TPiR 11/3/08: Taylor's Big Day

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Balon Greyjoy : The only way that could have gotten any better for Taylor was if he was a Double Showcase winner.  He's easily one of the greatest contestants in the history of the show.

Morgan Glasberg : I still remember this episode! Possibly the most unforgettable non-millionaire contestant on the show!

Alexander B Brown : Hey Taylor Congratulations! Enjoy Your Ford Mustang & Dodge Challenger And Best Wonderful Wishes LOVE Alex!😍👍💜💜💖

hi i'm emily : He won $26000, a Mustang, _and_ a Charger? Hot damn, I'm jealous.

Aimee Muniz : Calculation Result: Torey is over by $393.

Bubba Hotep : It is absolutely awesome how exciting and genuinely happy Drew Carey is for this guy and other winners on the show. You can tell he honestly is stoked for them

Val Antoine : Flick of the hair makes him win

Michael Self : Loved his energy.

Trevor Panno : Had Torey bid $28,000 even, she would have won both showcases.

Dylan the Fragmentationer - JonesDylan874 : I just realized. Taylor's grand total of $79,897 was a palindrome.

DesertDigger1 : Any thing I had that was yellow turned out to be a lemon and being a Ford makes it more likely to be a bigger lemon.

James the Dragon : 2:36 *Jumping for joy*

Alex Wells : Taylor you're getting lucky to win a car plus $25,000 for your birthday.

Trevor Panno : If Torey had bid $28,000 even, she would have won both showcases.

Gary Richard Collins II : At 7:27 - Drew meant to say to Tori, she was over by several hundred dollars ... hence Taylor automatically won nearly $80,000 worth of cash, prizes & 2 cars.

Martha Paulino Flores : To win the ring 01/2/15

808aaq : Great episode! What a lucky kid!

Scottwilkie18 : imagine if it was a dsw

NJT6015 : 2:35 - BAM! Taylor just won a car!

Open Eye : I would have kept the dollar and laminated it and hung it from the mirror and when people asked why I would say this is the dollar that bought my this mustang

Clifford Shafran : Anyone got the whole episode, or at least the portion where Grocery Game Dorothy (from 1972) re-appears?

cloneightyseven : ive seen alot of bullshit in my time this 1 takes the cake

chrispleasantable : Taylor must've been born on November 3, 1989

Morgan Glasberg : Taylor is by far my favorite TPiR contestant of all time.

Miguel Gonzalez : I come back and watch this once in a great while and it never gets old.

Matthias Ngan : Wasn't cut off when it showed for me.

theubermech : hey i know this kid he's a complete fucking tool, and sucks at life. i knew him before this happened and thought nothing more of him. so fuck you if you think I'm jealous. Taylor Randall loves the cock!

PlinkoHenry : I watch this episode on TV a few days ago.

Darkmage1293 : How many cars does one guy need?

ragemanchoo82 : Where's the scooter segment?

Stephen Dedalus : When they first said Drew would be hosting TPiR I was like "what?" Now I can't imagine it being anyone else.

Raltar : I don't think I've ever seen Drew loose his shit like that before. It was fantastic.

JanitorAntisocial : I've never seen a game show host who shares his contestants' excitement as much as Drew Carey.

Trevor Panno : If Torey had bid $28,000 even, she would have won both showcases.

Nolan Sweeney : Wow.

HuusAsking : @WayoshiM It was only awkward in SD. Thing is, this was season 37, the first season the daytime show was taped in HD, and if you watch a widescreen HD recording, you see they did manage to show the five.

T-Bone Hubbard : After watching this clip, all I can say is this: WOW, this guy was good and also, almost $80,000 says a mouthful But also, poor Torrie went over by almost $400, if she would've said $28,200 and got a difference of $7, she would've won both Showcases now of Taylor were to get both Showcases, then he probably would've gotten over $110,000 in Cash and Merchandise WOW, Good For You Taylor You Da Man

John McDevitt : @TheMaplestoryNEWS And $25k on the BIG wheel!!!

Robert Rage : Welcome To "Paradise"....

ConkeyCrack : pure luck!

Austintd : maplestory, ur forgetting the 26k :P

Tyler Mason : thats the best part! lol

OneManArmy : 2:37 it seems that drew is the contestant

Drew Magathan : from now on every time i have a bad day, i will watch this... i am so happy for him and i don't even know him

HeavensFrogman : Wow... if I were the one up there listening to that and Marky Mark day came up, I would've laughed my ass off.

1mikie19 : Taylor has good luck

Logan : 2:35 ... GO DREW!

updownturnaround : do you have the video of Dorothy Coming on Down?

kuli77 : holy shit taylor! calm downnnnnnnnn!

GleDMon : Rachel looks very pretty with her hair up.