Building The Most Beautiful Survival House Villa By Bushman Skills

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Tube Unique Wilderness : Please Watching more our Videos Build Great House:

GamerPoets : TheForest has updated the graphics

Po Prostu Ja : When you forgot your keys and mom still isn't home so you have to make yourself a new house

Alis Vlogs• : *So this is what Grayson watches*

Just a random gal : I bet Grayson Dolan has watched this 🤔

Kewl Name : 2:51 That is skill right there to look at the log and the camera at the same time :D

UNIT LIVE : minecraft with shaders on

sphia shorty : i cant even make ikea stuff with instructions

ブルーノBruno : Screw fancy hotels! I would pay a fair value to swim in your pools and sleep a night in your house. I'm dam serious!

emma kay : Was Grayson here?

Shorty H : Hello " Grayson Dolan "

Delawere 1 : Go to his country and you will find houses and pools in the forest.

CICILIA : daily i watched all about makeup i feel so fed up. now im watching and learning how to build a sweet house from a scratch. this is so much better. refreshing. subsribed!

Luposed 500 : The biggest surprise of the video was when he lit the fire

Sherlock Holmes : Give this man duct tape and he will build an Empire.

toby yeager : *Ark Survival Evolved in 4k*

funny bros : I can't build a toilet myself he built home on his own. RESPECT

koalacabello : *Minecraft players are quaking*

Jay Puto : Serious question... when those vines dry up and become brittle... does the house just fall down?

Kronos : All these so called "survivalists" on TV need to take lessons from this guy.

Yosra dolan : **finishes video and goes to his $7 million real house**

Никита Аглямов : Лайкшен кто из Рашен)

Aaron Weimann : Am I the only one thinking that this thing is kinda useless in every way apart from looking nice? The fact that the roof is made out of nothing but sticks and is lacking any kind of leaves to protect the Insides from rain cannot be overlooked. The "Panels" he covered the walls with allow wind to get inside (not mentioning the Windows) and don't provide insulation. I mean well done but still... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Reign Supreme : 2:51 how could he have judged it was straight?

peter luong : This is like building Ikea furniture.

Silly Puppy : They will NEVER develop a Beer Belly.

SomebodyOnce ToldMe : Steve and Alex be quaking right about now.

ny runner : he's an OG player when he's got the scythe pickaxe skin

Kronos : The amount of determination and will this guy has is staggering.

Deli Ab : Grayson has left the chat!

adhr : Donald Glover?

Sara y gaby Mahecha : porfa put on flip flops plis

Doctor W. Richthofen : *When you Play Survival Games too much*

XxTheBatzxX Fortnite : How he always in the jungle and acts as if he is homeless but has the best camera on youtube

Hugo Fergunson : This is art!

Salty Pingu : Bruh, i cant even get past step 7 of making a lego house

I am not Gay so stop asking me : This MAN IS A LEGEND he builds while there’s a storm/rain THIS MAN NEED A 10MIL SUBS

Chris Hansen : I really appreciate the aesthetic of not having music in the background besides nature it’s very soothing

God : There's a Barehanded survival guide on Amazon that gets rid of all that "overloaded boyscout" bullshit and gets down to not having any gear. This adds a whole new twist to the concept. :D

Лабуда : Что это за хуетень? Вообще не практично, пустая трата времени и ресурсов!

Ginette Stauder : I put subtitles on... nothing I LOVE IT

Elwa Pote : Minecraft

Nobody concerning : Is there like a village in Indonesia where all the people just make YouTube videos for a living

Abisree M. S : Super video

Axel Zeron : This guy would build some incredible structures in minecraft tbh

Daisy Dwyer : He really knows how to build

C Mejia : "welcome to MTV cribs"

Yosra dolan : Wait... WHAT!!?? Thhat is better than my own house😣😥😢 sad... Ok jk but that looks amazing!!

Lexi Collins : Ethan Dolan brought me here 😂

Aorangi Vaia : Amazing job 😛😛😛☺️☺️☺️😊😊😁😁😄😄😃😀