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Worst outros on youtube is for kings of Narnia Like or I will eat your last pop tart Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJP8WzMV24o Outro submission - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1FL_gOpb_Aj2fN0B087TeW2saMVo7dQir7chxjtLz_rI/edit?pageId=112606791377434618198 Intro submission - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1h3raIOG9djdLr4FGkZ7GlWf1OtbNrsfLXfFTeeYhSJM/edit?pageId=112606791377434618198 Thumbnail submission - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1F-yzZt4dkTJ4pY7IfRlpi8aW0DQGlehYGFftr-gguNE/edit?pageId=112606791377434618198 Banner submission - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1B2a4MnN0yPIwJmogf5d6_qFOiE2X2MbT-gR6QJCMSBs/edit?pageId=112606791377434618198 Rock - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCM0tJ6azks Paper - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8tZk1IgyLU Scissors - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I9EPjrzhW4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- →→ FOLLOW FOR GOOD LUCK→→ https://twitter.com/MrBeastYT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MRBEAST SHIRTS!!! 100% INSTANT GIRLFRIEND! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/MrBeast6000?noCache=true ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Worst outros on youtube is a series I very rarely do, I spend most my time making worst intros on youtube so if you enjoy the worst outros please leave a like and I am mrbeast why are you reading this wtf a;j ja;sljk f


Mekaylah sko Videos : 2016: nah 2017: nah 2018: nah 2019: oh hell yeah we will recommend it now!!

L K : ... Sorry I don't breath air. *dies

Deadpond 12 : Why is this poppin up in my recommended in 2019

Geckos Rule : 2019 anyone He acts and looks so different

Magic Muffin : I've waited 2 years now and where's my free cookie?

Noob Gaming ツ : WHOS WATCHING IN 2019? ANYONE? 👇it will teleport you To the past

Gaming Depression : 2016 and 2017 and 2018 Youtube= nah 2019 Youtube= holy crap put this in recomadtion right now

Sam EpicGamer : Who’s watching in 2078 the quality is so bad it’s weird that GlassVid used to be called “YouTube”


Cameron Connor : 1:08 Minecrft YouTUBER in a nutshell

Dominik Jerabek : Don't sing your outro.... 2019- MrBeast6000, sung outro

This Is A Good Username : Time traveling, sigh...The ol' days

I RECOMMEND THIS : Atleast they made their ORIGINAL outro/intro

CDM : i miss this type of content from mr. beast

Mason Macdougall : Mrbeast: I mispell things all the time me: CALARADO

Ava Playz : Who is watching this amazing content in 2019 too?!?!?!?! XD 😂!

Tiny • Gacha : T-this was posted on my bday. YEET btw 2019 anyone??

DarkSlidGamer : 3 years later* Threw money all over the place

Crash Gaming 17 : 0:03 only 137k human beings breathe air

Sans xXGTGAMINGXx : Welcome to episode 2 of Why the hell is this on my recommended?

toxic the fox : *i don’t breathe air.....* *I BREATHE OXYGEN!*

Gamerbruh1231231 Animation and gaming : Only 144k people breathe air. But alot probably breathe hydrogen or helium

Unicorn Lover : If your watching this in 2019 he looks wierd

Gabe The Great - MAD SCIENTIST : I breath O2!!! OxYgEn

Freddy Krueger : Damn... Only 142,000 out of 2. 9 million ppl breath air...

2Pumps :D : Wheres my cookie I've waited about 3 years for it

ThatNoober : Who else is going back on this vid in 2019 compared to the stone ages

Fractlzz : Who else doesn’t understand why people need to ask if your here in 2019.

Adhvaith Sreenivas : why the hell is everyone saying remarks of watching in 2019

Elijah Miller : This reminds me of what every MrBeast clone did before MrBeast

void dragon : WHERES MY COOKIE I LIKED 😠😠🍽🍽

Doge : i miss this ur name was MrBeast6000 Then :( time is passing by

PURPLE BLADE : How to be on Mrbeasts Channel Sing your intro/outro song

Salad _ : Wow look at that young Beast

ShadowBlade7353 : “Don’t sing your outro” (His outro plays) MISTERRRRR BEAAASSST

PandaPlayz1297 : 2016: *Don’t sing your outro* 2019: Mr Beats be singing: *MRRRRRRR BEASTTTTT, YEAAHHH!*

The Golden Dragon : I breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen

Miles Blair : U look so different from 2019 @shopmrbeastacmecream

code unknown : Aah the good Ol' days

The Grim Reaper 99 : I know sometimes sadder than that joke. My friend didn't know what jugger nog on CoD zombies was until I told him yesterday. That's just sad.

Red Panda Channel : Only Ogs will remember

MasheyPotado : DONT sing your outro ProPepper: all thats left is a window to ma soul

DBZ Whis fan : *No I Definitely Don't Breath Air*

Klinger Bros : Mr Beast looks so much different in 2019.😂😂

Kurt Meme : 3.1K people didnt breathe air Hmmmmmm...

Joe The Crow : 2.4K people dont breath air :)

maddog maddex : The joke he made is almost as bad as his outtro

SKIRRT : the tf2 outro is literally soldier standing looking around

Siddhesh Zantye : This videos keeps popping up in my recommended and I finally clicked on it