Extremely rare 2 Gender Spider !

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Lampropelma nigerrimum gynandromorph ! Male and Female in One ! Very Rare!

Comments from Youtube

Piss dog : Is it capable of breeding with any other spiders? But also i wouldnt want to risk it getting killed by a possible mate

54 : He just randomly show us a 2 years old ultra rare spider out of his pocket like what ? How can that be fake ? And at the same time it's so weird

ざますZamasu : I love how it's body has two different colours that's pretty cool

Rugved Kulkarni : This is the most powerful spider because they can say the n-word.

Louiscare : Is this man, no wait, us this pure savage, handling an old world like it's nothing ?

D r . S p u d : That's extremely bizarre! How does this happen in the spider's development?

Vexolyte : he said the n-word :0

jenalee1907 : So cool! And I see you've improved your English :)

Océane lambert : this comment section is a dumpster fire

Khalid Faisal : Here before Justin Y.

Natural TM : Nice. Pozdro z Polski!

Lou Sensei : Tastes like half chicken and half beef. Source; experience

CreativeDemon : It cannot fertilize itself but its sexual behaviour is the same as the other spiders? Can it fertilize other spiders or be fertilized by them, or both?

SeedsOfDoubt Growing : 😭 you're great. I love all your vids!!

Elias Caballero : Oh god we've given the spiders our disease smh...

Chickscopiesherday : That is amazing, I love how it's split right down the middle.

Reichskeks : did you just ASSUME -HIS- -HER- GENDER? *AHHH!*

charles barkson : Wish I was working for you. Sounds like an amazing job and or hobby.

Skylar Morales : Intersex spooder! :D

kate carew : Edwin!! I love your channel!!

Anton P : Gynandromorph. Amazing

HubbleBubblePOP : This is freaking amazing!! Its so pretty!!

charles barkson : Checkmate conservatives

ParadiseLost : Have you shown this to any researchers or exotics experts? I think he/she could really contribute to science!

아름다운wolfyArt : So he/she is bisexual? No hate hope ya have a great day ❤

T Smith : Thank you for sharing this awesome tarantula...it is beautiful! I love your channel!

Avni chaudhary : You're so cute damn! I have a huge crush on you ❤

Steven Edmund : That is amazing I'm so impressed with your collection Cheers

hellan lettas : woah, i love your accent. where are you from

jeff p : wow! thank you for sharing

Johny Amber : From my country huh 🤔 neat 👌

IsAMelon : Spiders scares me but I can with this

Khadaffy Sampang : *sees a walking spider in floor* him:ohh what a nice spider i should keep you me:OMYGODDDDDD OMY GODDDDDDDDDD AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Vladimir Volkov : Looks like Yubel from Yugioh GX

Emerly Senpai : “Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the worlds first non-binary spider 😂”

Wade : its XXXTENTACION spider version

Kayla Mo : This video is so awesome. Really reminds me of the educational videos teachers would show in my elementary & middle school classes, which everyone would be excited about. I remember learning the most from those. Even on tv there was Steve Erwin & Jeff Corwin who taught me so much as a kid. These are the types of videos & information we should be spreading to people, ESPECIALLY our youth. You sharing your knowledge with us is one of the coolest things anyone can do. That tarantula is so cool.

Estrella Hermosillo : Dibs on hermaphroditus The name I mean

AZN MGTOW ALLIANCE : WOW! O_O That's amazing! Never seen anything like this before, and I've been in the hobby for almost 11 years now lol Thanks for sharing!

Dylan’s Mini beasts : Can it still breed with other females or males

Lucid Ter : watch thus be on trending in a few months

Marlena Linne : I love this guy!! And I do want to see more.

Keep On Trying : Ahh I love ur accent and voice so cute

MarquisDeSang : Explain that Atheists.

saravis56 : She is beautiful.

《Grey》 Cat [UNIC] : 😻😻😻 I can't believe! Is amazing!😻😻😻

Simon The Digger : S-he sure is a rare beauty.

Katelynn S : Wow your very brave! lol i cant hold spiders lol. Also thats really neat!!!

Kelly14UK : The almost symmetry in the spider's bodyhair. This is strange. Keep up the good work.