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Micah Philson : Why would I not be surprised if Collin slept in a shirt and tie like that?

Rayan Lima : Subtitles: "Do you wake up, worrying about your mom that it doesn't have enought testosterone."

Sarin : I'm so glad we are back to the Colin Furze who does stuff not for Ebay, but for the hell of it.

Max Bennett : Before this lamp came into my life, I was but a boy, carefree and childish. Even from the moment I saw this lamp, I knew my childhood must come to an end, and so I started building. Two feverish hours of building later, I had sitting before me, dual two stroke flood lamps. As I picked them up, I felt the raw, manly power of gasoline hit my veins. As I revved them up, I felt my balls drop six inches, my voice deepen six octaves, and I suddenly grew a full beard. Thank you Colin Furze for making me a man!

Aaron Unknown : Have that lamp running all night and your never wake up again! 🤣

colinfurze : All lamps and appliances in general will be judged from this in my mind from now on haha. Thanks to Ford Uk for lending me the car so I didn't destroy my own tyres lol. see you all in the next video, but what other stuff would you like to see made engine powered????

9v Battery : Annoy French people😂

Eurobeat : That honesty is the most useless thing I have seen. But then I remember this is Colin furze and he makes everything

oli pessino : Make a v8 lamp

Nate Carlson : But it doesn’t stop there you can annoy French people at motor races 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead

Spooky Spookleton : I'm imagining your son hearing you scream as a chainsaw runs while he's still sleeping.

gorman2001 : Look Mum No Computer, i can feel ur presence

Iain Portalupi : 605 people forgot to mix oil in the gas.

Chris Van der poel : Next up car engine powred toaster!!!

Smoking Clutch : I saw you testing this lamp at Le Mans last weekend, the french people didn't look happy .. i didn't realised it was you but when i heard a 2stroke engine rumbling and a blond man running around it was quite obvious.. It was around 3 in the morning tough hahah Keep up the good work !


rocco guidry : The only people who dislike this video are feminists

pivo6499 : Last lamp you will ever own! (considering using it indoors is kinda dangerous)

Byron Kavanagh : Your neighbours must love you

Adam Messmann : He’s high on exhaust fumes

Mr Whyarepeoplesodumb : I sometimes wonder if he's married, but he seems like the kinda guy to build a jet fueled girlfriend or rocket powered child, this brilliant man has his priorities straight atleast, who doesn't love a morning full of carbon dioxide

PitbullOnAcid : Your hilarious. Now I feel like less of a man every time I use a light switch instead of a pull start lol

help me reach 500 subs without any video!! ! : *W H I T E N O I S E*

Bromley’s Make it Yourself RC : You have single handedly saved Canada. Thank you from the maple syrup nation!

Patrick's Bushcraft🌵 : I will take two my good sir. One for I and the old lady's room, and one for the baby's room

Scott Brough : This has got to be the greatest invention I have ever seen... well, next to the Cake-O-Matic.  To make your Chainsaw Lamp a little more indoor-friendly, Colin, you need to invent a matching 2-stroke operated Chainsaw Lamp Ventilation System.  True, there's nothing manlier than 2-stroke power, 2-stroke music (noise), 2-stroke ambiance (smoke), or 2-stroke fragrance (stink), why not a matching 2-stroke ventilation system?  Do it, Colin!  The French will love you all the more.  Great work on your beautifully manly lamp!

spooky skeleton : I would rather worry about the moths

Livas : This is art

David van Ruiten : Can we please see a 2 stroke vacuum cleaner?😊

Paul : man...come on man... that's

Chris Macleod : Hell yeah!! Needed this!! In this wussified ass day we live in, thank you sir :)

o0Avalon0o : I thought I was a woman until I saw this video.

electronicsNmore : Geez. Sounds like Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Side Bob billy : That's handy at 2 in morning when you wake and need the toilet... :)

30 minutes : I am subscribed for like 5 years, I have understood that he makes some pretty useful things all of us would like to have but some other times he makes something not that useful like this time😂😂

Eliezer Borges : Legendas em portugues,por favor. Muito bom os videos.

luzt87 : That's the most AWESOME thing I've ever seen! WHERE DO I BUY ONE!?

J. Blair Howard : I anticipate seeing this at my nearest modern art museum soon. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

TonnA : that feeling when you lamp makes more noise than your mustang :D

fullpatrol dreame : i always loved you if i have 10000000000000 dollar i will give it to you to invent something cool

s3Mezith : Do you wake up in a room, scared of a lamp that might kill you in your sleep from exhaust fumes?


V2 weapons : damn you fully ground the tyres off that car it was great!!!

Joseph Thompson : To annoy a french person properly you need a motorized baguette

Gabriel Vieira : Omg jajakqkqkqkakahaha

Patrick Star : That feeling when you don't realise your neighbours can hear you


lukaszEK : No to niezła lampka😏

matthew stewart : Annoy French people at motor races you say? As a Brit, it is unpatriotic not to buy one immediately.

Jorai verly Junior : Crazy ....