Did Varys Try To Poison Daenerys?
Did Varys Try To Poison Daenerys It sure seems like it

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Did Varys Try To Poison Daenerys? --- SPOILERS AHEAD --- At the start of the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 we see an Interesting conversation between Varys and a young girl named Martha. After looking closer it seems very likely that Varys is attempting to poison Dany. Varys very likely understands the potential destruction that Daenerys is going to bring upon Kings Landing and knows that he must stop her. What do you guys think of this Game Of Thrones theory? Like & Subscribe for more!


L Garcia : Yeah New Rockstars mentioned it first

pinkchick186 : I don’t like Varys and I’m glad he got what he deserved , as did a similar coy traitor, Little finger. Varys knew how savage Daenerys could be when she crucified the masters of Astapor. Why did he go in to her service with all the nonsense of “I choose you” only to betray Dany? I think Varys is the kind of person who will be loyal to you until someone better shows up , that’s how his character is. Although knowing Dany’s personality, he only chooses to actively betray her when he finds out that there’s a better alternative, Jon Snow. And arguably, if he would have been allowed to , I’m sure Varys would have ultimately found fault in him as well , betray him and move on to the next best thing , and so on and so on . His luck just ran out this time ...