(1520) Airbnb Lock #5 (Kingsley)
1520 Airbnb Lock 5 Kingsley

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Video #1520 is a continuation (#5) of the airbnb lock reviews. This one, made by Kingsley, is yet another piece of junk. Like this video? Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bosnianbill?sub_confirmation=1 👇🏻Links👇🏻 ⭐ Support LockLab on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=2912724&patAmt=1 ⭐ Support LockLab through Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/LockTube Visit the Tribe’s website at: https://www.LockLab.com LockLab’s Modular Lock picking courses: https://www.lockpickshop.com/Bosnian-Bill.html Looking for tools? 🔹 MultiPick Services - https://shop.multipick.com/ 🔹 Sparrows Lock Picks – https://www.sparrowslockpicks.com 🔹 Lock Pick Shop – https://www.LockPickShop.com 🔹 UKBumpkeys - https://www.ukbumpkeys.com 🔹 LockPickWorld - https://www.lockpickworld.com 🔹 My vise is the Panavise model 350. – https://www.panavise.com 🎵 Music from Jukedeck - create your own tunes at http://jukedeck.com Hashtags #Bosnianbill #LockLab #LockPicking


Aadil Shah : Bill. Could you come up with a good design? Maybe colab with This Old Tony or someone to get it made?

D L Hewitt : Is there a key box that gets a Bosnian Bill 5 star rating?

Uncle Ned : When are we going to see a lock box that you do actually recommend for this purpose?

Veraxis : I can't stand how many lock reviews online are basically just "It feels heavy/looks sturdy, so it must be good."

Lewis Kelly : I think you underestimate the massive fake reviews problem going on, particularly on Amazon

Rain Coast : You do a great public service Bill, bringing awareness to shoddy security locks.

Eclectronical : Subtitles: “This is the King’s leaky locker”

VoidLock : Another amazing video :) it's a wonder why these companies don't take your videos and advice into account when making or revising locks... It's almost like they only care about monry! Lol. Great video, keep it up buddy.

Orochi Yagami : What’s the brand/model/thickness of your feeler gauge?

Bob England : 4 stars out of 5, they dont sell products rated 6 to 10 stars.

Rocketlockopener : A basic electronic deadbolt would be a better option being able to give each renter a code that's only good for their stay.

ckhallock88 : A review on one you would recommend would be great. Not that we are looking for perfection just one you might use. Thanks Bill

Aidan Standing : my gran had a strange key box on her house, it was of the type that I call "mechanical keypad" (which is where it has buttons that are connected to mechanical parts inside the lock) all "mechanical keypad" locks of any sort are insecure, as the order never matters for example, a code of 1234 could be entered as 4321 and it would work, 3241 would also work, pressing 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the same time also works most of these types of lock make it obvious when you set the code that the order doesn't matter (as it just gets you to select if each number is "true" or "false" on the back of the lock keypad) but the ones that you change the code by pressing the buttons in, it's less obvious with the most common type of mechanical keypad lock where I live, the code is set by "pins" that are placed behind the buttons on the keypad, the pins are colour coded for "true" and "false" the key box my gran had, the code was set by turning screw-like things to face towards or away from the hinge

A Three Dog Night : Another Junk-A-Zoid. Guess they will never learn.

Mr.Einfallslos : Please pick the BKS Janus 46...

pugs187842jmr : If possible could you put a list together of the good locks that you have review. Also could you look at rv locks

Nigel Brownwellington : Igloohome Smart Keybox 2. Pretty pricey, doubt it’s decodable, but those electronic locks always seem to have lots of mechanical weaknesses.

Jorqell : It should be painfully obvious you can't get a decent lockbox at that price point.

Albert Lebel : Great review, the rating system is definitely flawed. P.S. I was unable to upload Sargent lock vid due to technical difficulties last night. I will soon.

crowley357 : "Stay away". You should record that line... rofl

RWBHere : Designed by a marketing department. Sheesh! 🙄 😖 🤯 Thanks Bill.

Adam West : I’ve seen people genuinely shocked when I’ve done this for them. Just as well most people are relatively honest I guess...

BeginnerLockPickingDiaries : Bosnianbill - I’m really liking your mini series lock videos :D I always look forward to seeing your content. I’ve filmed three videos last weekend but haven’t had time to edit & upload yet. I’m amazed how you upload so often. Terrific job! You said ‘Probe’ tee hee 🤣🤣🤣

Jasper Janssen : The only one here in NL that appears to be solid is the “Puck Keysafe SKG”. It anchors into the wall with wall anchors, not screws, no hinges, and appears from pictures to be solidly made. The codewheels look reasonably well protected against shimming, but again, just from photos. The thing has an SKG ** rating, which goes from 0 to 3 stars. Two is accepted by insurers as good enough for most homes. Two stars is 3-5 minutes delay. It’s also got a rating by the UK Police and a few others. It costs 150 bucks or so.

Swynndla : Nice exposé - well done!

Jason Carpenter : I would like to see some locks and lockable boxes that are not necessarily unpickable, but more difficult to open making them actually worth owning.

Damast Design : I would like to see the ABUS 787 Keysafe Because Abus is the most common company for safety in germany. No matter if it goes to the lock in my door, the lock for my bike or a keysafe, I mostly find Abus locks

Mental Health UK : The scary thing is that these (and very similar) key boxes are used all over the UK to give access to vulnerable people''s houses for carers to come and go.

James Kitzmann : mini saw on the bottem hinge pin as well

Ian Britstone : Have you tried the Burton High Security Key safe Digital XL

Chris Kenney : Have you done a real-estate key lock before, the push button model one?

FFVison : 2 ideas for a combination lock: 1. The obvious and probably cheaper idea is to have shielding 2. Perhaps some sort of way of staggering the gates so that they don't necessarily line up in a straight line. This would make decoding it very difficult, I would think.

Brawler Cazy : Good Idea stay away form combination locks for they are never safe no matter what they have to cut corners somewhere and the wheels are the most common place.

Na TW : I was thinking the same thing as gadgetman;  something like the Kidde AccessPoint, or Keyguard SL590.

John Lee Pettimore III : Air B&B = "Air Burglaries & Break-Ins"?

JinzoDefiler : It's simple people don't understand what people in the know understand. if they did the case would be different.

TheLordFisch : 0:58 is that an exposed screw at the hinge?

Michael Sebourn : we need more master lock destruction

Mein Kamph : How would you make video's without copying the LockPickingLawer's video's?

heavylead1961 : ya ought to try that new Smart Lock

Lauri3000 : LIFE HACK: Don't use Airbnb.

Graham R : I think a physical attack is nessessary.. It would mean they'll probably buy something more secure.. lol

JuryDutySummons : I hope you review one you can recommend.

Stefinatrix : Is there an "inexpensive" lockbox around that isn't complete garbage?

Remley : All this time I've been silly enough to PAY to stay at Airbnb houses. Not anymore! Thanks Bill 😁...(kidding of course).

Marc Gleicher : I bet you Bill is the coolest neighbor to have.

Felenov-official : We need to make a good lock for 25€ 8 wheels, 16 digits on each. Shielded. and I plan to have them mechanically disconnected from the lock mechanism. And when the locking mechanism is operated, the wheels are disconnected. And have it done into the wall like the Knox boxes (stay away from those. You can bust one open, take apart the Medeco, and you have a master key.

Shizune Hakamichi : stars = user reviews. you can ignore that.

Helter : I have a feeling that anyone who expects pushbutton designs to be much more secure is going to be a little disappointed.