"Oakley" & The Oaklettes Learn to move with the Grove!

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Raptor Rehabber : For those of you so called experts that have decided to negatively respond without talking to me first, this was an orphaned GHO THAT HAD JUST BEEN FEED, AND IF YOU NOTICE HE NEVER WAS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT me because I was under a camouflaged sheet with holes in them. I finally got another two babies around his age that I was able to put him with. This was a one time deal I did a few years ago. I leave puppets in with them, so they have something to cuddle with. I was able to release this Owl several months later after conditioning it and teaching it to catch live prey. It was quite mean and didn't like humans when we released it. So thank you for input. Sincerely, Ken EVRC

TheTribalOne : It's even cooler when you realizes his screeches are sort of to the rythym of the song. XD

OddSqodd : What happened to my cousin's EYES?!

JareiroDeLaMakrela : Owls are super cute... But they are also bloody predators :)

Raptor Rehabber : Dear Effingreat. The reason I was talking over it, was to explain the use of the puppet, and that I was using a sheet over me so the owl couldn't see it was me. I only did this one time 3 years ago. I hope you understand. Fish & Wildlife are strict about getting them in printed. Sincerely, Ken Please visit our website at www.eaglevalleyraptorcenter.org if you would to help us raise funds for our winter food fund.

Raptor Rehabber : To Red Baggy, it is just a song, if it affects you so much turn down the volume. As far as scaring him, we would never do that. We were under a sheet when filming where he couldn't see us. Owls move their heads like that to focus in on something they see. Their eyes are locked in their sockets, and it helps them to focus. His little screech is just a sound they make any time they see movement while they are young enough to still be in the nest, in hopes of getting more food. He was by himself, as we normally put them in pairs if possible to give them a sibling to snuggle with. We took in 3 more babies after this video was made and he was put with them. A few months after this video was made he was successfully released. This was a one time deal we did a few years ago. Thank you for your expert opinion. Sincerely, Eagle Valley Raptor Center

Cleo Lynx : oh my god its so cute. it warms my cold heart.

Raptor Rehabber : Be EP Learn to keep your cat in doors. Cats kill just to kill even when there stomachs are full. Sincerely, Ken

Will Collins : SCREEEP

Jessica Prowse : That made my day <3 Good for you looking after these gorgeous birds!

Cee Tee : that owl gots rythmn!

ScienceMiner : He did the "MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

Kenny Advocat : I remember watching this just last year. Amazing how only just now it's going viral. He should have applied for YouTube adds then. Could have made $ off this many views.

CeraisianAlchemist : Oakley's squawks are in perfect synch with the music. So precious. Good to hear that he was able to return to the wild.

Benjamin Ko : Rhythm is universal

Heidi Bean : Happy Halloween Season! Shared on Facebook

Nicole Beaver : <3 Oakley is so sweet. Perfect for Halloween!

Kay Belanger : This is really sweet. Thank you for sharing and caring for our feathered friends.

John Snow : they way he is tapping his talons! 😍

victoria Pecsenye : this is so very cute and yes animals love to have some kind of toy to interact with

Stephen Vaughan : I can't stop watching this video. He's so cute!

PerWestie2009 : So cute. Oakley looks like he really enjoyed it.

DaYSki Austin : So freekin adorable - :-) xo

Leo Solis : I ran his screeching sounds through Google Translate and it said, "God, turn off that damn noise! Why must you humiliate me like this, you damn human?"

carschmn : I wonder if he still dances when he hears the song.

AutoClown : flagged for copyright infringing content

Laura Fryer : this is just great. thank you for sharing, and for taking care of Oakley!!

lemims2 : I love it! Oakley is precious.

Tim Fox : Hi. We have a morning show in Syracuse NY. May we show this video? It's wonderful! Can you tell us anything else about it... Where Oakley lives, etc.? Tim Fox WSYR NewsChannel 9 Syracuse

firetresses : awww he's so adorable grovin to the music! hehe

Kelly Konopelski : he did the monster mash

Miss0verAnnalytical : how could you possibly dislike this video! SO MUCH CUTENESS

DeadLeaFMoth : I love how he sings along with the chorus. It's beautiful

Zachary Welch : Don't let people say dumb stuff. I think it's great what you're doing.

Melanie Deal : So cute

moviechic07 : AWWWW I died.

Wojciech Wizert : Where can i buy that owl toy?

scheis123 : So cute.

Annie Carriero : Adorable!

Scott C : I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a cute little guy!!

Pascal ÓMathghamhna : Anything we do that impacts on wildlife is usually negative to them. We are duty bound to try to redress this. Keep up the good work Raptor Rehabber, when humans realise they don't own the planet, we share it with other species, will be the day when we are truly becoming decent.

anael55 : Precious! Thanks for sharing these sweet creatures as you care for their needs.

VanReiley : Squeeeek~

Jerry Peters : This is so adorable, I want an owl now. :)

Anus Dumbledore : Owls are cool.

Annette Lee : Awesome ! Thanks for sharing .

Roxann Poor : OMG THAT IS ADOOOOORABLE!!!!! :-)

jyn-hyee kim : kawaii >wwwwww<

starry61 : So cute! I love owls...