Quantum Mechanics 1.1: Introduction

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In this video I provide some motivation behind the development of quantum mechanics, kicking off a new series on everything you've been wondering about quantum mechanics! Twitter: https://twitter.com/SciencePlease_

Comments from Youtube

Jonas Kr. : Hey there! Actually my first time seing your channel (made it to my reddit homepage), but definitely not the last. I am not 100% sure if starting with the historical motivation rather than a discovery fiction (via tunneling or single electron scattering for example) that would lead more directly to the Wavefunction/Schröding Equation approach. And I think the relatively complex classical physics might have been a little much for some people, but I don't want to complain too much, since my prof made me derive the same stuff, too and it is commonly found as the first chapter of textbooks. Assuming that you want to showcase either the Wavefunction or Planck's quantization of light next, I would suggest trying to keep the maths as visual for as long as you can (3b1b style, which I am sure you know, I mean I mistook the thumbnail for one of his uploads :P). I wonder if it is possible to introduce the Wavefunction top to bottom, starting with |Psi|², saying that it's a wave because it behaves like one and thus arriving at the wavefunction of a free particle, saving the "heavy duty" maths of operators and Hilbertspaces for later, when the viewer is comfortable with manipulating wavefunctions. I mean you can even get to Heisenberg without ever really touching Schrödinger this way, but as I said, I am unsure if there is a solid argument in that direction. Non the less: great work, keep it ip, I will be expecting more from your channel :)

Mee : You should do a series on all 5 physics topics so people can practically get good understanding of physics from just your videos, hope you can go from basics to advanced too for those of us who enjoy maths :) don't give it up please!!! Only downside is how infrequent the videos are

CreepyRainbow : This is pure gold. Truly excellent and well made

Paul Dirac : Doesn't something seem a little off with having an Auctioneer teach quantum mechanics?

Rafih Yahya : Great Work ,Keep going .

Guglielmo Grillo : Just saw your video from a reddit post. Nicely done, but IMHO there are too many formulas in your video. Even tough I'm a physics student myself I had an hard time in understanding the concept behind the formula. Maybe you should focus more on the concept rather than on the derivation. (exept if this is your goal, in that chase carry on )

Bernhard Hofinger : lol this is ridiculously fast, this can only be used as a revision for someone who has already learned all this stuff.