted the changes and warned me not to change it again.

A I : Who else thought it would be some review by a disgruntled fan

Kedar Kshirsagar : I enjoyed this video much more than I expected.

KineticCat : I also graduated from Bard College. I'm also thinking about dual classing as a Paladin.

Symbol Guy : This makes Wikipedia reliable

Blue Myu : Title: "Adam Conover Does Not Like Fact Checking" In the video: Adam- "I was in college editing Wikipedia." The only thing he didn't seem to like was revealing his actual age. The rest of it? A person that laughs in most of the video probably isn't "Not liking" it.

TerminalCarrion : Watching this made me go check a Wikipedia page for a movie I added the synopsis to. Turns out I started some back and forth between people taking down and reuploading it that went on for four years after my post....

Jau Yun : I definitely like Adam better than Bill Maher.

CoalDiamond- TheMagicRogue : In the college humor video "the most retro video game console" it says he was born in 1983. So now we're a little more accurate on that.

Robert Davis : Youtube would actually be a great way for wikipedia to generate revenue with sort of fun instead of seeking donations.. would be rather cool too

JustWasted3HoursHere : This was...surprisingly interesting! I love everything Adam Conover.

Alexandar Hull-Richter : I like the Wikipedia Guy. He's funny too.

Mr. Soup : Heh. "Epsiode"

Christopher Ramsey : Next on WikiWhat: Adam is driven mentally insane.

Mark Ashton : Host is very much like Buster from arrested development

Sky Lord Panglot : I didnt even know who Bill Mahr is up to now.

Belugatoons : I was born in a town that is not Southampton but I did move to Southampton in 2003.

tik_tak_taco 13 : “ψ(`∇´)ψ

Makarov 9x18 : Misleading title but still shows the dude isn't all there

The Protagonist : What’s this about Bill Maher being Adam’s nemesis?

Sammael Jomji : I can see it all now

Invasion.- : Adam ruins wikipedia

IDK_Fred : Totally didn't jump over to some little 2 word edit on Wiki from like 4 years ago checking if it was still there. IT IS STILL THERE!!!

Benjamin Lehman : Why can’t you edit your own page? Is it a real rule or an unwritten rule like something you just shouldn’t do?

malenotyalc : Why not just give the year of birth then? Paranoid much?

El Oso : 6:13 Josh: NANI!?!?

Alicja Dzitkowska : Adam has so much fun

Sara Felix : It's getting harder and harder not to believe the rumor that Adam Conover has ADHD. I'm also starting to think he may be my gender-flipped evil twin.

Kovaelin : The page edits were made back on August 1, 2017‎.

Christopher Ramsey : Witness Adam driven criminally insane.

Povo ao poder : Gennius. I've laugh to hard

Daniel serebour : that just gave me sexual hope

John Bradley : "I'M a little bit better adjusted..." says the man wearing a plaid sportscoat. Still love the show.

Bushidobull : Holy Crap, His character is awesome, TY for this.

Edward Coe : "I'm gonna look at this every day!" "That sounds unhealthy, but I can't stop you." hahahaha

run teldat : This doosh is too punchable.

Murad Beybalaev : This is a documented case of minor vandalism. Also, a Bard College? Really? Like in The Elder Scrolls??

sarah mcclain : I love the dynamic of Josh's personality with Adam's. An exited and nervous extrovert with a nervous introvert.

Caileigh Mills : 🤔 i checked the wiki history and they made these edits on August 1st 2017. why it take so long to upload

Percy Reddy : Woah I know kung-fu