Extremely rare 2 Gender Spider !

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Reichskeks : did you just ASSUME -HIS- -HER- GENDER? *AHHH!*

Vexolyte : he said the n-word :0

54 : He just randomly show us a 2 years old ultra rare spider out of his pocket like what ? How can that be fake ? And at the same time it's so weird

Piss dog : Is it capable of breeding with any other spiders? But also i wouldnt want to risk it getting killed by a possible mate

sus : Wow. Non-binary Queen.

Rugved Kulkarni : This is the most powerful spider because they can say the n-word.

ざますZamasu : I love how it's body has two different colours that's pretty cool

Louiscare : Is this man, no wait, us this pure savage, handling an old world like it's nothing ?

charles barkson : Checkmate conservatives

D r . S p u d : That's extremely bizarre! How does this happen in the spider's development?

Océane lambert : this comment section is a dumpster fire

jenalee1907 : So cool! And I see you've improved your English :)

CreativeDemon : It cannot fertilize itself but its sexual behaviour is the same as the other spiders? Can it fertilize other spiders or be fertilized by them, or both?

Lou Sensei : Tastes like half chicken and half beef. Source; experience

Natural TM : Nice. Pozdro z Polski!

Khalid Faisal : Here before Justin Y.

Elias Caballero : Oh god we've given the spiders our disease smh...

Skylar Morales : Intersex spooder! :D

SeedsOfDoubt Growing : 😭 you're great. I love all your vids!!

Khalid Faisal : Thank you very interesting to know these creatures exist

0 0 : 2? What a coincidence, that's how many genders there a.. *NIGERRIMUM* 😂😂 😂

Lucid Ter : watch thus be on trending in a few months

Your songs ❤ : I think this is a condition called Chimerism - 1 entity has 2 sets of DNA, and the organism is its own twin. It also happens in humans and other animals. It's easier to find out if the twins are opposite genders but the twins can also be same gender.

MarquisDeSang : Explain that Atheists.

HUMAN s : Dude sell it and get a Million!

IsAMelon : Spiders scares me but I can with this

Mati&Mrówki : Heh super wideo ;-)

Joe joe : Cute😍🤟

Johny Amber : From my country huh 🤔 neat 👌

lazyorbit86 : Dude I'm curious where you from? Very curious about your accent. Great videos Btw, I love to see them huge ass insects on your face 😁

Emerly Senpai : “Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the worlds first non-binary spider 😂”

HubbleBubblePOP : This is freaking amazing!! Its so pretty!!

Ahmad Dakhlallah : does it grow to the size of male or female? is the behavior any different?

charles barkson : Wish I was working for you. Sounds like an amazing job and or hobby.

HighDexe Grinse Katze : Whaaat😳Crazy...!Weiß jemand...ob die sich auch selbst befruchten kann...?würd mich echt interessieren...so gut ist mein englisch dann doch wieder nicht!😌Wäre echt dankbar für eine Antwort👍😊

Trisev O-860U : So can it lay eggs?

Spider : *LampPropeller NiggerInMum*

Miranda Jones : Very beautiful!🕷️

Estrella Hermosillo : Dibs on hermaphroditus The name I mean

Dylan’s Mini beasts : Can it still breed with other females or males

BTSs Kalakookie : I love your accent💜

Simon The Digger : S-he sure is a rare beauty.

oxi clean. : When I saw that spider it reminded me of that cat that's half orange, half black. her name is Venus if I remember correctly

Chickscopiesherday : That is amazing, I love how it's split right down the middle.

Dan Juric : So cool! Love you channel!

Barely Awake : That tarantula just said "Look at me!"

Adeline C. : I never seen that before 😮

jeff p : wow! thank you for sharing

Micro Fourmis &co : Ouaaaaa

Giacomo Fasulo : Dude that's rare