The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes: Oil & Water
The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes Oil amp Water

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The world's largest crude oil transporter has a secret buried deep in the Great Lakes—two aging oil pipelines that transport 23 million gallons of crude oil through the largest body of fresh water on earth. Enbridge, the company that operates the pipelines, insists that the two 20-inch pipelines stretching across the Straits of Mackinac could last indefinitely. But one look at the company’s environmental record tells another story: Enbridge had more than 800 spills in North America between 1999 and 2010, dumping nearly 6.8 million gallons of oil. The largest spill released one million gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River, only a few hours drive away from the Mackinac Straits. Activists and advocates have independently verified that parts of the pipeline—built in 1953—are sitting unsupported on the bottom of the lake and in major need of repair. Motherboard travels to Michigan—oil spill central—to investigate the threats of crude oil being transported through one of the largest freshwater ecosystems in the world by a company with one of the most egregious environmental records. WATCH NEXT: The Magnetic Wand That Cleans Oil Spills - Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: More videos from the VICE network:


GoodISnipr : Why aren't pipelines built with gates every 100 yards so that a break can be easily isolated remotely or even automatically by using a pressure gauge and servos?

Maxx Adventures : These people have some very big balls leaving that ancient pipeline at the bottom of the world's largest freshwater supply...

Jonathan C. : Simple solution to the pending catastrophic disaster. Stop pumping oil through them. Replace them with a permanent solution. for goodness sake, these pipelines have earned their costs back 100's of times. But they will never do that. Money always trumps public safety and ecological survival.

The Farmacy Seeds Network : "At the first sign, we would replace them".... really? the first sign? you mean like when they are beyond their life expectancy? I call BS!

milldabeast519 : 8:30 this guys awesome! guy even had his work documented on old ass film... thats really cool

ice- man : All pipelines should be inspected by outside companies. We do this for bridges. No pipeline should be allowed without cathodic protection. This is not rocket science...

Carl Sylvester : The Kalamazoo River in Battle Creek is still dead. 2/20/2018

Joshua Underwood : I remember when the oil spill in the Kalamazoo river happened. To this day there is still black sludge that comes up on the bank.

Cole Ewell : Well done Motherboard. Coherent and unbiased informative report that is need on many topics.

Techytech : For a modern world to run, such pipelines have to exist. However what shocks me is that the Government allows companies not to take care of their pipes 4:42 , how can a pipe not be changed after 61 years in such a sensitive location. or even allow pipes through sensitive areas.

onelove : Companies like this Own America, and Canada. Nothing we can do about it.

Zach Dancy : This is Unacceptable in the United States and we Have to get this Insanity under control by VOTING!

Randy : I have stock in Enbridge, but Enbridge needs to remove these pipelines. Now.

Dennis Walker : So the pipes that were supposed to be good for 50 years are now 65 tears old. Sounds like they need to start dragging new lines before they blow, common sense says.

xandertroy13 : If you take it as a personal threat then take action

Dr. Rich : Wow!! Just found your channel! DAMN, YOUR GOOD! Just hooked another subscriber. Thank you 🤔👍

nitrous36 : Its human nature not to do something until absolutely needed. We're lazy. Unfortunately.

youtubasoarus : Profit will always be put above the cost of human life and nature. This is the legacy of greed.

Stephen Mitchell : pipelines are safer than trucks. more oil out of leaking seals on car engines than pipelines.

Happy Days : It really irks me that our Natl and local govt officials couldnt give a flying fart about the people's lives that are endangered by Enbridge's unsafe practices. A $100,000 contribution will buy any politician in the US reading this. Enbridge doesn't live here, what do they care?

Optimus Prime : I live in Michigan and I'm appalled!

Jimmy Mac : Corruption at its finest

Drew Fraser : I used to work for Kinder Morgan reconstructing pipelines in Saskatchewan. I worked on a 16 inch propane line with up to 1000 psi. A robot (pig) would run through the pipe, showing where the rusted damaged parts are. My job was to dig up the pipe at these spots, so it can be patched. Digging up the bad spots I noticed the whole pipe looked rusted and in rough shape. I was worried that we we fixing one spot when it looked like the whole pipe needed to be replaced. Pipelines are an old idea. In the future Are old pipe lines going to be removed?

Mark Holmgren : How are they allowed to get away with risking the Great Lakes

Luke Tipping : Motherboard, the new VICE, minus the political bias.

Todd Martz : Eco freak bias / what is the other side of this story?

James Ryzlot : I'm wondering about your reasons for the ride in an Enbridge helicopter JR

Daniel Hawkins : hmmm,..maybe they should put a pipe within a pipe, a double hull tanker

spaceAlien Rissley : Didnt hear about this AT ALL I LIVE ON THE LAKE IN OAK CREEK WISCONSIN

Steven Taylor : Very informative without being too tree hugger. And that's how you change minds.

tarun ramesh : Should have just built a bridge for the pipes, that way it's completely visible

Jason Faulkner : I wonder if Enbridge is preparing a lawsuit? Or, maybe they got smart and won't because they know it would only help recruit more environmentalist sentiment.

Connor Thomas : I live on Lake Ontario and its nasty.

Ace Davis : Oil company's should clean up there spills. Should replace old pipes stop filling yo pockets.

Bonchico davis : Somebody intentionally cut that pipe if u ask me 😔🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

Ghost Man : Just keep it FLOWING...WAHAHAHAHA....

Roberto Vasquez : The Great Lakes are more important than what most people think

Gage Ashbaugh : So cool to interview that engineer!!

albert bahoogadin : power companies all have their own officials bought and continually paid for so they can do anything they want!

G Z W : Who who's in the the well of corruption How deep does it go?

McGee Poletto : Hey you Canuks.Great Idea since you've been Over Run by YOU KNOW WHO....McGee

John Mastrangel : Michigan's infrastructure,, like the rest of the United States, has crumbled.

C UU : Apparently politics and education mix like oil and water! 🤔

Tim Henry : 9:00. Actual footage? Lol. This is all fake. Can't believe anything anymore.

Profile Name : It's 2018 now, has anything happened?

Not Sure : How about these companies don't run pipelines through our water.

Robert McCusker : Remember the corporate executives can walk away and leave the mess to both the US & Canada...until then executives still get their bonus at no risk or care to damages

MaxInLA : The government doesn’t say anything because oil companies would put pressure on it

Zach Dancy : Videos Don't Lie Cambridge boy!! It is obvious you are a Liar! Why were straps broken and missing??