Mitchell & Webb - Vectron
My favourite sketch from Mitchell amp Webb Vectron

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By Vectron's beard!


Keith Bellew : By vectrons kindly claw, that was a good sketch

666deadman1988 : I just saw the new Star Wars and, by Vectron, the scenes with the First Order reminded me of this sketch.

Steve Powell : I had a Vauxhall Vectra a few years back, good car. By Vectra

Mindburner : very serious point of this sketch. How normally sane folk can get carried away with a a stupid idea. Human nature. Great sketch

Paul McDonagh : For Vectron! He surely smiles down upon this video

Xezlec : This has enormous rewatch value, by Vectron's wang!

Harold : I'm gonna play a stellaris game now as the Vetron Imperium. Name all the planets Vetron's nose, Vetron's beards etc.... FOR VECRON!!

nicolajo666 : I was on a game called SteamWorld Heist when a character called Vectron showed up, and all I could think of was this bloody sketch XD

DexFlames : By Vectron's hobnail boots, Chancellor Steve is not a fitting name.

Max Payne : 2000 years ago.. "I found a way for us to live forever, something that will freeze us" a few moments later.. "That guy found a way for us to live for ever, something about jees us" "Huh, did you say Jesus?'" "Hm, sounds about right. Yeah we can live forever with Jesus" Christianity was born.

Adam Ski : any one else notice that the music in this skit was from the show back in the 90's called "space, above and beyond?" ran for two seasons? AH, nostalgia, love it.  

horsesattack : meaning of life solved. 

Joseph Garfield : Is this Warhammer 40k?

Chartreuse King : Dungeons the Dragoning 40K 7.6th edition makes much more sense now...

SuperWolfman9 : To be fair, doing stuff in the name of Vectron, may his shining light ever guide us, allowed just the 4 of them to form a galactic empire and conquer vast swaths of the galaxy in about 3 weeks...

Michael Wright : This must be how Monotheism looked to Roman pagans

Hamzah Al Asadulloh : Love the incredibly mundane names they have

Richard Richmond : Watch out, the identity killer is waiting to strike!

Jayfive276 : 26 people were smited by Vectron's powerful nose of justice.

Epi Endless : I was amused when the Big Bad in 'Steamworld Heist' turned out to be 'Vectron'. Immediately reminded me of this favourite old sketch.

Xtravia9 : Is that the theme tune to Space Above and Beyond?

vfiore0 : By Plectrum !

Gareth Wilkins : 22 people are not smiled upon by Vectron. For Vectron!

Gareth Wilkins : 21 people were not blessed by Vectron.

Matthew Stanton : I genuinely think this may be how the current flat earth movement started

Jelly Bean the queen : FOR VECTRON!!!!!!!!

bunny : This is one of my favourite sketches👌🏼

David : For Vectron!

Kojii Naz : Stop writing the sacred name of our deity. If you must refer to what I just said, use the correct form: V-ctr-n.

Digby Chickencaesar : they must be mad


Irina Gatti : Vectron is Vectron.

jack simpson : By Vectron! In Vectron's name!

Paul Brozyna : Still can’t get over the Space: Above and Beyond theme music.

Wolfencreek : by vectrons heavenly jockstrap this was a good sketch

Supahfly uk : By the power of Vectron this is still good

Daniel Factor : FOR VECTRON

ewetoo : Omg that's Dominator by Vectron!

Skirge : Vectron's kindly claw had me cracking up :')

taylo317 : FOR VANU!

alihaggis78 : That is the music from space above above and beyond. I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice.

HouseLyrander : You dare insult a great prophet of Vectron?!?

Bob Butler : Vectron reminds me of the theme from "Taxi." Kinda hard to remember, but undeniably meaningful.

dar3keternal : Just think... If Vectron and Vanu were to form an alliance...

Jaeger Pony : Live free in the NC!

VillaCarrington : THALL

FierceDeity33 : that's the music from Space: above and beyond, right?!

Charlie Onn : this is the religion of the future

Remy Pinto : piss off, you Vanu SCUM