Use Incognito Mode (Original)

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Many Miles Away : **D E M O N I T I Z E D**

Many Miles Away : This is the quality content that I sub for

gododoof : And you're in kids room too. How appropriate.

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : FBI training, Rule 1: Just start shooting. Don't ask questions.

Infinity : The name of the anime is To-Love-Ru, if anyone cares. (It isn't that good, in my opinion.)

Reyqn : *FBI OPEN UP*

Somali pirate who's actually somali : When your armed extended family hear what you're watching in the middle of a civil war.

F B I : Lol that day was crazy

Rimmy - Downunder Gaming : Fuck now I just want to play siege again. Like pavlov's dogs but with hentai.

nuyols : no but really does she finish the ice cream or what?

Yunkers : Fuck, i knew the FBI was hiding in that van parked across the street.

Kaaz : Everyman's last words: "Delete my browser history..."

Overlord Maximus : Sent this to everyone who wouldn't immediately cut me out of their life for sending it. Universally and overwhelmingly positive results, this was genuinely the funniest thing I've encountered in a _looooong_ time.

Julius Asschovius : That's a mighty fine meme ya got there.


Vashpe Vashpevich : The replayability of this video is extremely high

Argo ATR : O sh8 weeb detected, ready up the T-54s comrades

Dexter Williams : When you accidentally type "loli" instead of "lol"

The Great Dongmaster : 10/10 Happens Daily

kar lek : I mean, if they create this kind of anime, why AM I arrested from watching and not them for creating it? You know

Phil Gamer : Stanley: "Its called Hentai. And it is art." Edit: From The Office.

Jose Antonio Lopez Gomez : Actually, Momo wants rito to do that xD

JustanordinaryORANG S U C C : It's great to see our troops in action


Miraak the maleficent : Congratulations Dolan dark has embraced your meme magic

Magnificent Speed : heeey thats pretty guud


Thisis Rebell : Wtf 18+

bluecaptainIT : You know you have really lowered your standards when the FBI reacts like this!

Joao Coerelius : It's called shitposting, and it's art.

Apple BS : LMAO Now I like YouTube recommendation

Ed Villa : Did you just started this meme? Lemme tell you my man, you've left a mark in history now.

bazilaz : ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)


King- -night : *AI MÃE AÍ AÍ AÍ AÍ*

Jose Luis Menn SDT : Lol

Narwhal Productions : This is the reason why I want to join the FBI

Pyrus The Wolf Demon : FBI: FBI OPEN UP!!! Me: GOD DAMN YOU FBI!!!

Zuzu Cunt : Incognito mode have failed us... *This is why we have the deep web.* *_evil laugh_*

Mikajlo Zuriosmalovic : Anime is art

ChaosZero11 : hentai name? for educational purpose

SomeRandom Dude : I laughed, why are loud noises so funny?

CFE Jackipanda : The internet is truly a magical place.

EpicDonutDude : I really need a greenscreen version of this, it will get viral for sure

Assassin Kapkan : Jesus

Nükley : Yes

AnimeNightcores150 : It would have been funnier if they all shot at him LOL

Lhlmarques : *FBAI OPEIN AP!*

Roach : This came out pretty gud

Mlyśpniak : Yhmm, that's good