Mom playing Christmas music with bells on her body new years 2017

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AmishEcstasy : That poor dog could only take so much of that happiness

DARTH_TATER : this mom should go on americas got talent they would love her

schmoyoho : please train me, i'll come to Ahch-To

Erica Heap : me on November 1st

Jackie W : This is the kind of mom I strive to be whenever I have kids 😂😂

Ashley K H : Who else came here from insta ? Lmao

Devin Allen : What are the songs she played?

Kelly Calder : Wheeeeere can I get these bells? You're awesome!

Cody : now do it without clothes on

Callum Ross : why isnt this viral, this is and will always be the best one

black hustle : why isnt this the trending vid

Madz Bugayong : I thought she was Kris Jenner

Tony Laundrie : Kudos to Kobi Shaw for inventing the bell jumpsuit:

Ted Blacker : We would love to know how you made your straps to hold those on you. You are amazing!!

Rik Roi : Much RESPECT FOR HER! Dope!

OOF : Slay mama

Courtney Jones : That dog's about to go off on everyone in that house, look at him.

Svava Kor : Can u buy a bell suit lol

schaefer450 : I think I found the secret to life.

Nick Shortridge : I need one

Lee Stoller : Cristy Lane Madison,TN. 37116    * For Free Gift *        Go to

Tony Laundrie :

jnetlife : The most unimpressed dog of 2017

Mad Nibbles : Susan Collins?

Phonkadelic777 : This is so cringey.

Crumphorn : Brilliant! But the dog is so over it.

boooya323 : BRILLIANT!!

Locane256 : How much alcohol was imbibed though

FuckingGolems : I would play on her body too...

Feltal : Impressive.


Murron Chivers : My idol

disarraygun : Lol!! :40 “oh for Christ’s sake I should have known better than to try and nap at 6:30 on a Wednesday...”

C J Titan : you go girl

soniel Lund : I wish my mom was cool like this

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Amanda Six : Kidsplay Deskbells

Joey Figo : This is what cannabis does to a person. Merry Xmas !

Hobet Valdez : What song she plays before we wish you a merry christmas?

Josh Huels : I love this so much!!! 🙌🏻

Liquidgrin : Yeah! You rock the bells Mom! (LL cool J reference)

Cg Walker : i want to get thos bell things XD what are they even?