40+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Hoarding House

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Anaiya Lively : These people did good!!! I hated seeing the cat hit the mirror over and over.

Blue Bee : PLEASE go back to the house again to make sure u got them all. cats can be sneaky. hate to think u missed someone

Snowie : I'm telling you .. every single person involved in the rescue .. every single one .. free pass to heaven! :)

iiKittyxxGamerii : *curtain falls* kitten: MAN U BLEW MY COVER! cat: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Crisostomo : Not a cat person,but this hits me hard. And i should own one.

Britt Britt : This was NOT easy work and I can't thank the people who did this enough. What a wonderful job you all did.

Sally McDonald : You can see it in their eyes, the pain and trauma. Even the kittens, in such a short lifespan not knowing love or care 😪

Cat Girl : The condition that those cats were in broke my heart thank you for rescuing them

xxliveyourlife22xx : I love how polite they were when talking to the cats, even though the cats have no clue what they’re saying

Rachel Wieting : "Stop your making my blood pressure go up" lol

LoveYourselfFirst BeforeLovingAnyoneElse : This is how it works: 1 minute of stress for a lifetime of happiness

Meghan Mcgrath : Imagine the smell, the urine coated everything. Thank you for rescuing these sweet animals

Ria : My cat was born in a hoarded house and lived there for 3 years with 192 other cats. My family rescued her from St. Huberts (NJ) that rescued all 193 cats. We rescued her 5 weeks ago and she’s finally not afraid of my family. She’s meowing at me as I write this !! Bless St. Huberts and all animal shelters that have people like this rescuing neglected pets ❤️

King_Bailey : Oh my god when that cat rammed into the door on purpose it broke my hearttt Like I’m not even that much of a cat person

Josh Buercklin : How do people dislike this

Yes Indeed : I could practically smell the cat pee from here Edit: nvm my cat just used his litter box

zero deaths : Thank you for saving them,at least there's still some good people in the world

CruiserDude16 : Being a person who's cat walked into my door being my smaller than my palm in the winter, watching this hits me hard.

Marlee Jack Faulkner Wheeler : Now you may give them all to me

Samantha Buckwheat : That house looked like it was beautiful before

Peachinne : it was funny when one of the sisters tried getting the cat under the mattress, and like 4 more cats ran out "OH S-"

FancyFt : Im ugly drunk crying over this video what theses people do is so beautiful and full of humanity

Bunny Biedenharn : Was the house cleaned, beforehand? If not, it doesn't seem the Occupant hoarded STUFF. The possessions say she was a lovely person from an Upper Middle Class family, who slowly slid into poverty, old age, and loneliness. The fact that she was living in a rental, tells me she'd been displaced from a home her family had owned - a family who hadn't been able to buy any furniture since the 1940s or earlier. The cat situation simply can HAPPEN. A contractor who did trash-outs in our Seattle office buildings, went bankrupt, and moved to the country. ONE cat showed up at his door. He fed her. Within weeks, she'd popped-out a litter of kittens. He fell into ill-health, while the kittens had their own kittens. Even though he and his 'carers' spayed/neutered as many cats as they could catch and PAY FOR having neutered, and even though Coyotes jumped the fence, to occasionally pick-of a cat or two while they were outside, the population grew. By the time he died (and surely, living in pet-generated filth accelerated his decline), the cats were EVERYWHERE: in the cupboards, under furniture, knocking the laptop we gave him off the table... So really, his only 'fault' in the matter, was that he was a kind and caring person, rather than a callous individual who'd banish the cats and leave them to their own devices - outside and unfed.

Aleena Bhatti : This was absolutely horrible to watch. What kind of person would let this happened to cats that deserve better. These cats should have had a nice home for a start and any one who wants to keep multiple animals should consider if they can properly provide care for all of them.

Maribeth : theres this woman i know who rescued 300+ cats. we got one of her kittens, and shes our best decision.

j.r.d.l : 1:43 Jumping cat: don't grab me take him Window cat: god damn it Mike if I live ima beat ya ass

cottontail : That whisper "you're making my blood pressure go up, calm down". So cute haha

Me as Myself : Thank u so much guys for helping these lovely angels..they deserve lots of love and care..god bless u and them...

Alison-Mathew Turner : 1:59 Cat: WHATS HAPPENING ?!?!?!?!?!?!??

Colored Pencilz : How could anyone dislike this video

Lu Lemon : this actually seems like it was once a very beautiful home

Flamingohoho sparkle : The way these poor cats just stare with a terrified look in their eyes breaks my heart

lee weirich : The fact that they never gave up and did it with hope and care I’m amazed.... really amazed and thankful

Sophia Weirdo : *But what if there were baby kittens and you lefr them alone without mother!!! 😭😭😭😭😢*

MilkyCat : Why would you have 40 cats and not take care of them? That's just awful, that's like abandoning 40 babies or children and not taking care of them

Chris & Eve : Just donated, can't believe that it was their home, poor babies so glad you rescued them x

FOWRT NITE GIRL : I'm so glad you found that last kitten! Imaging you had left it behind bless all these people!

Zelnar225 : 11:39 me in the morning

Neutral Pseudo Prototype : 2:32 are we all gonna ignore this dead cat ?

Phoebe Chen : Hey guys can I trick you? Read more

Aisha Tarannum : I am so happy you saved the poor innocent cats!! Everyone should be like this!!😺😺

Sprite S0da : thank you so much for rescuing all these cats you did an amazing job

casey T : My cat comes from a hoarders hose her name is coco she is calico we name her after coco shenel because she looks like a disiner cat 😄😺😸😸 these humans have a great morals and are amazing in my book but I feel bad for these cats they are so scared 😄😿💓

Firdaus Azmi : LOL the cat that jumped straight to the mirror @3:26

Saeran : My cat has a big scar on his stomach area, and I wouldn't call it ugly because it reminds me of the time I took him up for adoption 😭I love him so much

america : Does anybody know why the cats were all beat up? Did they fight each other when they were crammed?

BtS iS lIfE aNd BlAcKpInK jenina18 : Aaaww that look is soo cuute 1:59

Jenny Rodgriguez : People who disliked were the cats who suffered enough to the point where they needed to be saved.

destiny ruby forever : Anyone else started to cry or just me.?? 😭