Macaw in the shower

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Rez Calm : Wait did ppl actually call this animal cruelty?! Those macaws... they're from the RAINforest

Brandt McCall : He seems very well cared for and loves to have showers, he looks like he is having so much fun under the spraying water. Macaws can live a long time, it sounds like you love him alot and he is with you for life.

Nick Laymon : *stereotypical animal video hater* ANIMAL ABUSE! HE'S CLEARLY IN PAIN!

JAMESMANHUNT9 : for him this is probably like being in the rainforest

Tybirous : Middle aged man stalks and records wet bird.

Turquoise_Proxy : you sir.....HAVE ! BEAUTIFUL BIRD!!!

seamus smith : This is my favorite thing right now

Kirk Allen : Parrots do need a very warm shower every now and then, they get dirty and dusty over time. When they spread there wings and flop them around when they are dirty, dust flys and goes everywhere.

Katrina Crump : Such a gorgeous bird, very beautiful feathers and the view of a healthy plumage. Very large too. I know blue and golds are large, but WOW just the wingspan on this beauty

Steven Gosink : he really does seem to enjoy it

A. Saleh : i was afraid the blue color would wash away

Apples : People forget that most parrots come from very wet tropical areas. They NEED showers to keep their skin and feathers clean, instead of real rain showers. Parrots love a warm bath. Just be careful not to make it as hot as your own showers. It should feel like warm rain, not a hot shower.

Vy Nguyen : Is this ok to let your bird in the shower?

Susan Soltau : Man, he's so handsome!  He's huge too!!!

Stina Kristensen : I like this video because the parrot is not wing clip :3

Blockbitten : God, no one saying "OMG THIS IS ANIMAL CRULETY xddddd" just makes me feel glad to know that people are still smart.

Ben Richardson : i am filled with such joy hearing your companion's enjoyment


Myllena Lara Alves da Silva : would you like if he/she entered the bathroom while you were bathing and said "who likes his human bath" 😂

Travis : Who used all the hot water?!

wattsenough : I never have seen a wetter Macaw. Looks like he is having so much fun and what a great shower perch! You can see he has it made.

Samira Arian : This bird is absolutely beautiful

KaturianKaturian Katurian : This is ME in the shower.


Laurie Eno : wow what a charmer!

Tanja Polojärvi : Such a good place to bath for him! Well done and he´s looking so beautiful and happy! I´m jealous! I want a bird like him one day but I have to study and research much more about these fantastic animals!

hulibird : you have a beautiful bird.  They do enjoy their showers don't they? :)

Monera96 : that a beautiful bird man!!! Walking in public someone tries to rob you, and he expands his wings! LOL that would terrify anyone! 

Rachael Brackett : Oh yeah! That's the good stuff! Happy bird! :D And so beautiful!

Eric Adrien : it's so weird to see a bird taking a shower, but also very cute

Emily Kimbrough : i love scarlet macaws

Misa Cut : Thinks he's back in the rain forest!

blehh853 : such a pretty bird :)

ᛏ ᛋ ᚦ ᚢ ᛟ ᚱ : Rain forest nostalgia!

ogrebattle22763 : Beautiful colors....

Darth Vitiate : if only i could get my cat to do this lol

Vanillasaurus : This bird knows he's the hot stuff.

Drawing With Maxine : beautiful bird by the way

Guren-no-Kimi : Your Bird ist very pretty!!!

DaBunne : all animals should enjoy baths as much as birds do!!

longtail4711 : Parrots scare the crap out of me, but I do so love them anyway. I love his happy whistles here. :)

IcyBeat : I want a macaw....this bird is handsome and huge!! :D the wings just flapping around as he enjoys his little bath :3

crumb9cheese : Good lord scary giant bird. That beak woah

Nguyện Nguyễn : how much that parrot macaw

Elliot : Aw sooo cute!😍

Dairely and kaylee Dovalina : I always wanted a macaw 😢

singulari.tae : if the bird didn’t enjoy it, i doubt he’d still be on the perch.

PhenomProductions23 : If you don't wanna get bitten then don't get on this birds bad side. Lol

Kwert : Now that's one happy bird

The Artful Dodger : Awwwwwwwww