Jenny of Oldstones | Game of Thrones Season 8 (Cello and Voice Cover)
My wifes cello cover of Jenny of Oldstones from this weeks episode of Game of Thrones

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Jenny of Oldstones Game of Thrones cover! I put together this quick cover version on the cello of Podrick's song from Season 8, Episode 2. Filmed by Pict Digital on Sony A7iii and A6500.


Maximiliam Andersson : Absolutely fantastic cover, great performance! I've covered the main theme myself, feel free to check it out if it's in your interest!

GUILHERME NOGUEIRA : loved your version, in a simple way you figured out how to capture the song’s soul, great job!

Just Alexey : Nice job guys! This song is so awesome!

Nathan Barnard : I love this version. Any chance of a higher quality audio version? I would 100% buy this if it was on iTunes