Half in the Bag Episode 138: 2017 Movie Catch-up (part 1 of 2)

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Matches Malone : All jokes aside, when is Max Landis coming to discuss Bright with you guys?

Andreas Nordvall : "It was cute, it was pretty smartly written and enjoyable and I actually liked Ben Stiller in it. It's not a movie i would recommend to anyone." -Mike Stoklasa

ImperfectWeapons : Something I love about RLM is that I can strongly agree and strongly disagree with the same person more than once in the same video. Because they have actual opinions. It's great.

Dan Bollen : For some reason it blows my mind that Mike and Jay don't see every movie together.

Marlon Gutierrez : the good cinematography in "Split" is because M. Night got the cinematographer from "It Follows" That's why the shots weren't flat

kate : i need a 14 hour video of jay reviewing and gushing over depressing/creepy/john waters-esque movies and mike blankly staring

TatteredKing : You guys are my parasocial friends

Lil-Broskie GG9 : The conscious avoidance of anything John Wick-related is disturbing

James Minglis : Ironic that a parasocial relationship is what most of us have with RLM

Benish Ben : You better review The Boss Baby, it's the best film of all time

cso2040 : 48:10 "I think Mr. Plinkett needs to go through this movie" Yessss! oh, ohhh, ohhhh.... I think I just came inside my pantaloons.

Dangerz Own : I dunno why, but Mike looks much happier and healthier, or at least less hungover and/or depressed in this one, good for you Mike, ya fraudulent hack you!

Elmgren76 : Is Rich Evans one of the dragons in Game of Thrones?

Tha Big Chungus : I am completely hyped to see James McAvoy growling and snarling trying to hurt an invincible Bruce Willis.

Mr.47 : 25:50 Hey, I follow you guys, but you don't know I exist, that was a low blow

Nick Shuler : the real Aubrey Plaza story is that she met the casting director for Parks and Rec before the show even entered development, she was introduced to the creators, and they created a new character designed to be played by her. the scripts hadn't been written yet, so the character was just named Aubrey.

clamstain : mugs instead of beer bottles? What is this, Half in the Tea Bag?

Sonnet : 23:46 Aubrey Plaza was perfectly cast in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, as well.

Neal X : Jay and Silent Mike Strike Back


LeedleDuck : The scene in Wish Upon where the dad is playing the saxophone had me in actual tears

Snack Time : I bought Wish Upon immediately after watching this. It's comical how absolute dog shit this movie is. Everyone out there buy it immediately.

Filth : The world... is changing...

Quitch : Aubrey Plaza is perfectly cast in Legion, a short superhero series on FX. She gets to do the crazy.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE : Oh boy! A reason to remove the noose from my neck!

Lee : I'm pretty sure X-Men 12 is the next movie, at least if you count Deadpool.

Bulwark1911 : *Best outro yet!*

john nunya : The modern age Siskel and Ebert! This is how I find great movies!!

Filth : This will suffice. The noose will be put aside for another day

Benjamin Kelln : Mike, War For the Planet of the Apes was so good... you’d watch Jurassic World, but not that?

tylerdurden3891 : @35:15 "I like movies where people are trapped in a hopeless situation and have to figure a way out". Hey Mike, ever heard of a movie called "Real Life"? There's only one way out: Suicide.

Normonaut : can we get a 10 hour Jay laugh track?

Barnacl3Boi : I can't believe there's an M. Night Shyamalan cinematic universe

BringYaLunch : Needs more Rich Evans

guar dian : 24:57 "She's very sardonic, and miserable. It's her face, too." Aubrey Plaza is Mike Stoklasa's soulmate

Kandarian : I saw Raw when it was screening at TIFF and after the movie there was a panel with the director. Julia Ducournau came out looking like a supermodel and spent half an hour laughing and swearing and telling production stories, she's fantastic.

Doctor Handsome : Okay, I haven't seen Wish Upon. How was Sherilyn Fenn getting her hair caught in the garbage disposal supposed to be life-threatening? The hair wasn't choking her. Her head wouldn't fit in that hole. The disposal would just pull her hair out of her scalp, which would hurt and make her look funny, but in no way be deadly. Am I missing something?

Kovu Lion : The Word... Is Changing..

Christopher Jones : Still waiting on the Ferdinand review

24 Frames Of Nick : Thank you for talking about Raw

101darkeyes101 : jay, we know you like fire walk with me.. any chance you're gonna' talk about twin peaks the return?

Chip Izumi : What does Mike got against primate movies?

Barry-Allen The-Flash : After the bit at 22, 23 minutes in, I kinda just want an extra-long Nerd Crew episode where they discuss how they would rewrite The Last Jedi now. Those 3 could crowd-screenwrite the SHIT out of that movie :P

Tyro Video : I’m mystified by the Star Wars VIII criticism of the criticism. It was like seeing Batman v Superman or Star Trek Into Darkness all over again

Drew Thompson : "My only dream is a world without movie theaters" -Mike Stoklasa

MagnumTriumph : The Peter Jackson King Kong was really great! ...from my point of view from when I was 12 years old....

Escapist26 : So last night right after watching HITB I watched WISH UPON and loved it! The acting, decision making and direction are so bizarre! The acting made us laugh at loud at parts. After the movie I noticed....the screenwriter follows me on twitter and ive spoken with her before! She's really nice and I reached out and asked her a few questions about the movie and she answered with good humor. I think a lot was lost in translation from the writing to the direction. -Mike- I asked her about the beginning and what was lost in translation is that the daughter dies when she is riding on the bike and the mom wishes her back. Look forward to part 2 of the 2017 roundup

Meat Trademark : Eraserhead!

Tswizzle123 : Is Dasani replacing Dan Aykroyd's crystal skull vodka?

deathtrips : i hope you touch on Good Time