Davin Bretherton VS Tommy Lee

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O Flex : they are forced to get hit

Boomhauer : Just look at that foot work

Wessel Vis : So much respect for these guys. Boxing is allready a hard sport when you're able to walk, let alone when you're in a wheelchair.

Rae Surtee : i'm all for disabled sport, i play for a wheelchair basketball team. But this, they are hooked together so no chance of wheeling back maneuvering , it just seems some sports should not be wheelchair based.

Marie Duopoint : They should get remote-controlled robotic wheelchairs.

Paul6676 : Forget the silly jokes, this is amazing. 2 people regardless of disability enjoying a brilliant sport. I doubt any of the people who made stupid comments have ever laced up a pair of gloves. I hope this sport gets into the Olympics some day.

Ciaran McGuigan : I think it works well these fighters want to fight n they do . Ther is no moving round the ring they r just toe to toe the full fight that would b hard work fair play must have trained hard for it keep it up

the dude : fuuuuck that. what alot of people dont realize is that boxing is the combat sport with the highest rate of death from a coma, mainly due to the fact of long matches with isolated trauma to head and internal organs. you also cant breathe right when sitting down and punching that being said, if these dudes were able-bodied imagine what height of the sport they could reach...theyre in a wheel chair and theyre fighting anyways.

Kevin Volk : Amazing footwork by both fighters.

Clayton King : These guys are in good shape and could kick all you haters asses.

leighmossien2009 : Dont get me wrong...i RESPECT people who want to live their life to the full...We human can do many things if we put our minds together....ive even seen people in a wheelchair jump out of planes....and even bungee jumping  . We have changed the world FOREVER ...more then any living thing to what we know of at this time But ...watching 2 people smash and punch each other in wheel chairs is just a little sad really......i mean no harm ....nor i wish to insult ...but ...COME ON ! Wtf we are much better then this !................Fine ...let them do it in their own time...or wat not.....but dont show it on freaking TV wtf !?!?@#$

ryan khoury : They need to work on their stance

Its Always Funny in Sillydelphia : Rock'em Sock'em Robots...sorry I'll let myself out...5

Fone Needs : This is so pathetic

Machinist : i know the disabled want to take part in sport but boxing isnt a sport which really works with wheelchairs in my personal opinion, its just silly. you need factors such as movement, distance, the ropes, being able to actually do a standing ko and even the ability to hold, if you know boxing boxers just dont punch, the biggest factor here is just going to be the guy with the biggest workrate (most punches) which in real boxing you can throw punches and hit air or get counter punched with a guys full body weight behind him and get knocked out clean. its a art, this isnt a art.

David Scott : Enough with the foot work jokes. Omg so funny. If was in a wheel chair I'd deff Give that a shot.

Acumen & Aesthetic : The fatuous comportment of you people who have no sympathy for others (especially the handicapped) is inordinately vapid! Moving on & most importantly, this is AWESOME!!

J o n a t h a n : its more exciting than boxing they don't hold

Antoine Quesnel : Great footwork

Lindsey Gardner : So they aren't injured enough??

TetsuOmega : it's like watching rockem sockem robots but with real brain injuries.

Hugo Nongbri : still better than any Mayweather fight....

Ong Bonga : Am I a bad person if I find this hilarious?

chatiron alexandre : LoL

Mae Zap : No judgement here, but it's amazing how little powered and speed they have without leg muscle.

Account Name : What really sucks is that they don't have the ability to move there wheelchairs on the ring. Maybe remote controlled by his Corner mates is an idea. Dunno, but respect++++

LukaANDkrusty : This looks so silly xD

LJS : I'm the 100th like

john smith : does anyone ever get knocked out doing this?

bubbaMcBub : A W E S O M E

Acumen & Aesthetic : The fatuous comportment of you people who have no sympathy for others (especially the handicapped) is inordinately vapid! Moving on & most importantly, this is AWESOME!!

Robert Fischer : All about head movement and forget the jab

Knucklehead1995 : Lololol

Brad Saint George : AND THEN?!?

boneair : don't know why these 2 bother, they got no footwork.. guy in the red said he want's hopkin's next too on an elie sechback interview

Jordan Mclean : These guys are Gladiators. Does the ref reset their heads after every match or what? I want more! :)