40+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Hoarding House

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Cole and Marmalade : 🐱Fur daily clips, vlogs, cat rescue work and more check out our second channel: https://www.youtube.com/catmanchrispoole

Britt Britt : This was NOT easy work and I can't thank the people who did this enough. What a wonderful job you all did.

Dia Vieh : Imagine that big aliens catch you and say "hi baby... Hi baby"

Jesus Christ : One thing for sure is that place was rat/mice free !

cheezymuffin : while I can understand the feeling of wanting 40+ cats, you cannot physically take care of them...

Mordeo : When the white cat was slamming itself in the door,that was some Bird Box shit right there.

Anaiya Lively : These people did good!!! I hated seeing the cat hit the mirror over and over.

Mino Gamz : cat jumps and uncovers another kitten "oh look its a kitten"


Laetitian Madhatter : Imagine if he hadn't found the last cat, and it would have had to spend the time until someone cleared the house suddenly having lost all its friends. (╥﹏╥)

clare5 one : 💔💔 I am crying as I'm watching this! My fu-king neighbors have accused me of hoarding and feeding cats. I am hated as I am a senior citizen woman living alone. I always check with my vets, as I have a 12 room house, with only five cats. NO MORE. I picked up the back yard strays, giving them the BEST that Veterinary could provide. They had love and attention, organic food, the best in Rx diets. I left a proviso in my will for them and they had full medical insurance. They lacked for NOTHING. My vets will attest to this. In fact, one of my vets stated, if there is reincarnation, I want to come back as one of your cats. As each one of them developed dire illnesses, they were sadly "PUT DOWN" and burried six feet under in my back yard. I still miss them! They were family💔💔

Peachinne : it was funny when one of the sisters tried getting the cat under the mattress, and like 4 more cats ran out "OH S-"

Chandler Birchield : 1:44 His brother sold him out

Queen Breaziel : “You’re making my blood pressure go up, calm down”

BlueFireJack : As much as it hurts me to see the cats struggling in a net, I know it’s the right thing to do...

Dawn Callahan : My husband, and I had to do this at my mothers house. I had to take 32 cats to the animal shelter. When I first visited the home we took the cats from it was nice, a pretty 3 bedroom double wide, in just a littler under 2 years it was totally destroyed, the didn't care for the cats, or clean up after them at all. It was disturbing. Now she, her BF, and my youngest sister have 7 dogs, and I don't even know how many cats again. My other sister, and I have talked about calling animal control on them. People who do this need to be medicated. It's disgusting. Also, be responsible, and get your animals spayed, and neutered. And don't try to say "I CaN't aFfOrD iT" I have 3 cats, 2 of them are rescues, all 3 were fixed for free. 2 through UCan, 1 fixes at the vet for free through a grant. This is so sad, and is totally avoidable

LoveYourselfFirst BeforeLovingAnyoneElse : This is how it works: 1 minute of stress for a lifetime of happiness

no u : I couldn’t help but laugh at the one revealing the kitten’s hiding space. “oh look! a kitten!”

Jayla Taylor : Who else started scratching their head at 0:29

Star Baby : as a kitty lover and owner myself, this brings so much grief and stress. seeing those poor cats being subjected to a terrible household and neglectful owner. I can feel the distress and confusion these cats feel. I hope that they got to safe and loving owners.

IdkWhatToCallMyself 3 : Thank you so much for helping those poor cats, you probably saved countless kitty lives, and you pulled through it even though they were scared and angry. I am extremely heppy that you did this thank you.

Chris & Eve : Just donated, can't believe that it was their home, poor babies so glad you rescued them x

DeZiiRe SlaZeR : Damn some of these cats on some next level shit

Kaysa Øyan : *The first cat looks so broken and done it broke my heart so much*

TommiePie - Akio Nugasubi : Gosh... That's a hard work. Thank God we have good humans still. Gosh, I hope those cats 🐈 get a warm, comfy, nice house with a nice owner.

Savanah Burnett : That was honestly both sad and scary to hear all the stressful noises coming from the poor cats in these carriers! I understand that when people hoarder pets like that with 'love' they think they're doing to them but it's doing more harm than good. Pet hoarders don't really know how to properly love animals.

Simply Samya : I’m so glad that they saved the cats from the place

Shannon Feathers : I know its about the cats but its sad how these little cute homes get taken over by ppl that live like hogs. I watch these animal, and cop shows and so many condemned empty houses in cities that are ruined, while so many people are living under bridges and in their cars. All those poor cats live in that filth! Thank god for these ppl and their patience! 🐾🐺❤

DON'T WATCH MY VIDEOS : 1:44 He gave away his friends hiding spot

WildForest 11 : They formed a clan, you invaded their clan territory. A TWOLEG INVASION! Their clan name is WebClan. They shall all now live the Kittypet life

Space Wombat : This should be a criminal offence. The perpetrator should be charged, fined, and thrown into jail. They should also desex the perpetrator so they do not have children and teach them that it is ok to treat animals this way.

zach thomas : They never checked the attic and the walls

Olive Games : Am I the only one that realised that when a person said ‘NOBODY MOVE’ the camera would be moving all over the place???

Micky Covert : 2:49 "your making my blood pressure go up." 😂

BestFriendsForeverXoXo Her and vue : These cats are crazy!! Although I’m allergic to cats I really thank these people for saving these cats Nice work!

Yes Indeed : I could practically smell the cat pee from here Edit: nvm my cat just used his litter box

Brandyce Wonderland : That white guy almost killed my heart when he jumped into the glass several times. These poor angels.

Damien : If angels are real, they're here on earth catching cats

vSpecky : HELL YEAH. Chase all of them down, wreak havoc upon them, make em feel terror, then treat em, feed em, play with em, fatten em up and send them to caring homes. The cute little midgets xD

Kitty Geeks : 3:26 I legit screamed when the cat jumped at the mirror head first hitting its head two times and my family was like... Family: *ARE YOU GETTING A HEART ATTACK?! AMANDA, CALL 911* Me: *IM FINE MOM! CALM DOWN!*

Aisha Tarannum : I am so happy you saved the poor innocent cats!! Everyone should be like this!!😺😺

Lord Gunther : That cat that just kept running athe the mirror hurt me sooooo much, i hope the house owner rots in jail for animal neglect

Marcus Mueller : I can barely catch 1 cat HOW DO YOU CATCH OVER 40!!!!!!

feihime : all these poor fluffy babies, all so scared

Rose McClelland Author : oh my god i've cried my eyes out so much, i feel drained. I don't understand why someone would hoard so many cats? I had to google it and google said it's a mental disorder. I'm glad you put that bit at the end about the cats finding forever homes, otherwise I think I would have lost the will to live. I've just gone and cuddled my cat a little bit closer tonight, my heart is broken after watching that

Duckling draws : I almost screamed when the white cat slammed into the mirror two times head first Edit: Woah okay 1,5k likes. jeeez that's much. and also. How the heck can you guys laugh? Get outta here that's horrbile and terrifying. :( (xD)

GMP Studios : Apparently 40+ is the other name of 39.

Sami Cooper : It breaks my heart to see these cats/kittens in this state 😭💔

sUmMeR tHe RaT : when the 3 cats looked at him through the crate my heart interanally aww’d

Plamena Georgieva : I cryed so much cause I have a cat and it’s horrible for me to see cats with wonds and stuff :’(