Best Excuse Ever | Anwar Jibawi & Ric Flair

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Anwar Jibawi : WOOOOOOOO!

LaToya's Life : Anwar puts mad work to make these videos! So dope! Wonder if he'll do vine again since they're planning to launch it again!

Davols : Anwar is seriously funny. Lovin' him a lot, actually he is my favorite

Royal Rumble King : WOOOOOOOOH! I love Rick flair


Sammy Sullivan : RIC FLAIR! Holy Crap!

LionelMagical : "A referee rolled out nowhere"😂🙄👏👏2:22 funny 😄

ZINC ALL STAR : stone cold stunner

10.000 Subs sin Videos : And I was like WOOOOO

Michele Balkaran : Best. Excuse. Ever. 😂😂😂😂

MILLIONAIRE millionaire : This actually ma favorite channel on YouTube I like this guy he’s hilarious 😂 woooooooooooo!


NorthernWolf : Teacher - Wheres Your Homework! Student - My Dog Ate It

jaminsky charles : The way the kidnapper picked him up

kk aa : I was like He was like😂😂😂

Twiggier Lake : "Ric, I'm your biggest fan!" *peace out buddy* xD EDIT: Thanks for liking everyone, if only my videos got so many likes😅

TheCyborgGamer TheGamerBoi : A referee rolled out of nowhere

Ayubee beats : It sound like he is lying when he started talking while he is thinking

mars the live : Hahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhahahhhahhahhahahhahahahahhahhahahhhhahhahahahhaaaa


Sammy Sullivan : WOOOOOOOOOO

Gravity Makes Me Invincible : He was like WOOOO!!!!! and I was like WOOOOO!!!!

Millicent Maroga : Stunner

djimmy Ozd : Woooooooooo😂

Lizbeth Olvera : Wooooo!! Edit: I love Ric Flair one of the best Heavyweight champions of all time. Wooooooo!! To bad Shwan Michaels retired him at Wrestelmania

M Afaq : My dog ate my homework


Myusernameisthis : Anwar:WOOOOOO Rick:WOOOOOOO! He is the man

Roshelys Calderon : Wooooooooooooo!

Naziha Taher : ANWAR IS THE BEST...❤❤❤ LIKE = AGREE...💕

Vibhooti Nageshwar : Wooooooooo

Byanca Martinez : When the guy picked him up Anwar was still smiling 🤩🤣

kristina peminova_/ : So funny I love this!!! 😂😂

Dop3 Wh3zard BeatzTM : I was like wooo

Z_ Jack : 👌🏽😂💯

Tsubasa Saru : wooooo!!

Xing_Crpa : woo!! I just love ur vines..... pls make another video about another best excuse video

Savage Bros : Peace out buddy. 😂😂😂😂😂

theunicorniestcat The Unicorn Fan : Lol I knew that was coming 😂

Iwan Jones : This made my day 😂😂🔥

Anwar Abdi : the other guy thought he was so strong but anwar won anwar so funny

Prakash Bhosale : Woooooooo

Abdul Wahaab Khalil : Hahaha ric flair

Dominhik Brown : the nature boy yes yes yes

Sk. Shartho : Wooooh

Venom YT : Ric Flair drip

Harry Thach : WWE Bro Nice

Comedy skit : When you are a speechless.

Michell Rivas : Did charlotte say that she needed you like what happen in wwe 2017 that she yelled at you 😢😢😢

Monica Batista : Omg rig flare woooooooooooooo!