Chris D'Elia Does Eminem Impression

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Best Ever Food Review Show : Each day this is the best minute of my day.

Unavai Lable : LAPKINS IS JAP- You usin' chapstick and napkins while I'm bapkin?!

Amee SG : Who came back after that eminem freestyle

Anthony Orsini : How many of y'all watched this more than 5 times? Lol

CaliVisionz : "You using way too many napkins" is the hip hop quotable of the year

The Scarlet Duelist : *Eminem drops another surprise album to specifically address Chris D'Elia*

iThoed : "While you in a Ford Taurus, getting an abortion and a divorce at the same time as Harrison Ford is" is low key nonsensical fire.. 😂🔥🔥

Marlonzen : Bet Machine Gun Kelly won't come after this heat. He don't want that smoke. He ain't got the stamina.

JD Young : I see Harrison Ford as a creative allegorical reference to the fact that not even Indiana Jones and Blade Runner can support you. In conjunction with this, it is a subtle jab implying that you are a closet homosexual, as Harrison Ford is widely believed to be heterosexual. Meanwhile, this subtle insulting is juxtaposed by his subsequent line: “I’m driving a Porsche through the floorboards,” flaunting his wealth through his opulent lifestyle. Not only does he possess a Porsche, but he places so little value on it, due to his extravagant wealth, he is willing to drive it through your floorboards in a show of dominance and vindictive action. It’s important to note that he’s driving it through your floorboards, as opposed to running you over or driving into your house. The floorboards are a metaphor for the foundation of your life. He makes sure his acts of hate are during your lowest moments, as your life falls apart during your weary divorce. Chris later goes on to talk about how you’re using too many napkins, clearly insulting your inability to handle the situation without crying profusely. He does this with the clever line, “you’re using too many napkins. Bapkins” This is the twist of the dagger in this gripping, hateful yet insightful poem by Chris. I look forward to seeing how this ages along with the greats such as Shakespear and Edgar Allen Poe.

Zachary Abella : "You using way too many napkins" YO THAT LINE GOT ME ROLLING LMFAO

Cherry : you using way too many napkins, bapkins😂😂

latchkeyed : you lackin the stamina while divorcing Harrison ford 😂😂😂 I’m so fead

Pat Pat : was all pretty funny, but then all the sudden, "...You using way too many napkins." probably the funniest battle-rap lyric ever conceived right there.

Matt Cook : "Flappin around like a Bapkin" HAhahahahahahhahaahhaahha

dohertyz : You're all laughing but this is low-key not much different to Eminem's lyrics 😂

Francis Smith : This is accidentally the funniest thing on YouTube LOL

Soul Fist : Of course I'm war torn I'm driving a Porsche over the floor board watching foreign porn in a Ford Taurus XD LMAO YES

planet lucid : "Im in a cabana chattin' all that stand up banter while you lacking and don't got the stamina." BRUH.

Louie Slimane : Who's here from the Joe Budden Podcast?

al zolez : "You lackin the stamina while you divorcing harrison ford. im in a porshe in the floor boards. lmfao!!!

Hank Hill : Playback speed at 1.5x is Rap God

Donald Bell : He could have went another 5 or 10 mins.

Trash Castle : this has me flapping around like a bapkin

Marina Crocker : *eminem has left the chat*

Andy Thrift : I'm in a Porsche getting a divorce and an abortion at the same time as Harrison Ford


David Marrujo : Me and my friend watched this 10x in a row and never got tired from laughing. This is lowkey how Eminem goes off

Get That Money Get That Money : "You using way too many napkins!!" Not even Jay Biggie Or Pac Could of survived that bar LMFAO💯😂

simplekindafriendy : This is spot on! & the reason why, even if Eminem has good bars I can’t listen to his newer stuff 😂

Ryder Glass : I’ve listened to this way too many times already.

Real Omar : sounds like gears shifting lol

Nick Rodriguez : Yo Em got problems out here. He better address this. lol

Justin B. : I swear I can't breathe every time I watched this, this is by far the funniest shit I've seen on youtube this year lolol

RIP Blockbuster Mufasi : LMAOOO thank you man I was looking for this everywhere

chris roberts : Better then Eminem’s recent stuff I think lol

kingzfan2000 : He sounded like he was gonna say something about Danica patrick

Hyphen : Funniest em impression ever

E m : I love eminem but this shit is hilarious!!! 😭😂😂😂

Carjack Malone : He's lacking the stamina while he divorcing Harrison Ford while in his Porsche, in the floor boards. 0:36 - 0:43

Duane Moore : Lord Jamar sent me here 😂

shizbang : anakin in a cabana

Nicholas Romero : 10000 views are from me alone

ramayaruk : Dude I thought this was the guy from the walking dead this entire time 😂

Cunt : 0:45 when they're using way too many napkins

Kenny McCarthy : Met this guy in real life. Honestly one of the best encounters I have ever had with anyone famous.

Hugh Jass : I can’t stop watching this

JoBananas : Eminem literally uses this same flow in Kick Off lmaoooo

TetraVaalBioSecurity : This video accurately summarizes exactly why Eminem is, and has been, trash for like the last fifteen years. Dude needs to go away.

Dave Moses : Why he look like Rick Grimes??

Re3ck6le0ss : Don't be flappin around like a bapkin