Take on me - A-ha feat Kendrick Lamar

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Backstreet Freestyle x Take on me SOURCE: https://twitter.com/noah_charlick/status/1052010534860664833 SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/n04hmusic/a-hakendrick-lamar-take-on-backseat-mashup Original creator's youtube vid (HD): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=24l8n2hZkoM And His social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/noah_charlick Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/noah_charlick/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1eoyoLVnYAS3KZT8RA-A7Q Shout out Noah Charlick


Spencer Paukstis : Imagine sittin at home and thinking yo these 2 songs would sound good together lmao

Gabriel Peixoto : Kendrick Lamar - m.A.h.A city

Jannik Horn : This is it, chief.

Will Brown : BREAKING: Suicide rates drop to 0% after everyone is happy now after hearing this 😎

AbeXx56 : We did it. We finally made it...Humanity's peak. It's all down hill from here bois


Sebastian Bracamonte : I died when the two choruses matched

Lod Byai : The perfect song doesn't exi...

BoysOnFilm6 : This gonna blow up


Nicky Chan : this is why YouTube exists.

Mathew Saenz : This works. But you never stopped and thought "should you?" You only wondered if "you could?"

Anon : Chief called. This is it.

Michael Christie : I’ll never listen to Backseat Freestyle the same now

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Connor Jacobs : Please make this a proper song available for download 😭😭😭

Queef LMAO : Please do a full version x

Mr. X : The new official meme anthem

Crying Emoji : This gives me the biggest smile fr

ernst andreas Trondsen : Damn this giving me eargasms

Daniel Maharjan : *My scrotum imposing*

Neon Soup : You Reposted in the wrong Church's Chicken

Bullits : ok now this is epic subscrib 2 bullits

WoodzTheWall : This syncs up way too perfectly

brandon lovell : Who else came cause of daquan?

War Snack : There’s no going back now

Justin Skidmore : Why is 00:52 such a bop?

Patrick Winch : https://soundcloud.com/n04hmusic/a-hakendrick-lamar-take-on-backseat-mashup

Satoshi Isshiki : Here before it blows up

GeeMeister : Oh my lord! There is no going back now 🤣👌I grew up listening to this song now this generation made it even better Lmaooo

Jose Garcia : TikTok made me want this😂 is this in Apple Music??

Petya1239 : Omg this is too good

Ryan M. : Lamar’s song literally fits in with every song it’s mixed with Xe3 mixes too well, so does this and most of imagine dragons songs Oh and btw 500th comment

lilicetg : Omfg how could you do this. Now I can't stop listening. Fuuuuu

Vic 34 : Mind. Blown. Absolutely 🔥🔥

H : Got to come here now that the original video was taken down😪

Gray : This is true art.

Mailbox : With great power comes great responsibility This power was definitely used in the most responsible way possible

TheHuskyK9 : 1:05 I really like how well this sounds together

Legendary ATown : Idk why this mix fit so perfectly, 😂😂😂

EPIX4 : Thank You Youtube Recommendations, very cool

dunduhn69 : Why tf is there a breakdown in both songs at the same time 🤧🔥

T Gonzales : Haha, Kendrick would've kill'd it back in the day too!!

Balynsus : I do these kind of mashups all the time. This is genius!!

Wild Orchid : Biggie's Thomas Tank Engine IS SHHOOOOK 🔥

John Seen : Thank god YouTube decided to give me a notification for this video video instead of the videos of channels I'm subscribed to (this is both true and sarcastic)

Justin S. : Why tf are listening to you record this. I WANT AN ACTUAL UPLOAD

Manner Music Productions : This is amazing two of my favorite songs ever together

jazbby : youtube recommended .. you’re doing a great job sweetie.