The Dirty Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes: Oil & Water

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youtubasoarus : Profit will always be put above the cost of human life and nature. This is the legacy of greed.

bcsorensenman : Lies. Classic power corrupting those in charge. The pipeline isn't being maintained, then the authorities lie to cover it up, then they lie to reassure the public, then they deny there is even a problem until a huge spill ruins the whole area. Time and time again authorities prove they cannot be trusted and don't give a damn about the public or the environment. They just lie and stonewall.

Ray Davis : WTF? This is the 21st century and they can't (or won't) build in safeguards? How hard would it be to develop and install automatic shutoffs? This is gambling by a bunch of greedy industrialists that a catastrophe won't happen.

John Knoefler : I love it how they talk a problem to death but not a single idea to fix it. Like, demand a yearly inspection of all pipes using an internal tool that scans thickness for erosion and ultrasound for the welds. It's not that hard. Then replace any defects.

Daniel Hawkins : hmmm,..maybe they should put a pipe within a pipe, a double hull tanker

Velma Jean Holmes : This pisses me off!!!! The Great Lakes are the greatest source of FRESH WATER in the world and these money grubbing jokers put a pipe line in the middle of them. That company needs to be banned ASAP. Where are the protesters? Where is the public out cry? Nuts.

Randy May : It is time too reroute the pipe, it does not belong in a freshwater LAKE.

Not Sure : How about these companies don't run pipelines through our water.

charlesissleepy : pr guy looks like a bottom feeding fish, which is kind of ironic

Rose McGuinn : It's now 62 years old. Insurance, in -shmurance. No amount of insurance would save the Great Lakes. period Just ask John Bolenbaugh

Smark Shillington, DFCO : What in the hell is that asswipe Jason Manthum babbling about with "planned" "ongoing maintenance"? Those pipes look they haven't been maintained over sixty years. Enbridge didn't even comply originally even though I guarantee it was EXPRESSLY laid out in the contract that they were supposed to brace the pipeline. It is a fact that they willingly failed to comply with the express terms and conditions of the agreement. Enbridge was forced to comply 62 years later only because those divers collected visual evidence proving the terms and conditions were violated. God damn these stupid fucking corporators. It is FAR less expensive to perform regular maintenance, and repair or replace old piping once in a fucking DECADE than it is to cause irreversible harm, damage, and loss to millions of people, animals, and the environment.  Somehow people can be sent to the gaols for a "public offense" against an invisible, intangible, incorporeal, and nonexistent entity called a "State of ...", but when dimwitted, fuck face faggots do commit a heinous crime of gross negligence against real, tangible, visible, corporeal, and overtly existent, people and nature, that somehow warrants a mere fine. What a sick, twisted, demented, and deplorable fucking joke. Are they really so stupid, they don't understand "million" is LESS than "billion"? Do they just sit and ask themselves, "Hmmm...spend millions, or be fined billions? Hmmm....tough decision...." Goodness fucking gracious.

MaddoxInc : Here's an idea, and I may be crazy but why not take that money allocated to repair the damage from a spill and use it to build a new pipe line across the lake!? Why wait for it to break? I know we need oil so its pointless to pretend like we don't but this is clearly something that needs to be fixed and sooner than later.

Tod Loeffelholz : I worked in the oilfield for over 25 years and oil companies dont care about the damage they have to our earth. I have blown down gas wells with over 10,000 psi into the atmosphere. I have blown down H2S wells which for those that dont know is poison gas. I have watched flocks of birds fall from the sky. The will dig a hole in the ground and blow down oil wells then the will have a truck pump most of the oil out of the hole then they will fill the hole with dirt (out of sight, out of mind) .

Maxamillion Freedom : i used to live on the shore of lake ontario and every two weeks just over the horizon with a pair of binoculars i could see a massive ship right dump a massive amout of garbage in the lake.. its disgusting.

