My very first somewhat useless invention.

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Kakashi Hatake : Legend has it Roscoe will never pin this comment almost 9 years after the video was released

Weegeepie : FAK U

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : You should’ve won a Nobel prize for this masterpiece.

Smegma Lasagna : Can’t get an errection? Here’s your problem fixer


Jake Jacoby : *Well, it's still a lot more useful than anything I've ever invented...*

poptart : This is enough to make another Industrial Revolution

Eggquinox : this guy still hearting and replying to comments on a video made almost 9 years ago... thats dedication.

Username900122 Ass : Top 10 deadliest Soviet super weapons

Szymon Śmiałkowski : This is the result of millions of years of evolution... Magnificent...

miia moos : his (beautiful) accent makes this much better

Somali pirate who's actually somali : *useful

ESDESESESERDO : Useless? Mr. You should copyright this before is to late

Rubii Red Berii : *In Soviet Russia the middle finger flips you*

[sNAp] Brink : Average IQ = 100 Rick and morty fan = 200 IQ The creator of this 1,000,000 IQ

Justin Y. : *My very first extremely useful invention

Tow Wong : *Top 10 Most Destructive Super-Weapons*

Othmane Boukbir : Please give me *squeeze*

Nynch Liggers : Truly the peak of human engineering

Christopher Taylor : Russian accent 100% op

Uncanny Boomerang : People in 2010:The Internet is trustworthy and has great memes. maybe in 2018 it will be even greater!!! People in 2018:The Dark Truth Behind Fak U Meme!!!(100% Not Clickbait) (18+) (The Truth Will Shock You)

de xtreemebrUH! : Sounds like gru

Timmy : Where tf were you when I had a science project in the 6th grade?

BG Mike : Soviet engineering at its finest

Xenova : Humanity has peaked.

Leo The Lion123 : Where can I buy this amazing contraption?

wwr Bouncy : Top 10 inventions soon to be released to the public

Captain Qwaz Caz : Humans aren't devolving.

waddoe : how much are you willing to value this innovative invention?

Justin Y. : I think I just witnessed history in the making.

papermario bee : Ok i put this on a movie theater that was empty from permission

GOGSMILKs ‹ : True slav invention.

Chubbybunnyxzavier Plays Roblox : *sees the way the middle finger comes up* AGE RESTRICTED

ten10868 : How's it feel to get famous 8 years after posting?

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : One step closer to the future.

lilshogun : 0:09 "yew get big ol finger" i prefer him saying :))


Green David : Every day we stray furthen than god

SuperTrooper : i cant believe weve been living with out such a good invention i mean this is revolutionary

The Name of a Broken Man : Now this *might be* *look just like* rubber glove

Kerigan Creighton : Gru is making some impressive inventions

Oleg Mossiaguine : Give this man a nobel prize

SsTpxsS - Save The World : when u give squeeze u get middle finger that says -F A K U-

Who Knows? : Observing the items and surrounding of the video, it seems to be a boring work day that drove the creation of the masterpiece

Ron Jet : Beware man, international agencies will hunt you down for this technology.

Pajama Pants : This is amazing, where can I fund your other projects?

Phant0m : The peak of human evolution.

CeaseFire : I show to western spy before execution. I tell him "idi nahui debil piece of pizdec go back to America!"

INTENSE GUY : I hope you give me heart mister [insert Netherland citizen name]

kace : This. Is. Genius.