Exaggerated Weather Reporting
Gus Johnson was onto weather reporters BS 7 years before us

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"I Spy News" goes live on the scene to over-the-top weather reporter "Burl Jones" during the first snowfall of the winter. Filmed by Deb. Edited by Gus.


Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin : This was in 2010. Yet it looks like it's from 2002.

ninjabiomech : my right headphone enjoyed this sketch

Prest0 : did anyone notice that his microphone was a paintbrush?

Winston Smith : Prehistoric. 2010? That was like last century or something.

Sean Culligan : Baby Gus

Shaenev : Im eating seaweed flavored lays chips they are disgusting but your art is helping my tongue feel better

nope : funny thing is this is what news looks like when it snows that much in georgia

Emmy See : "Woah, everything okay bro?" - Gus 2010

I_Like_It_Here : This channel is evidence that perseverance is everything

Jacob Dubeau : How do so many of your videos only have a few thousand views? Seems odd.

Zachary Nolen : How old r u 11

SquirrelsGaming : Little does everyone know, but this is the video that launched little Gus’s career. Take notes everyone, you’ll never see real comedy like this again.

Darya : draco malfoy is that u?

Rachel Murray : If this amount of snow happened in TX, this would be an accurate representation of the weather reporters.

El Americano : is gus still paying off the loan he took out to have macaulay culkin in this 2010 video?

Elizabeth DesRuisseau : I’m so glad that Gus’s sense of humor never changed, this video really is golden

E. Jacobs : This is gold, Gus. GOLD.

iDangerousx33 : that part where he falls mid sentence is straight out of a 2018 gus video

Dhruv Verma : He's cute

Lennard Lennard : Frankie MacDonald before it was cool

Matthew F. : He was skinny?

A Muffler : 7 years...

gingergamergirl98 : So....Gus has always been hilarious, then?

Narwhal Pilot : Damn its good

Gabriel Ivsrsson : snow is nice, ppl hatin on cold are plebs ps: though i still enjoy a nice thick sweater on the mornings, the challenge also remains

Thunder : My right ear enjoyed the video

Clara Bane : nice gucci mask

Dont Worry Gandalf They Are Only Jealous : Sweet innocent 14-15 year old Gus

Joshua Steele : Lol this was like local news this year in Portland.

Aaron’s Articulate Opinions.mp4 : THE ROADS ARE IMPASSABLE

Eileen Wassel : Wind GUS-ts

revmpandora : I wanna nurse him he looks so young. Jeeeeeez

Emily Carpenter : Please do another one in 2019

Quackin Panda : "30 mile per hour wind.........Gus"

Panta Geoffrey : Gus makes a video about bad edits when he is just learning about bad editing.

ThePortalGeek : My right ear really enjoyed this video

hunter july : Exactly

Croatilillious Partridge : You're not Greg, you're Gus...

1serious0mfr : Wow this was a long time ago

Namekian Jedi : Classic

Sorign Hasword : I love early Gus

Holly Bennett : You look like Sven and Thor combined in this video 😃 in some ways you guys look very different but this vid shows just how alike you all are!

Ali Hamid : 15 year old Gus Johnson????? Damn!

name jeff : First

Byron Mantoan : Old but gold

The Cringe God : looks like a high school project, sorry gus, but you cant argue

ItsYogiBear : Og Gus is the best Gus

Angella Knight : is gus even in this

Imagination turtle : He looks like Paint