Pedro Medina : United States is being destroyed from within. Many nations like mine look to the US as a leader in policies and a model of sustainable progress. But the greed of few have met with the ignorance of many and now we see an America spoiled of its mission, strength and perhaps its own future as we knew it. There are way many other countries rising as leaders in safer ways to produce energy, food, technology, higher education, transportation and living standards that respect nature and are aware of limitations to greed and profit. We just hope those other nations may continue the good inputs the US gave to global development and avoid the errors that have arisen in the process.

thumpin1 : Watching from Australia, these pricks need to be shut down..!

Deb McKee : Unbelievable! Well, Enbridge time is ticking and you are just sitting around to kill our lakes with your poison greed. Our future generation is in your hands and the wildlife, too! I hope you have a plan A and if A doesn't work you better have a plan B.

pepino735 : disaster waiting to happen .,another big black snake

1 For The People : Great video! Very informative. I didn't realize how old those Enbridge pipelines were because they are way before my time. Interesting though that your coverage of the impact only included the impact of the tourist industry and not on how many people in the United States that the great lakes actually feed with the life of fresh clean water. Oil we can live without. Fresh water we cannot. I'm quite sure that at the time (consider the era) these pipelines were installed no one ever considered having to 'replace/dismantle them. So there wasn't a plan too. Even in doing so you still have quite a spill.

The Farmacy Seeds Network : "At the first sign, we would replace them".... really? the first sign? you mean like when they are beyond their life expectancy? I call BS!

Animurh : The great lakes are the most precious things that we have here in North America that both the states and Canada should strive to protect and not let the greedy corporations get their hands on it in the name of a quick dollar.

James Stubits : Shut the Valves and Drain the Lines before it is Too Late.

Jonathan C. : Simple solution to the pending catastrophic disaster. Stop pumping oil through them. Replace them with a permanent solution. for goodness sake, these pipelines have earned their costs back 100's of times. But they will never do that. Money always trumps public safety and ecological survival.

Samuel Johnston : Make building pipelines easier so companies like Embridge can build new ones that are better, less expensive, and SAFER. Not to mention the economic growth, job creation and lower oil prices!

Higgs Boson : Rather ironic that you environmentalists fly around in a helicopter while trashing the very people who make that possible.

A Milkshake : this is an extremely biased video

Class A Living : Can't they attach it to the bridge?

Maxx Adventures : These people have some very big balls leaving that ancient pipeline at the bottom of the world's largest freshwater supply...

12dollarsand78cents : *The solution is much more dangerous.* *More suckers thinking they are making us safer, but falling for foe propaganda.*

Roy L : Were those "other" under water ROV's really owned by Enbridge?

ronald black : Great Reporting .

mr.r mr.r : All about the $$$$$

JDOE Doe : 7:30 - this doc was so compelling and, you were crossing that bridge showing the grandeur of the lakes, then you had to drop an f-bomb for no reason. sigh.

templeofdooom : They now require oil tankers to have double hulls so they should require oil pipelines in and around waterways to be double piped. A smaller pipe inside a larger one with a vacuum between them, if there is a pressure change they know there is a leak.

aaddaadd bbssbbss : 2:50 "And his name was Death, and Hell followed with him."

Jimothy j : Now that trump is president you can bet these pipelines won’t get checkups

tom smith : Wow very dramatic, should we switch to trains or trucks for moving oil? They never crash or leak. Just buy your oil from the Saudis because ships never leak or crash either. What a joke. Why not stop using oil. And you can get your Chinese made video cameras sent over by an electric boat.

Nuke Terrorist Israel!!! : say goodbye humans will destroy all that water we have free energy we just wont employ it until this worlds destroyed and we need it!

GhostCreek : Well thats lovely. I work at a nuclear facility and you cant close a door wrong without the Nuclear Regulatory Commission peaking down the hall. The irony being that, contrary to popular perception, nuclear is one of the least dangerous forms of generation on Earth currently. Meanwhile, oil and natural gas leaks occur with complete impudence across our country. Run a simple search for them. There are HUNDREDS... And those are only the ones that are reported. Many occur near natural aquifers and on agricultural land. Itll get to the point that you should legitimately be concerned about the food you buy, and plenty near fracking sites already cant use their tap water... Brass tacks, mankind really fucking sucks at positively sustaining itself and anything around it.

