How I spent my day with a $250 escort

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Nekomata 猫股 : She ain't THICC she's just Big BONED

AntonioKowatsch : LOL, what man would pay 250$ for that? LMAO For that money you can get model type hookers.

Austin : "what are you gonna do?!" "Ima give you a FUCKIN massage!"

Dasani Drinking Water : I just gained so much respect for you.

my name : and this is why he aint on twitch... BUT ROFL

TheItalianoAssassino : Imagine his mom seeing this. 😂

maxmoefoePokemon : This is absolutely fucking wild

Some Guy : Escorts out here working $150/hr meanwhile I'm struggling to get $10/hr

Mas A : I'm sorry but when she first walked in i was like *facepalm*

Shane speight : Is it weird I got a Boner after watching this.

Uzii : Imagine just tuning into the stream at 12:34 lmaoooo

KJ Reacts : Rather get me a E-scort

Yvung.Kvvng : Would of been funny asf if someone swatted him while that was happening 😂

BMass TV™ : This is legendary shit.

PornHubChairman : He enjoyed this a little too much

vAustin x2 : What if she robbed him while he was tied up lmfaoo EDIT: Subscribe to my youtube channel y'all

acee outlaw : Lol he literally picked the ugliest one wtf was he thinking lol

Taking Notes : nigga said wear a beard lmfaooo

LUCKY LØNDAL : This was the funniest moment of my life! saw it live :'D

HashBerry Vaya Morao : HAHA thats a $2.50 hoe bro, fucking ice, he's legendary XD

Machete Panda : Big black girl tying me up and yelling insults at me laying down through a megaphone.... I'm getting flashbacks of my high school life. I'm going to go cry now.

FartGaming : ''Is this Mark Henry?'' in the chat AHAHAH

Chesco : How I spent my day with a $250 PIG

Yng Kilo : She isnt a 250 escort she is a 100$ and you paid her 250 to scream at you and slap your feet

mrvn : White people smh

Max Rolls : As a Ice fan in EU that watches the whole stream everyday I can say, I definitly deserved this after staying the whole stream watching Crash Bandicoot not hating in the chat. THAT was AWESOME! <3

Wonders Cx : I seen this Tranny live.. I regret it. Sike, this shit was funny as hell! Cx

Macaulay Culkin : Lotion through the shirt?

Ruiner Wankler : Damn she not Thicc she FATT Cx

Masterfiend : can anyone actually watch the whole thing without pausing holy fuck my eyes wont let me

Enza Denino : This could have been the most funny thing I have ever watched on YouTube lol

Dip : I think my life just peaked

bodman 12345 : What if she left ice tied and stole his shit 😂

Project X : So fucking scripted

Ice Poseidon : I livestream on youtube daily

Cornflack : 10/10 would fap to this again

RontteriXツ : Wtf

ReddCinema : This stream was fucking hilarious, i started watching half way through and had no idea what was happening lmao

Script Jotty - Quit 2015 : Might be a dumb question, but why is twitch chat there if he is banned?

iWearCapeIRL : To cringey for me. See you next video!

Squad : never order an escort again

OrganicKush : oh my fucking god im crying i love you ice lmfaooo

Fuzzy : We saw her face on stream

Cheiften : 1:56 is that shit stains on the bed?

Butcher : this almost gave me a boner lol

thelifeofafail : i am 6 minutes and 42 seconds into the video and i've had to pause to cringe at LEAST 13 times since shes walked in

JPthefuzz : E-scort

Drivel Mussaw : LMFAOOOOO, litterally laughing out loud this whole time omfgggg

The Real Orgaya : Content

Davep Goo : He leaked his address (callers called the hookers and got his phone and very likely address aswell). They'll get evicted, but was good content homies.