How to Test a Battery and an Alternator with a Multimeter | Under Load & Normal Test! Super Easy!

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Test an Alternator or Battery under load with a multimeter! this how to testing tutorial will show you how to test your battery or alternator so you can determine the health of your vehicles electrical charging and starting system! Parts & Tools in video: • SCA Multimeter - Digital - • SCA Battery Terminal & Post Cleaner - Load Tester: • 6/12V Battery Load Tester - BLT100 - Be sure to like this video if it helped you out! Also if you are wanting to see more, Subscribe to get regular videos & updates! Subscribe Today! Essential Tools For The Home Mechanic | What Tools You Need To Be A Mechanic! - Talk to us on our social media: Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! Discord! Website! DISCLAIMER: The tube mechanics and associates of the brand are not responsible for any damages or liabilities associated with any repairs or maintenance performed on your own vehicle. Always consult your service manual or a licensed mechanic before performing any repair/maintenance. Music Provided by Epidemic Sounds - -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check this out! : "How To Replace Front and Rear Shock Absorbers on ANY Ute or Truck SUPER EASY!" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


Mathrelbert : Another nice simple test in order to check your battery thanks

lolykebrtwv : Weird how he lip syncs over his narraration

kami pius jnr : Interesting and helpful.

Francisco Huerta : i turn on my 05 grand caravan today n i hear a loud noise then i drove away like 2 min n the battery light came on the noise will slow down then i heard it again wat can it be i got home i turn the mini van off n turn it back on n light when off noise still there any advice ? ad battery ?

Vikram Lall : I like it

Carrumbum : Super duper awesome!