Kevin Gardner : Awesome, now anyone with an internet connection, boat and explosives know right where to place them.

jukebox symposium : Most importantly the fresh water of lakes would not disperse the oil like it does in the salt waters of the ocean. Would it have hurt to put in secondary lines as a safety precaution and just start using them while keeping primary lines to observe? How much would it cost in clean-up and the environment for an 800 000 gallon spill in a fresh water spill?

shadfurman : Come on, this is fear mongering not acceptably honest journalism. Per unit per mile transferred, pipelines are BY FAR the most environmentally friendly way to transfer petroleum. The spills tend to be bigger, but there are far fewer of them and they're much harder to cover up so they actually get cleaned up better. Think about it. Millions of trucks and train cars all over the country. I think the reportable quantity for diesel is 100 gallons, as long as it doesn't enter water ways. THAT'S THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROTECTING POLLUTION. It's legal and protected to pollute in small quantities. Of course companies do usually clean up bigger spills, even 100 gallons is measurable I'm water ways and eventually it's going to get there. The cleanup of a few hundred gallons is cheaper than paying for the costs of cleanups once it gets into water ways. Ever drive down a major hwy in the winter? See how many trucks are turned on their side? Tanker trucks tend to be more stable, but how many tankers carrying environmentally toxic materials (many worse than oil, which isn't that bad relative to MANY other substances) but for fair comparison, how many tankers carrying oil turn over and dump how much oil? Now multiply that percentage by the amount of oil flowing through those pipelines that would have to be transported another way without them. I'm sure the company spokes person is spinning things for their public image, that's a no brainer, but come on, the information on industry standards and practices is easy to come by! The regulations are public information, the regulatory bodies are under the supervision of congress (which are partially responsible for many of these spills, BP oil spill, why were they in water so deep? Regulations against drilling closer into shore. Only retards don't understand there will always be unintended consequences to the best of intentions, especially when implemented by poorly educated politicians who are bought off by crony capitalists anyways.) Why the hell do people think government will do a better job? Even if there were NO environmental regulations, why do you think any company would want to afford the payout of a mass joint lawsuit some lawyers would cook up as a result of a spill? It doesn't happen now because they're protected by politicians, because it's cheaper to pay off politicians in charge of regulatory bodies than to pay for sufficient cleanup or reparations for all those little spills that aren't reportable. How is it that people thing that politicians with less knowledge about the environment and less incentive to ACTUALLY protect the environment would make better decisions? They're just trying to get reelected! They only are incentivised to ACT like they care, and try and convince you they do! Right or left, most people think their politicians care while the other side is the epidome evil. Isn't that obviously the most retarded neck deep tribalist thinking? How is that not OBVIOUS "muh team" advocacy. Politics has just become a team sport. You've got muh facts, muh news, muh science, and all the hooligans line up with their team and scream the other side is cheating. The other side is immoral. The other side is Hitler. The stupid part is they're both nearly ideologically identical, which should make the tribalism and stupidity obvious, but people don't know the other side, they only know their propaganda of the other side and facts will only convince them they're right. Oh sure, the regulators are the ones educated on the environment, the regulators. Who hires the regulators? The people with no incentives to actually protect the environment are going to hire people that protect the environment? Even when the decisions of those regulators are publicly unpopular, painting the politicians in bad light? Or you think they'll hire people that do things the way they want? Either they're puppets or they will do what they want right now, and if plans change they can be fired. Doesn't that seem likely?! Ok, last point (I think) lets say that the regulations DO work. Despite being gross violations of the 9th and 10th constitutions, the constitution which is the foundation of the law, which has been eroded without an amendment, LITERALLY MAKING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ILLEGAL (think this is ok? Weed. Regulated by the federal government. Violation of the 9th and 10th amendments. Those amendments are to protect YOU.) But lets say it's all done COMPLETELY legally, the constitution has been amended. The politicians, despite all the money lobbyists are thowing in their faces, promises for high paying jobs in the future, pressure to bend to ignorant public sentiments so they get reelected, we have an uncorrupted government. The house, the senate, the executive branch, all have a majority of moral actors, all nobelly working together despite their differences for the interests of the majority of their constituents (I already feel like I'm way into wonderland here, anyone still think this is REMOTELY realistic, lets continue) they enact the best regulatory body, best scientists, best technology, appropriate funding, but not so much people find enough to pocket for corrupt means. Then. The ignorant public, combine with the minority that AREN'T being served. See a documentary on motherboard proclaiming a specific pipeline a disaster and calling for national regulations. So they elect someone else. That HUGE BUT PERFECT AND PRECIOUS GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACY IS USURPED BY SOMEONE WITH A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLD VIEW AND TURNED TO DO... ...DUN DUN DUN... EEEEEEVVVVIIIIIIIIIILLL!!! It's inevitable. It happens over and over and over and over throughout history. The fact that people refuse to recognize this extremely simple inevitability, lends me GREAT pessimism they could ever elect a government capable of rationally regulating a nation of companies. Remember, companies have the money. Any government you build, they can buy. You build a government big enough to control them, they buy it to control their competitors, reducing competition, increasing prices, hurting those most with the least money. Good job. You saved the environment. (Millions of trucks and train cars carrying oil already. Think about it. Every transfer gallon here, gallon there, non-reportable quantity. Kick some dirt on it. Quick wipe up, throw the rag in the dumpster. Every wreck, 7000 to 11000 gallons, all over the side of hwy. Gotta dig the whole road out and put a new one in, they still won't get it all, but it's ok, its just a little right? Just a little legally protected amount by the government, it's ok, they'll still make them pay a fine, but when it ends up in your well, you'll have no recourse, and you won't see any money even though your tax dollars go to line the pockets of all those politicians and regulators.)

