Inappropriate Laugh Track

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FunForSameer : "my mother is not alive" that one guy "OHHHHHH"

Justin Y. : Haha, what a story Mark.

Rabie : 00:51 tik tok boys & girls where you at

HENRY THE RC CAR : I will not laugh, I will not laugh... 😳

PTD Vlogs : ...A door named dad

Banana Jin : Im going to hell for laughing

A name A name : Oh my god the locker said the n word

Patchy Trackz : “My mother is not alive either” Crowd: “oooooooooooooooooeee”

Lettuce Boi : "When your dad's pounding you" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO9O9OOOOO9OO9O

silvershadow : 1:00 shoutout to that one guy who started it

K-Blue : "Walker told me I have AIDS" *laughter* Walker: "I gave it to him." *Hysterical laughter and thunderous applause* _Fin_

Niconicosknees : “When my dad _pounds_ me”

Hasan Sheikh : The locker is the most powerful object cause it can say the n word

Celestial Morning Light : So that's what Ben Shapiro looked like as a kid.

Everybody90 : LMAO i feel bad laughing at this

Kazuhira Mewtwo : The second scene is used in TikTok videos holy shit

Mr.Think ? : I wrote the n word in school too, but instead of getting a laugh track I got suspended

kavioss : surprised the fh one was edited since they have a laugh track every 0.002 seconds

A I : 1:02 I lost it 😂💀 I can just imagine that huge Italian-american guy with his driver's cap on shouting OHHHHH!!

Daniel Kelly : Kid: My dad abuses me and my mom is dead laugh track: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ice Cream : “Walker told me I have Aids” *HAHAHAHHAHAH*

dragonball slayer326 : Anybody get this in their recommended?

RadzYt : ”Mine is not alive either” Crowd: OOOOOOOOH

jguerra0117 : So that’s where that Tik Tok audio track is from.

GamersOnVideos : i dont get it wheres the Inappropriate part

Sorenmine : Stephanie: my mother is not alive.. Laugh track: *fortnite dances*

Sabir M : The first one was just... I just why?

Jessica : i’m sorry for laughing

spectrecutlass : “My mother is not alive” *O H H H H ! ! !*

Sela Tamatoa-Apera : "When your dad's pounding you" - gurrrlrlll noooooooooo 😃😂😂😂😂

Emjay : So that’s where that Tik Tok came from lmfaooo (0:54)

Angelina Fidler : "pounding" im sorry

Hippo : "My mother is not alive." HAHAHAHAHA

Nahiyan : How can y'all laugh when Chuck Norris is around...I was expecting y'all to disintergrate

Baby Shenron : 1:02 So is the gates of hell open for me yet?

Chickin Who Makes Video’s : “I have aids” Crowd - *LOL*

Metal 88 : first one killed me lmao

Pixel : nick past midnight

Bongo Cat : wtf was this a real thing??? this really aired like this

Sadie : “when your dads pounding you” i can’t i’m crying and laughing hysterically

Blown Moon : If only this worked in real life then I wouldn't be alone or getting backlash

Z_sub gaming : Pounding.... oh dear i think thats a bit beyond hitting at this point

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : *WE WANT MORE!* *WE WANT MORE!* *WE WANT MORE!*

• Aleena • : 1:02 **TikTok* has joined the chat.

000 : It make serious shit not seem so bad and not so brutal

Mister ious : 0:43 When he said that his dad was pounding him, I was thinking about a different type of pounding...

PriceyFern : 0:54 one of those Tik Toks

TheAndrewj96 : Honestly, the second bit would’ve been pretty funny even without the laugh track. It’s just such a horribly acted, written, and paced scene. Few things are funnier than a “serious” scene that’s terribly executed. “I can’t get the cap off” comes to mind.

Rasssper : *Mines not alive either* *Ouhhhhhh*

'Jck123 ' : 0:24 Steve Urkle: "Did I do that?"