Gulper Eel Balloons Its Massive Jaws | Nautilus Live

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RelaxWithReena : WOWWWW.. lil shapeshifter! :) I'm regretting never pursuing marine biology for my degree lol... but thankful you guys post these awesome clips!

Johnny Killjoy : "is it engorged or is it.... like that" quote of the century

Nope : "This isn't even my final form!!!"

[NR] : :\__________________________/

noisyturtle : That is clearly a deep sea otamatone.

Quinn Gilliland : I think this might be the first gulper eel video footage I’ve ever seen. Awesome!!!

Crow [x] : god i love these ppl bc its a reminder that scientists are really just normal people who know cool stuff

Cadmus Rhodium : This is probably the best footage that exists of this creature and will contribute so much to science. Thank you. I hate it.

Max Eberlein : I first heard about these things when I was six and always wanted to see a video of one. This might be the first good video of them ever.

Knight Blackni : It's mind blowing how alien these creatures appear to us despite living on Earth longer than we have.

evilferris : “ Touch it.“ 😂

Andy F. : I actually thought it had a meal in it's mouth before it opened it's jaws.

BBC News - Русская служба : Hello! May I kindly ask for permission to use this footage in a video for BBC News? We would like to post it on our web site, social media pages and on other BBC platforms. Be sure we will put your credit on the footage.

LordofFungi : The way it wiggles at the end to fold the skin in properly. Dope.

Tina Lin : I remember watching this live and thinking, "What the heck is that weird balloon thingy?" and then laughing my butt off when the eel opened its mouth lol

Fhenix6 : That was so rad! Especially after he opened his mouth & became so tiny. Plus it's always hilarious to hear the scientists read the little guy before figuring out what it is haha!

R Kraus : Soooo enjoyable to watch...and to hear the scientists’ awe!

Life Hacks & Cool Products : Truly the best part of this video were the scientists (?) in the background.

IDrewD : I love the gasping that ensues after it opens its mouth.

PangoPixel : it looks like a music note when it's ballooned up lol

Genesis Kravitz : These people are literally living my childhood dream. I wanted to be a marine biologist. I’ve instead chosen nursing but my love still lives with sea life.

Eric Duong : it looks like a toad tadpole when its ballooning

Mauro Tamm : So a school of gulper eels is called a song?

Haruka Takahashi : This is like SUPER RARE FOOTAGE

Gryf Ketcherside : And this is why I've subscribed to your channel. Videos like this one keep me coming back! Amazing.

crowing : When someone says "you have a big mouth," you show them this!

Izaya Orihara : I've always been a great fan of Gulper Eels since I was a kid, really amazing to get some good footage of one! (And then have it look so incredibly grumpy, beautiful)

John Walters : A live Eurypharynx! Now I can die happy!

Squid? : eurypharynx pelecanoides, recorded alive!!! this has made my day

uriel galindo orozco : Ok somebody bring out the pokéballs we're gonna catch him

GeneralGeorge : Alright, aliens are real and they live in the ocean. As an aside, buetiful specimen, never seen anything like this.

Tyler Beattie : Is it possible it was sleeping? Gorges itself to kind of float around and appear bigger? Also, as a defense mechanism, I wonder how appearing bigger would actually work when their’s little to no light. So cool!

hwasang : seeing this move was surreal, it definitely looked like a muppet

TheBravo13x : WOW, that was amazing. I’ve heard of these eels but never seen video of them. I am mind blown right now, imagine what else is out there...

Stellar Onion : Gulper Eels are my favorite animal, I did a report on eels in elementary school and I saw this thing and loved it, cannot believe such clear footage of it was taken! Absolutely brilliant.

who uploads rips at 3 in the morning? : Absolute unit

Squid SQuiddly : I love the commentary on this

Justice Vasey : A gulper eel? Please. That was a living otamatone.

TheGreenRocket : This is now my favorite animal video and all time favorite human narration of any animal ever

Mrrp : Hell yeah that’s awesome

Jacinda Ramsey : That is amazing. Thank you so much!

Computer Bildschirm : 1:13 thats what she said

Gabe9408 : Top 10 things to watch high. It's so amazing and weird how different animals evolved over millions of years and that exists.

Ryaquaza 1 : It’s kinda small but amazing never the less Gorgeous eel species

Elane Thomas : you gotta' love this guy!

draughts d : Amazing video!

gh hg : I remember thinking I'd been spiked with shrooms while watching this Live. Epic Shot Crew!!!!

Decanta : Incredible footage! It really adds a dynamic perspective to what we’ve seen of gulper eels.

sailcat662 : Good thing I am high AF!

Born Again Farm Girl : Wow !