40+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Hoarding House

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Cole and Marmalade : 🐱Fur daily clips, vlogs, cat rescue work and more check out our second channel: https://www.youtube.com/catmanchrispoole

Britt Britt : This was NOT easy work and I can't thank the people who did this enough. What a wonderful job you all did.

Kermit at Walmart : horrible! You could see fleas crawling all over their faces! They need a better life

MOOSE :I : 1:44 Fucking snitch

Sam Holststein : The smell in that house must've been something else lol. Great work!

Vanessa Barter : One of the cats my parents adopted was from a hoarding place. We had him for at least 3 or 4 years before we had to put him down at the age of 9 years old. He had a deadly illness. But in his last years he new love.

ILoveMorgan And many more : This is how it works: 1 minute of stress for a lifetime of happiness

Caster : 3:26 she yeeted herself twice into that mirror

George Mulcrone : What monster would hoard and keep all these cats in this environment?!

Sunfish : People should not be laughing at the fact of that cat throwing itself into a mirror, it shattered my heart !! i have a few cats of my own, i love all of them unconditionally and it breaks my heart to see these cats hurt themselves.

Lucas Jones11 : My neighbour is a hoarder and has a cat I went in there house today cuz my neighbour wanted me to come for my rabbit cuz it was in the garden so I had to walk through her horrible smelling disgusting house which sucked but whilst I was walking through I saw there cat. It was skinny scared shaking, it was horrible. Oh and just to let you know she works in the hospital as a nurse! I want my mum to call social services on her and tell them the state of her house and about her cat and that she works in the hospital.

Cameron Hagon : These people did good!!! I hated seeing the cat hit the mirror over and over.

Socks Are Nice : I casually got really unsettled when they showed the pictures of the house after they got the cats out. Poor kitties :( no animal deserves to live somewhere that horrible.

Lexy B : Ok I know this is serious but: This just made me laugh! All I thought of was "The One Thing" "'SCATTER!' And we all ran off in different directions!"

Awesomekittythousand : This makes me sad that people do that to poor animals, I also have a cat who was rescued from a hoarding situation and she was half blind. It really does affect cats

Emo._.nug : Ok, 4 every one who is saying *OH GREAT NOW NO ONES GOING TO ADOPT THEM,AND THEN THEY WILL HE PUT DOWN* Ok letme tell you they said a *NO KILL SHELTER*

Yes Indeed : I could practically smell the cat pee from here Edit: nvm my cat just used his litter box

Don't Ask : When it says hoarding house does that mean someone lived there with all the cats? Or does it just mean that’s where a bunch of stray cats went?

Snowie : I'm telling you .. every single person involved in the rescue .. every single one .. free pass to heaven! :)

Daniel Crisostomo : Not a cat person,but this hits me hard. And i should own one.

Lil purple Moon Floof : I used to feed a kitten every day that had torn up eyes and was the same condition as these cats. When winter was over he never came back.. we were going to catch him and bring him to the vet

j.r.d.l : 1:43 Jumping cat: don't grab me take him Window cat: god damn it Mike if I live ima beat ya ass

Jessica Bird : I wish I could do this kind of job, I would in a heartbeat but I can’t stand seeing animals in this condition. On my way back from my horses barn I spotted an old and emaciated cat on the side of the road and took him to the spca. If I ever need to I will always help them in a heartbeat but going out of my way to help these cats like these people takes a strong heart, which I don’t posses I’d cry on spot! Kudos to people like this!

JamJam Tutorials : poor babies... I dunno how you guys don't cry while doing stuff like this.

Cats InHats : I know i shoildnt laugh at some of these but when the cats were all bundled up they looked like penguins

Kk Yaaas : Your making my blood pressure go up calm down 😂

Aisha Tarannum : I am so happy you saved the poor innocent cats!! Everyone should be like this!!😺😺

choi minho : May i ask what is that green thing that they put/press on them when they first catch them??

Michaela : This was really bad. God bless you for the work you have done for all those poor animals.

Rifle Twist : Hoarders = selfish people.

Phoebe Chen : Hey guys can I trick you? Read more

Chris & Eve : Just donated, can't believe that it was their home, poor babies so glad you rescued them x

dakota griggs : 3:25 that killed me for about 20 minutes 😂

Eric x : They were scared because they’ve never seen clean humans.

Assumi Assumi : Thank you for saving them,at least there's still some good people in the world

Ava Blomenberg : I just wanna know why people feel the need to hoard cats/kittens

Peachinne : it was funny when one of the sisters tried getting the cat under the mattress, and like 4 more cats ran out "OH S-"

CookieDoh Games : a while back we heard meowing in our yard it was coming from the neighbors lawnmower. inside was a small grey kitten she was a runt. one of her eyes were closed. we took her to the vet several times and when we found her an owner she died. she was thrown out because she was a runt.

The Fluffy Theorist : Im so happy, these cats were not living, they were just merely surviving

Bunny Biedenharn : Was the house cleaned, beforehand? If not, it doesn't seem the Occupant hoarded STUFF. The possessions say she was a lovely person from an Upper Middle Class family, who slowly slid into poverty, old age, and loneliness. The fact that she was living in a rental, tells me she'd been displaced from a home her family had owned - a family who hadn't been able to buy any furniture since the 1940s or earlier. The cat situation simply can HAPPEN. A contractor who did trash-outs in our Seattle office buildings, went bankrupt, and moved to the country. ONE cat showed up at his door. He fed her. Within weeks, she'd popped-out a litter of kittens. He fell into ill-health, while the kittens had their own kittens. Even though he and his 'carers' spayed/neutered as many cats as they could catch and PAY FOR having neutered, and even though Coyotes jumped the fence, to occasionally pick-of a cat or two while they were outside, the population grew. By the time he died (and surely, living in pet-generated filth accelerated his decline), the cats were EVERYWHERE: in the cupboards, under furniture, knocking the laptop we gave him off the table... So really, his only 'fault' in the matter, was that he was a kind and caring person, rather than a callous individual who'd banish the cats and leave them to their own devices - outside and unfed.

Bad Cactus : 1:43 What a snitch.

Lu Lemon : this actually seems like it was once a very beautiful home

CruiserDude16 : Being a person who's cat walked into my door being my smaller than my palm in the winter, watching this hits me hard.

Sayeed Valli : Shame I can do just one like

ᗩᔕᔕIᔕᔕIᑎ ᑕᕼEETᗩᕼ : wow thx

Elex 13 : Look at all dose chick3ns

JBC’s Memes : I’m so glad the cats have a new home

Hanna The kitty lover : OML the white cat tried killing it's self 😞😞😞

Taralicious : 11:39 *DERPY CAT*

Natalie Arellano : God bless these people who helped them