Tom Kelly : I am glad that you are shining a light on this. I am in favour of pipelines, but they have to be maintained. This pressure is essential to have high quality pipelines and pipe maintenace in the future.

Drew Fraser : I used to work for Kinder Morgan reconstructing pipelines in Saskatchewan. I worked on a 16 inch propane line with up to 1000 psi. A robot (pig) would run through the pipe, showing where the rusted damaged parts are. My job was to dig up the pipe at these spots, so it can be patched. Digging up the bad spots I noticed the whole pipe looked rusted and in rough shape. I was worried that we we fixing one spot when it looked like the whole pipe needed to be replaced. Pipelines are an old idea. In the future Are old pipe lines going to be removed?

Rumblebee Games/news : FOR all of you environmentalist and what not. This pipeline is needed to supply the people of mackinac island with oil and gas for the boats traveling back and forth, for stoves and ovens, for the propeller planes. I would also like to mention that this pipeline may look dirty and rusted, but this is just sand and dirt and algae covering it. It can take less than an hour for a pipeline like this to be covered in algae. Links are replaced every other year, (which I think is too often as this metal alloy does not corrode in water.

Swashbuckling Adventures : The absurdly ridiculous amounts of money regarding this, will ALWAYS trump(no punn intended) ANY concerns about nature. It's a sad fact. BP in the gulf is a perfect example. All they did was get fined a drop in the bucket for that 90 day shit fest that destroyed the sea bed AND killed a lot of people. Damn shame.

Joseph Lee : Does the government care?! Oh, I forgot this is America, coorporation is more important than people.

Tom Slak : Enbridge's safety record in Wisconsin is pretty bad also with several pipeline ruptures. But hey, it's a small price to pay (destroying the environment) so a few can become billionaires.

Dan Jones : Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Anyone who uses petroleum is directly responsible for oil spills.

Dis Da Man : I agree that pipelines need to be better maintained. But pupelibes are one of the most enviormentally freindly ways of moveing large amounts of liquid over a huge distance effeciently.