Inappropriate Laugh Track

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FunForSameer : "my mother is not alive" that one guy "OHHHHHH"

Banana Jin : Im going to hell for laughing

Hippo : "My mother is not alive." HAHAHAHAHA

TheAndrewj96 : Honestly, the second bit would’ve been pretty funny even without the laugh track. It’s just such a horribly acted, written, and paced scene. Few things are funnier than a “serious” scene that’s terribly executed. “I can’t get the cap off” comes to mind.

Fluoride Jones : *"Walker told me I have AIDS."* Probably the single funniest line in television history.

Jessica : i’m sorry for laughing

MAG Productions : “My mother’s not alive either.” *oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo*

Sebastián González : "When your dad's pounding you" That came out REALLY wrong

Everybody90 : LMAO i feel bad laughing at this

Marc Yinug : 1:00 i just love that first guy who started screaming

HadesLordofDeath : Charles: "Well, you know, when your dad's pounding you." Stephanie: "You mean hitting?" Charles: "Uh, yeah, sure."

Pixel : nick past midnight

Aprt123 : The track after “my mother’s not alive” just got me.

MegaCubby : its amazing how laugh tracks legitimately change the attitude

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : *WE WANT MORE!* *WE WANT MORE!* *WE WANT MORE!*

Manny Fresh : "My mother is not alive" OOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!! lmfao i almost cried from laughing

Shawn Rhyne : The first scene is comedy in the modern age.

Caca_ Fangirl : How is nobody questioning the fact they had the N word on Family Matters. How was that allowed to get aired?!

Hypr, the Official Therapist : "My mother isnt alive" OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!

yeet the skeet : "Walker told me I have aids" *laugh track* D E D

Supreme Kaiser Dedede of Deutsch Dreamland : Most laugh tracks were made in the 1950s, so most of the people in the laugh tracks are dead These are the laughs of the dead, forced to have their laughter put in sitcoms to this day HAHAHAHAHAHA

Icky Ace : "When your Dad is pounding you" OMG that sounded sexual.

My Fam Dat Boi : Says N-Word... *ABC Family*

sikisikiamimis : 0:27 why is the boy laughing

ninjapistol : "When you're dad's pounding you" 😂😂

Marth : The family matters one was absolutely perfect!

Greg Wycliffe : this is absolutely horrible. you need to make more

Angie B : There was a scene in friends where they put a laugh track in when chandler was telling Monica they were unable to have kids

KatTheFox : "My dad does hit me sometimes... but it's my fault for ticking him off!" *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

UnconventionalScribbler : know when you're dad's pounding you

R Lutin : Remember kids, the majority of this voice tracks were recorded in the 50's which means you're hearing dead people laughing

gerry o sullivan : Because a father pounding his son is always sooo funny!!

ACleverName8 : Ok so for the first one, there was a lot of black people in the frame, so what the vandalizer pick her? "Goddamn Janelle, she needs to go back to Africa. But not these other blacks. They're cool with me."

Haley Buckles : "When your dad's pounding you"

Seraphina Downes : I'm so glad these sound effects were not In the actual episodes

Swampy : "Yeah, a door named Dad." I kinda laughed at that one.

Janelle Northcut : I hate this and love this simateously.

anyssa tiedt : Walker told me I have aids 😂

Haley Monroe : Im fucking screaming. 😂😂

Dohk : "When your dad's pounding you" this is why he got offended when she thought he meant getting hit

DangAssDan : "Well, y'know, when your dad's pounding you." *raucous cheer*

Naim Hussain : that last one just cracked me up i feel that was intentional for humour purposes

Kazuhira Mewtwo : The second scene is used in TikTok videos holy shit

TheKewlPerson : 0:56 Okay, so that's where that tiktok comes from

Tai Ketchum : the AIDs kid add me rolling

Jack Matthews : I'm an awful person for laughing

Maurits : ''My mother is not alive'' OOOHhahahahaha

Padparadscha will make an account! How wonderful! : *Something terrible happens* HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Jack Bjorn Wulf : "Walker told me I have Aids" ME: *snorts out arizona green tea*

Dick Huntz : "Well, you know. When your dad's poundin' you." *ETHNIC KISS SAMPLE*