Half in the Bag Episode 138: 2017 Movie Catch-up (part 1 of 2)

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Mr.47 : 25:50 Hey, I follow you guys, but you don't know I exist, that was a low blow

Andreas Nordvall : "It was cute, it was pretty smartly written and enjoyable and I actually liked Ben Stiller in it. It's not a movie i would recommend to anyone." -Mike Stoklasa

Bulwark1911 : *Best outro yet!*

ImperfectWeapons : Something I love about RLM is that I can strongly agree and strongly disagree with the same person more than once in the same video. Because they have actual opinions. It's great.

cso2040 : 48:10 "I think Mr. Plinkett needs to go through this movie" Yessss! oh, ohhh, ohhhh.... I think I just came inside my pantaloons.

Lee : I'm pretty sure X-Men 12 is the next movie, at least if you count Deadpool.

James Minglis : Ironic that a parasocial relationship is what most of us have with RLM

Dan Bollen : For some reason it blows my mind that Mike and Jay don't see every movie together.

Normonaut : can we get a 10 hour Jay laugh track?

deathtrips : i hope you touch on Good Time

Eric Smith : The conscious avoidance of anything John Wick-related is disturbing

Nick Shuler : the real Aubrey Plaza story is that she met the casting director for Parks and Rec before the show even entered development, she was introduced to the creators, and they created a new character designed to be played by her. the scripts hadn't been written yet, so the character was just named Aubrey.

TatteredKing : You guys are my parasocial friends

outloudth : the good cinematography in "Split" is because M. Night got the cinematographer from "It Follows" That's why the shots weren't flat

24 Frames Of Nick : Thank you for talking about Raw

TheCandyHole : I know why RLM was disturbed by people who consider internet celebrities friends when they've never met, RIGHT MY ONLY TWO FRIENDS??? Plz respond Mike & Jay

Dangerz Own : I dunno why, but Mike looks much happier and healthier, or at least less hungover and/or depressed in this one, good for you Mike, ya fraudulent hack you!

BringYaLunch : Needs more Rich Evans

Neil Wilson : These guys usually get a like within 20 seconds from me. Not because I'm a fanboy, but because they will do something genuinely funny.

Indeimaus : please for the love of god give us a Mr Plinkett Wish Upon review movie dads

Noname Whatsoever : 'I think Mr Plinkett needs to go through this movie...' AW MY GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD. It's pizza rolls and homicide time again.

tylerdurden3891 : @35:15 "I like movies where people are trapped in a hopeless situation and have to figure a way out". Hey Mike, ever heard of a movie called "Real Life"? There's only one way out: Suicide.

john nunya : The modern age Siskel and Ebert! This is how I find great movies!!

Meat Trademark : Eraserhead!

Zachary S : She was perfect in Scott Pilgrim, too. But nah, she did movies and improv before Parks and Rec.

kate : i need a 14 hour video of jay reviewing and gushing over depressing/creepy/john waters-esque movies and mike blankly staring

DENK MEMS : The world... is changing...

ExtrackterYT : Mike's interest in the ape movies are the same I feel towards the Star Wars stuff... It's amazing how little one can care for something that was loved before.

Badger Bones : Still waiting on the Ferdinand review

Challin Wake : I am completely hyped to see James McAvoy growling and snarling trying to hurt an invincible Bruce Willis.

Mesie Lepush : Mike!!!, you do not want to watch Planet of the apes movies, but watch (and liked) F#ing Jurassic World?????? You hack!!!

Shoob MacGruber : It may be a tv series, but you guys should watch (and perhaps review) Black Mirror I think you’ll enjoy it

Ash Nazg : I saw Raw when it was screening at TIFF and after the movie there was a panel with the director. Julia Ducournau came out looking like a supermodel and spent half an hour laughing and swearing and telling production stories, she's fantastic.

Quitch : Aubrey Plaza is perfectly cast in Legion, a short superhero series on FX. She gets to do the crazy.

Kovu Lion : The Word... Is Changing..

큐베다이스키 : I watched split, and it was okay! Even though I only watched Sixth Sense in M.Night's entire film so I was quite confused with how is that a twist, I think it still holds up

MagnumTriumph : The Peter Jackson King Kong was really great! ...from my point of view from when I was 12 years old....

Kinnikuman : I do like how Kong in Skull Island is designed to look like the Japnese Kong form the '64 movie

Chip Izumi : What does Mike got against primate movies?

Snack Time : I bought Wish Upon immediately after watching this. It's comical how absolute dog shit this movie is. Everyone out there buy it immediately.

LeedleDuck : The scene in Wish Upon where the dad is playing the saxophone had me in actual tears

ian lee : James did so well in split, Oscar worthy tbh. Dunkirk and bladerunner were my fav by far this year

Critically Insane : I want to hear what Jay has to say about A Cure for Wellness

kris gg : It's "Braindead", not "Dead Alive" you fuks.

careyciuro : Dear RLM, Thank you so much posting these! I end up never having time to watch movies throughout the year so never keep up, but every year you give me a list to work through and I love em. Thank you as always!

Neitenth : Brad's Status almost made me cringe myself to death.

Austin Carney : Review black mirror!

Doom Daddy Main : But it's 2018 you hack frauds!

superbus starodub : "white privilege" no thanks

Lucas Kelly : Kong was horrible.