Jim Acosta Hot Mic North Korea vowing to be a jerk cause he can't get into meetings.

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Lucy Lu : Anti American Jim acosta needs to be fired.

John Smith : Can we revoke this assholes press credentials now please? Enough is enough

Jerry Willi : His poor ego is more important to him then national security. He embarrassed himself, the US press, and his country. Such a great event had to be muddied by this saw looser.

J. Hon : Jim Acosta has the ego. Because he had unfettered worship of the previous president, he expects to have unfettered criticism and spying on the current one. He expects to go wherever he likes without proper clearance. Then when he does get to ask a question, it is a loaded biased slant or worse he lectures them on twisted leftist morality. Jim is a special kind of idiot, an elitist pampered CNN gollum and world corporate tool.

Mick Jagger : He must be dating Keith Olberman