Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Bushman Skills

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Tube Unique Wilderness : Please Watching more our Videos Build Great House:

GamerPoets : TheForest has updated the graphics

Kronos : All these so called "survivalists" on TV need to take lessons from this guy.

Kronos : The amount of determination and will this guy has is staggering.

Nobody concerning : Is there like a village in Indonesia where all the people just make YouTube videos for a living

Sherlock Holmes : Give this man duct tape and he will build an Empire.

Kratos : Watch the next video be like, "building a laser turret in the middle of the jungle"

Alan King : Anyone else notice that the cuts of his logs are clean?

UNIT LIVE : minecraft with shaders on

Cayden Kay : I really wonder if this guy is the one getting the money for all of this I have this strange feeling that he is being used I hope he is getting all of this money

Genes Eh : such a wonderful house. I wanted to live so much 😍😍

joe hiley : BAHAHAHA his intro just has him smoking a *Suspicious substance* at the start... love it

Rusty White : Somewhere building inspectors are losing there minds over this!

newstuff : There must be lots of tools behind the camera.

Chris Hansen : I really appreciate the aesthetic of not having music in the background besides nature it’s very soothing

Lewi Rog : Man can craft a mansion out of sticks yet I can’t pass a btec in media studies fml

Entice : I really hope he gets paid for all this

Po Prostu Ja : When you forgot your keys and mom still isn't home so you have to make yourself a new house

Damnit Bobby : That time in your life when you've somehow escaped reality and proved it.

q r e s / Noah : This dude must get so many splinters

Swann Creid : Hey can you build me a swing set for my kids? Amazing job👍

Istlap : Add a gate to upstairs so wild animals can't climb in there :)

Sky Roses : *minecraft 2.0*

R.P. Entertainment : If I’m in a plane crash, I want to survive with this guy.

TheChris AndHollieShow : I need that survival tool, way nicer than any axe, it looks like!

Doctor W. Richthofen : *When you Play Survival Games too much*

Criar & Preservar Aves : mostro de mais

AllSortsYT : Modern : eh it's raining building stops till it clears. This guy : what is modern oh well time to keep building *raining in backround*

Bo Yelding : Damn .... not one drop of sweat.

gotmoosefur : Minecraft is so last year

Reign Supreme : 2:51 how could he have judged it was straight?

MattBlytheTheOne : Can someone at least buy him a bucket and a spade?

Patrick Ah Wong : It would be so funny and cool walking around the jungle where hes from, and just seeing random buildings and swimming pools in the middle of no where. All over that jungle!

هذال : Good.

The FakeAmerican : No WiFi 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

112477fm : The bulldozers cranes and the 20 men crew standing behind the camera watching him build this fort

Arabian Noob Gamer : next level upgrade to Stone or Metal and have an AK47 and rocket launcher

Lord Kiyo : It is a gorgeous structure. And it must feel awesome to build something out in the wild and be able to stand on it. At first I thought you were going to make your main floor up high so you can keep dry during rain. Well maybe your not done yet. because I know this thing wont protect against water. I see another vid, I will watch that next.

RealNico!! : OMG this is really crass, respect to this man

Gabrom : He made the support of his house out of twigs compared to what he placed in front of the door. Also, what happens to his dirt roof when it rains?

newstuff : Hope it does not rain !


evan bernard : how did you get a camera if you are a wild man sorry that is the only thing I could say sorry

Lucky luck : (Called it) Noiice

Suiane Santos : Só eu do Brasil é? Como eu vim parar aqui?

ハァ ハァ : Real The Forest

Jeff LaFlare : Yall gonna turn the jungle into a damn city

Unreal Aim : What country are you in?

Cole Halford : You are the man!

Trippy Streams : Wheres your crafting bench?