40+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Hoarding House

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Cole and Marmalade : 🐱Fur daily clips, vlogs, cat rescue work and more check out our second channel: https://www.youtube.com/catmanchrispoole

Britt Britt : This was NOT easy work and I can't thank the people who did this enough. What a wonderful job you all did.

ILoveMorgan And many more : This is how it works: 1 minute of stress for a lifetime of happiness

Luna Lovegood : Why does this remind me of teachers trying to control a rowdy class Lady: Ok everyone calm down Cat: *throws itself at the mirror*



Chris & Eve : Just donated, can't believe that it was their home, poor babies so glad you rescued them x

Nyani Hime : People fail to realize that all this very care costs millions more when you let your animals get to this point. I adopted a kitty from petsmart, and she was 8lbs overweight, ear mites, ear wax build up, so many problems and even just those were expensive and nearly break me. If you just take care of your kitties, its not that expensive especially if you have just one or two. Why do they put kitties through this? They dont deserve this. :(

josh : I was hugging my cat while watching this

Matilda Xo : Is there/will there be a video of what happened to the cats after the rescue. I really hope they have found new homes and would love to see how they would change after this. <3

Dani Lynn : My kittens are from the hoarding house there names are now rick and Morty but sadly morty had died😭

Cameron Hagon : These people did good!!! I hated seeing the cat hit the mirror over and over.

XXX RNITCS : Its like a police drug raid

Rainmist : This is the type of content I want on my feed

SnowAndIce1235 : 3:25 broke my heart. I hope all the cats get comfy and warm forever homes.

Griss Bab : What scares me if the fact that a few cats could be hiding very well in that house. Now they’re just left there. Most of their family gone.

Aisha Tarannum : I am so happy you saved the poor innocent cats!! Everyone should be like this!!😺😺

Brittany Songer : I had to skip over most of the footage because it was so hard to watch the cats😥🐱

zутχ : 3:26 me a minute before class ends

Tiffany L : My heart hurts for all these cats. Thank you to the people who rescued them!

Corinne Jones : it looks like a concentration camp

Our Florida Garden : You are all angels!

Draw Penguin : People who dont know much about cats: why did she grab that kitten by the neck? Me:since the mother cat does

Kendra Stewart : Poor cats! So glad you saved them! You honestly are my favourite type of people, giving their all to save innocent lives.

Morgan : Sadly, most of these cats won't actually find a new home. Maybe 2-3 but the rest will be put down. They are wild, completely unsocialized, and will never end up in a home as they are deamed unsafe for adoption. Hoarding is a lose-lose situation for these poor animals. It is almost better to just leave them on the streets to fend for themselves instead of being picked up by a "cat rescuer" (aka cat hoarder). If you ever feel like you want to help a feral cat, catch it and get it fixed and let it go where you caught it. Most humane societies will spay and neuter for a lot cheaper if they know its a stray.

Constant Art : When you said “Disturbing” I pictured dead cats and stuff and I got worried. Thankfully, from what I know, none died or were found dead in this video. Thanks for saving them 😞❤️❤️

BoiTurtle : To be honest this video made me cry watching the condition of these poor cats. Thank you for doing such a great thing! ☺️

Christopher Peña Andrade : I cried of happiness.

Layla Attiyah : You guys are amazing people and i am so thankful for all the people that helped save so many cats!! I have a cat myself and I am so happy that he has a very good home because I love him with all of heart and even if he scratches me, I am loved by him❤️❤️

Miss Starstruck : You all did a great job saving these cats... Can't imagine how they lived in there..

shadow wolf : Even though I absolutely hate cats (my opinion) I really feel bad for these ones nobody deserves it no matter if they are an animal or not,I hope the person that did this should live in the conditions the cats did being starved and neglecting to love them.

america : Does anybody know why the cats were all beat up? Did they fight each other when they were crammed?

Darling Darla DA WAE : Wow those kittens are lucky! Some cats get lost for a few days in that mess and they die without the owner knowing. Leaving a foul odor that the people find later.

Solange De Fatima Ribeito Collodel : Complimenti a tutti quanti...Medaglia di o'ro per tutti quanti...

Caster : 3:26 she yeeted herself twice in that mirror

Antonio Gonzales : I love seeing animals being rescued and cared for ❤️

Lu Lemon : this actually seems like it was once a very beautiful home

Fus3d_ Soul : i love people like this.

Lil Thotchy : 3:16 LMFAOOO

Awesomekittythousand : This makes me sad that people do that to poor animals, I also have a cat who was rescued from a hoarding situation and she was half blind. It really does affect cats

Sam Holststein : The smell in that house must've been something else lol. Great work!

No Thanks : No cat needs to live like this I’m a house! They were scared and sick! I’m so happy u saved them, thats really sweet!

# # : 10:20 지쟈스....

Madiisme Hehe : I’m so happy u guys rescued those poor kitties. U guys r amazing 💘💘

Bad Cactus : 1:43 What a snitch.

séverine godmé : vraiment triste pr tous ses minoux j’espère qu'il trouveront des bonnes familles :'(

Rebecca Strong : poor babies 😥 i hope they know they’re loved ♥️

Syrus : This is so sweet and I feel so bad for the kitties and I hope they are happy and living a good life 🙂

mya : 3:29 omg

Heather stubbs : Thank you so much for rescuing these precious cats & kittens! It surely is noisy work, but it's necessary. You've really got to keep all fours busy and develop cat-like reflexes yourselves, don't you? I was amazed at how calm these two sisters were, too. They made everyone's job a little easier, because they kept keeping everybody cool the whole time. I'm so glad you all worked so well as a team and saved these cats. Even though I can't see, it sounds like you got them all, and not one cat was left behind. Keep up all the great work! You guys surely were brave, but those cats and kittens were saved from a horrible end, all thanks to you all for working together! Way to go! Heather