How to fight in full 14th centruy harness

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This video is made as an attempt to answer some of the many questions about the use of harness (armour) received after the publication of our video "dressing in 14th century armor". This is therefore not a video showing harnischfechten techniques, but a video showing the weakness of a 14th century harness. To make comments, the visor of my helmet is open through most of the video. This will of course make my face an interesting target for my adversary. With my visor open, Pål will obviously try to stab me in my face! Beskrivelse


Warhorse Studios : Awesome video, greetings from Prague :)

JΩHN - S117 : *_That's why Lawbringer is OP_*

AvangionQ : Swords are meant for cutting flesh & bone as well as softer armor such as cloth & leather, but heavy armor is quite resistant. Useful stuff for any D&D DM who wants realism in their fantasy.

Paul T. : Fantastic demonstration. Thank you for this video.

Haavar : Din norvenglish overgår selv Jens Stoltenberg, du gjør meg stolt.

Blank- blade : Very pretty sharp. The Albion Lichtenauer is a very good blunt. Harnesses are nice aswell. The shield, the horse. Everythings awesome here :D Another good vid! :) Keep up the good work!

rphxleonine : Medieval warfare was horrific.

Christos Goulios : Underrated Chanel

Alexandru : the ending shot is so EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL more beautiful than 10 useless 1 million dollars cars (that will kill you anyway)

messylaura : i do like the style of the black/white surcoat you have with the castle type hem, is this a particular type/name? others i have seen are too long for me thanks

Grog Strongjaw : My axe goes through anything. Also ale.

Robert Pirlot : Connections already taught me this. James Burke before Youtube. :)

Dustin Vognild : Excellent and informative, Ola! Is this type of armor unique to Norwegian or Scandinavian knights?


kp dawes : Life Medieval with Steve Zissou

SailingArgo : Fascinating, thanks for sharing👍

Lord Hermis : I have been looking forward to you making a video about this.

Ochs - historische Kampfkünste e.V. : your comments though. I love it :D

Undead Fred : Excellent video, thank you for this.

stef vanoppen : Very pretty stuff !

F Hermann : Great video! Do you have any showing what a lance would do to an armored opponent? Maybe on foot and mounted? I'd love to see that.

Nicodemus : Nice tutorial, 700 years late though..

Vance Palodichuk : FOR AGATHA!!!

Ben : Excellent video. Thank you!

Sam King : Great video guys! I had the opportunity to learn some fencing in my time but could never understand how it could be effective against an armored opponent. Now I know were to aim the pointy end!

der schwartzadder : The crossbow/longbow were pretty effective too...

Freecat # : love your videos <3

toompy floyd : Beautiful video 😁

Nethe : Excellent video. Thanks. This is the first video that actually shows where the weak points are in the armor.

HRHooChicken : Cool! So Hollywood type sword fights would have been fairly rare between two armoured knights? Since slashing attacks with swords are pretty useless

WZDavid_007 : Very good vídeo , greetings from Perú :)

петр петров : Очень познавательно , спасибо вам за информацию . Привет из России .

Aspie Sean : Very nice kit for both of you. I am a bit jealous.

Stacho the Knight : Can you do sparring videos?

Dorijan Rigo Conte de Rigo : Good video and beautifull loadout, coat of arms is simple and great!

Valdr Hugr : I really appreciate that your stuff is very historical. A lot of reenactors can learn from you.

Paul Butterworth : Would you have liked to have lived in the era, and been a heavy cavalry knight?

Alexandru : why you can't have protection between your legs? at least a chain mail,right?

N A : Seems like a war hammer would be more effective than a sword. At least then you can potentially crush vital organs, skull, etc.

MrFusselig : Very nice video. Love it! :)

TheSpartanPaul : Heres my question. How where the armors maintained. I would imagine a few weeks in the field you were a walking pile of rust. Were they coated with lard or just polished on a regular basis?

Conn0rized : 1:08 What about breastplates with one of those v-shaped bars to stop the blade from getting to your throat? Are those not a 14th Century invention, or does yours just not have one?

Knight Polish : First

kevin : So why not wear plate in all those weak points and chainmail everywhere else?

In Otter Words : Or you could just unscrew the pommel of your sword and throw it at him, to finish him rightly.

911s73targa : I think it's unlikely that 2 knights in full armor would actually fight 1vs1 on battle field. and these are 2 full blown knights, since nobody else could afford such armor. Knights would be on horse and be hacking away at infantry , the only point they would come off is after being overwhelmed and knocked off. At that point they would not be fighting 1v1 but it would be a big messy fight. brute force whacking and bashing. infantry vs heavy knight. Unless he has friendlies near by to save his bacon, he would be knocked the f out and captured for ransom.

tastysauce : you didn't point out that your visor was open the enTIRE TIME VERY EASY TARGET READ A BOOK