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ZeffiesMC : I knew having notifications on for this channel would amount to something.

Trevor Jackson : Wow, 8 years and it was worth it. I regret nothing.

LoudestHoward : This has proved to be my best subscription.

LFP Gaming : Ron Livingston's wikipedia page is full of false information... it says he is married to a human female and that he is 51 years old, but the oldest cat ever was 38 years old... so either Ron Livingston isn't really a cat, or wikipedia is lying to us! Mhh...

Gunhaver : Ron Livingston has mastered youtube. His keyboard cat video is perfect, and what do you do with a youtube channel that has a single perfect video on it for years? Get people to vote :)

Gordon Chin : We are book worms tunnelling through the pages of history.

Zaqster : I think I've been subbed here for over five years, totally worth it =D

JoboSkull : I am glad to be alive at this time

61 North : What a great day to be alive. Most anticipated sequel of this millennium.

Cereal Killer : Wow, Captain Vat 69 in the flesh.

Tritech : If you look closely at the pixels you can see it might not be a real cat.

Don't want to use your Google+ Name? Ok, we'll ask you again later : Youtube suggests nazi stuff to me all the time but didn’t suggest this? You need to work on your algorithm, guys.

Justin Raap : Yeah... If you could just go ahead and make sure you vote from now on, that will be grrreat. And uh, I'll make sure you get another copy of that memo, mmm, okay?

Niklas L. : this is the content I subscribed for

Moriarty Vivaldi : I don't need some celebrity telling me to vote.

monkeyfunforidiots : Is that the same costume, or did you have to make a new one?

Star Foxxy : in it for the long run

Cristiano McRonaldinho : Been subbed for years, I knew this day would come

com3t : Yeah... I'm going to need you to vote on Sunday... yeah... Thanks Peter.

Ron Swanson : You're Pawesome

Andoril1 : The difficult second video... smashed it Ron

Ani Vasion : I LOVE that the keyboard cat's props were still around for this.

sean mclarnon : He's aged as much as he's posted in the past eight years.

foist : Does Ron Livingston even age?

Boss Galka : Sorry to bother you, have you seen my stapler?

Captain Con Queso : See you in eight years, boss.


kwz3 : He still has the cat outfit. wow.

Kathrina Onate : 8 Years Later...

James Baunach : The Comeback!

Matthew J : I vote for you to do the Bongo Cat meme :D

Harold BeaumontFinns : Ron show bobs

noisyturtle : Most people don't realize they have to CG a human body onto him for every movie.

MasterOfKarateandFriendship ! : Voter Status: Active Your voter registration is current and a ballot will be issued for the next election.

Garnet Nard : It only took 8 years to make an NPC video. Impressive I guess. #resist #bluewave #betofortexas #imwithher

Deus 03 : God damn can't wait for that red wave to wash this land, it's been long overdue

footytang : Hello Peter what's happening.I'm gonna need you to go ahead and stop uploading unfunny videos every 7 years and stick to cat memes, that's be great.

slightly : Good to hear from you Ron ☺️ the wait was worth seeing you in that getup again

Steven Jeffries : I'm so glad I subscribed to this channel. The 8 year wait was totally worth it.

Beautifur Panda : Time to hibernate for another 8 years

Bunnerkins : If you are Canadian, go to

njuta : Thank you, beautiful patriotic catman.

toge64 : bloody hell 8 years!

Archi : shill

Dexter Wagmeister : Tell me who I should vote for, Ron! I cannot decide by myself

- - : legend

FlyingKiwi : ok but im not american though

Wnir : It’s history in the making, folks. Go out there and vote!

FierceDeityXeroX : Oddly enough I just found his other video after watching the original keyboard cat. And I was like, is that really Ron Livingston? So I checked the channel. 3 days ago this was uploaded! What are the odds? Must've had a case of the Mondays.

IstasPumaNevada : I like being signed up for mail-in ballots. (a) They get sent to me so I can't forget, (b) I can mail them in so it's not a problem if I'm busy or working on election day, and (c) physical ballot evidence, instead of much more easily-manipulated electronic.