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JonnyInfinite : This is the greatest TV show ever made

Braselton94 : That is kinda cruel to do that to the elephant. (NO I AM NOT PETA)

Mike B : Future historians will talk of how for entertainment, people in the early 21st century used to tie midgets and elephants to jet planes and make them race each other.

Kyle Plante : This is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen

Dayton Does Gaming : LOL! The midgets came on a schoolbus!!

Frida Westerbergh : Just deeply unethical

mynameischarles : classic fox

Matthew Bowen : thank you so much for putting this online you have done humanity a great service

Mitch Cuellar : hahahaha, i forgot about this. this is great

Greatest Ever : If it was an African elephant it would win easily

David Murga : Amazing

Jrey Muddafuka : why have i not heard of this show before!

Matthew Keiser : Awesome

Nav Singh : wtf

Legendary Omegalex : Wtf

Maan Singh : Emma Watson at 6:07

The Invisible Mare : I would have thought they would have used Olympic athletes as opponents.

Peter Dinh : superjombombo2

Donnie Hicks : broh thisz is prety MEDAL

Zane Cosgrove : Who comes up with a show like this? Haha

Jackle6724 : Running midget

Tom Cullen : All these guys together at one time and they didn't remake willow what the hell it has to be done before Kilmer dies

mark murga : Cool midgets!!

Helen murga : Amazing midgets!!

Finn Trickey : Good mythical morning

Helen murga : Really fun. Midgets.

Friendsand Fun : Good mythical morning

Jackle6724 : awesome midgets!!

Helen murga : Really cool midgets.

A :

james fairley : GMM

mike murga : Cool Midget!!!

NuttySquirrel : Poor elephant

JayDee SV : 6:09 that little women in the red is really going balls out.......

K-Derninho : naveguei ate a deep web para achar sa porra obg matheus canella

Sp00ko : 3:36 failed high five

TonyRex Randomness : Why couldn't they have regular people. They would have had a better answer

al* hamilton : i ended up here watching this hilarious laffer as patrice , opie and antman where talking bout risky business videos like this on their show my gut tells me that if the slackers in the pack (at least a half dozen at the finish line) would have pulled all the way from start they would have beaten the elephant ... sh** i think that they could have cut 10 from their group... and still done as well (or better?) with 35 committed little peeps lmao ... as it stands , it still comes a distant second the the 4 lil bros. racing a camel that stuff has me giggling everytime i even think about it

SoGladUCame : WTF is this.

itsjemmabond : Is this real?

Денис Неудачников : Кто тут полсе видоса интернет против тв?

op3l : Something tells me this type of TV show wouldn't be allowed today.