My very first somewhat useless invention.
This Classic from 8 years ago show the genius of Russian technology

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It's too bad that Billy Mays isn't around to pitch it for me. Facebook Group: Instagram: @rvdxpress Twitter: @roscoevandamme


That Marvel Geek : *[Lyrics]* Now this might be look just like rubber glove On a plastic bottle but, I show you is much more because when you give *squeeze* You get middle finger that say fahck yuuu

Avery BigMess : *Top 10 Weapons Powerful Enough to Defeat Thanos*

Sea Noot : U get middle finger that say “faak u”

Kree ! : if you dont like video you get middle finger that say: FAAAKKK YOU

nat : lmao 9 years later and this guy is still hearting comments

100 Subs Without Video Challenge : YOUTUBE 2011: No 2012: Nah 2013: Nope 2014: No 2015:Mhh 2016:Meh 2017: Let me think 2018: I'm busy with Shitwind 2019: IT'S TIME

nina : ty YouTube algorithm for giving me the opportunity to see this marvelous new and very useful invention

Ass Hole : He sounds like Niko Bellic from gta4 lmao

Queen Mini : F A C K Y O U

zookerton 9 : I like how he’s still hearting comments 9 years later

TheLonelyAstronaut : He's the Inventor we deserve, but not the one we need right now.

TippedCinema : I’m over here thinking this is some kind of amazing water filter and then....... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dr. DeadPool : Where’s my “randomly got this recommended” squad at?

Micah : I made about 25 of these, reserving them for the last day of high school so our whole class can flip off our awful teacher at the end of last period then leave

Weegeepie : FAK U

Bsam Navas : _YOUTUBE_ RECOMMENDATION BE LIKE.... 2010: Not now 2011: Too early 2012: Nah 2013: No 2014: I'm lazy 2015: Nope 2016: Hmm 2017: ok 2018: UMM 2019: *PERFECT*

Abused Table : 9 years? *Its been 9 years since this was uploaded* 2019 and im still watching.

Pingo Mode : Not only i got bullied in school but also in youtube :")

Joel Robert Justiawan : This is your daily dose of Recommendation (2) One of Our glorious invention ever


Marmu Gaming : We shouldn’t be asking why this was recommended, we should be asking why WASNT it

Limmp4N : *No-One* : *YouTube* : FAKKK YOUUU

Ninjah : "FAAK YYYUUUU" Holy shit, his accent makes it perfect lmao

Some Wanka : I just love the way he says "FAHK YOUUU" xD

Linus Overy-Smith : I think YouTube recommendations are trying to tell me something

Minecraft123 Minecraft123 : It's funny I found this video years ago and I just wanted to check it out again and I see all these recent comments like wtf lol

Josh _cornbread : This dude sounds like he wants to call me to go bowling.

Animationman2006 : This became a huge meme thank God this video found me

Noah The Texan : Russian cold war weapon used to spread communist propaganda (circa 1965)

Charlierashi : The Russian accent makes the video all the better.

Madder : What is Borat doing on YouTube?

MR CREEPY GUY : i thought it was Some kinda fapping device

braden Bien : I have one thing to say... *0:11*

collin brewer : Best invention This man needs an award

NetherFreak YT : *In soviet russia you don't show the middle finger,the middle finger shows you*

DekuCake : Thank you recommendeds, this will go great with my important playlist

Raven : Это прекрасно I love this so much omg

Mike H : Light bulb, automobile, penicillin... PLASTIC GLOVE ON SODA BOTTLE

Star dust : This guy I sick!!!! a good way you FREAK

poptart : This is enough to make another Industrial Revolution

Azuzu 98 : The peak of human's invention.

Clorox Bleach : Checkmate entire US military.

RollyCoasters 23 : Cool video. Can we go bowling later? If not then maybe another time.

potato bug : "Id gibs uw middyl fínger like FAKQ QUwuu"

AmyAnimation : *The Russian accent makes it even better*

Omarys Nieves : Been watching this vid when it first released, still watching it now.

LegendaryGamer : When you squeeze you get a Middle Finger Wow that's insane .😂

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : This type of videos appears out of nowhere

StevenUnifan 620 : You should trademark this and sell it! Lol...