Mitchell & Webb - Vectron

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Keith Bellew : By vectrons kindly claw, that was a good sketch

Paul McDonagh : For Vectron! He surely smiles down upon this video

Max Payne : 2000 years ago.. "I found a way for us to live forever, something that will freeze us" a few moments later.. "That guy found a way for us to live for ever, something about jees us" "Huh, did you say Jesus?'" "Hm, sounds about right. Yeah we can live forever with Jesus" Christianity was born.

666deadman1988 : I just saw the new Star Wars and, by Vectron, the scenes with the First Order reminded me of this sketch.

Steve Powell : I had a Vauxhall Vectra a few years back, good car. By Vectra

Mindburner : very serious point of this sketch. How normally sane folk can get carried away with a a stupid idea. Human nature. Great sketch

Xezlec : This has enormous rewatch value, by Vectron's wang!

TruBeliever4Life : what a great parody of ignorance and religion

Adam Ski : any one else notice that the music in this skit was from the show back in the 90's called "space, above and beyond?" ran for two seasons? AH, nostalgia, love it.  

Harold : I'm gonna play a stellaris game now as the Vetron Imperium. Name all the planets Vetron's nose, Vetron's beards etc.... FOR VECRON!!

DexFlames : By Vectron's hobnail boots, Chancellor Steve is not a fitting name.

horsesattack : meaning of life solved. 

Joseph Garfield : Is this Warhammer 40k?

xempla : Vectron Akbar!

nicolajo666 : I was on a game called SteamWorld Heist when a character called Vectron showed up, and all I could think of was this bloody sketch XD

Chartreuse King : Dungeons the Dragoning 40K 7.6th edition makes much more sense now...

Richard Richmond : Watch out, the identity killer is waiting to strike!

Gareth Wilkins : 21 people were not blessed by Vectron.

Irina Gatti : Vectron is Vectron.

Jelly Bean the queen : FOR VECTRON!!!!!!!!

David : For Vectron!

Gareth Wilkins : 22 people are not smiled upon by Vectron. For Vectron!

Epi Endless : I was amused when the Big Bad in 'Steamworld Heist' turned out to be 'Vectron'. Immediately reminded me of this favourite old sketch.

vfiore0 : By Plectrum !

SmittenTheKitteninMittens : i had a vectrex.does that count

generic carrots : Chinese warhammer 40k

Wolfencreek : Vectron invented numberwang

Wolfencreek : by vectrons heavenly jockstrap this was a good sketch

sgriffiths8888 : Me and my mates are all called Vernon and we often meet like this. I'm a bit pissed off with this sketch as it seems to be ridiculing people who do this. I for one look forward to our weekly Vernon meetings

jack simpson : By Vectron! In Vectron's name!


Steel Xcaliber : This is EXACTLY how religions are formed.

CaptainAWESOME117 : How I imagine my endless space gameplay goes.

Kojii Naz : Under Vectron's eyes

Daniel Factor : FOR VECTRON

Supahfly uk : By the power of Vectron this is still good

ROFL TURKEY : Robert looks like Stefano from The Evil Within 2

Paul Bennett : I used to play games on my Vectrex , by Vector Graphics!

hubsvids : Vectron!

Barbara Donegan : Nice coats though.

Moonshinedistiller : i would like to know what life was like before he was off that Thursday ill

Casper Christensen : So this is where the inspiration for the The Dominion in Wildstar came from.

Harry Goodwin : The like to dislike ratio on this is record breaking

MT6Anime : Vectron is Gabens name in the future.

Digby Chickencaesar : they must be mad

Chris MCMLXXXII : They were coming to Earth but a Vectron/Plectrum Schism developed and the vessel did not survive. Hail Vectron!


Des : I love this when it originally aired, so glad its up one youtube, thanks. For Vectron!

homericbasketlicker : Is that the music from Space Above and Beyond?

Katzen33 : Ugh I hate it when I loose my plectrum and accidentally start a religion.