How to fight in full 14th centruy harness

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Warhorse Studios : Awesome video, greetings from Prague :)

Mr Fish : “This is my friend Paul” “hello” I don’t know why I found that so funny

JΩHN - S117 : *_That's why Lawbringer is OP_*

AvangionQ : Swords are meant for cutting flesh & bone as well as softer armor such as cloth & leather, but heavy armor is quite resistant. Useful stuff for any D&D DM who wants realism in their fantasy.

Paul T. : Fantastic demonstration. Thank you for this video.

Haavar : Din norvenglish overgår selv Jens Stoltenberg, du gjør meg stolt.

Markus Magnon : Just travel back in time with a superpower magnet.

Christos Goulios : Underrated Chanel

rphxleonine : Medieval warfare was horrific.

Dustin Vognild : Excellent and informative, Ola! Is this type of armor unique to Norwegian or Scandinavian knights?

Blank- blade : Very pretty sharp. The Albion Lichtenauer is a very good blunt. Harnesses are nice aswell. The shield, the horse. Everythings awesome here :D Another good vid! :) Keep up the good work!

Grog Strongjaw : My axe goes through anything. Also ale.

stef vanoppen : Very pretty stuff !

Freecat # : love your videos <3

Undead Fred : Excellent video, thank you for this.

Lord Hermis : I have been looking forward to you making a video about this.

toompy floyd : Beautiful video 😁

Alexandru : the ending shot is so EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL more beautiful than 10 useless 1 million dollars cars (that will kill you anyway)

петр петров : Очень познавательно , спасибо вам за информацию . Привет из России .

Alexandru : why you can't have protection between your legs? at least a chain mail,right?

Sam King : Great video guys! I had the opportunity to learn some fencing in my time but could never understand how it could be effective against an armored opponent. Now I know were to aim the pointy end!

SailingArgo : Fascinating, thanks for sharing👍


Robert Pirlot : Connections already taught me this. James Burke before Youtube. :)

F Hermann : Great video! Do you have any showing what a lance would do to an armored opponent? Maybe on foot and mounted? I'd love to see that.

messylaura : i do like the style of the black/white surcoat you have with the castle type hem, is this a particular type/name? others i have seen are too long for me thanks

Aspie Sean : Very nice kit for both of you. I am a bit jealous.

Nicodemus : Nice tutorial, 700 years late though..

Stacho the Knight : Can you do sparring videos?

Ben : Excellent video. Thank you!

Paul Butterworth : Would you have liked to have lived in the era, and been a heavy cavalry knight?

kp dawes : Life Medieval with Steve Zissou

Nethe : Excellent video. Thanks. This is the first video that actually shows where the weak points are in the armor.

TheSpartanPaul : Heres my question. How where the armors maintained. I would imagine a few weeks in the field you were a walking pile of rust. Were they coated with lard or just polished on a regular basis?

Ochs - historische Kampfkünste e.V. : your comments though. I love it :D

Vance Palodichuk : FOR AGATHA!!!

Valdr Hugr : I really appreciate that your stuff is very historical. A lot of reenactors can learn from you.

N A : Seems like a war hammer would be more effective than a sword. At least then you can potentially crush vital organs, skull, etc.

Dorijan Rigo Conte de Rigo : Good video and beautifull loadout, coat of arms is simple and great!

der schwartzadder : The crossbow/longbow were pretty effective too...

In Otter Words : Or you could just unscrew the pommel of your sword and throw it at him, to finish him rightly.

kevin : So why not wear plate in all those weak points and chainmail everywhere else?

911s73targa : I think it's unlikely that 2 knights in full armor would actually fight 1vs1 on battle field. and these are 2 full blown knights, since nobody else could afford such armor. Knights would be on horse and be hacking away at infantry , the only point they would come off is after being overwhelmed and knocked off. At that point they would not be fighting 1v1 but it would be a big messy fight. brute force whacking and bashing. infantry vs heavy knight. Unless he has friendlies near by to save his bacon, he would be knocked the f out and captured for ransom.

Knight Polish : First

tastysauce : you didn't point out that your visor was open the enTIRE TIME VERY EASY TARGET READ A BOOK

MrFusselig : Very nice video. Love it! :)

ShogunOrta : That's gotta suck! In a fight like that, your opponent will be aiming for all the worst places to get hit! IMO. Nothing but nut stabs and armpit stabs. Yeesh!