This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car

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Junito Punto Comm : Open a Tesla Auto Mechanic Center and You will be rich in a Year !!

Tony Zee : He doesn’t do it properly, I don’t see any duct tape around ;-)

seanautube : 1:55 Tesla please help this guy, he's using quick splices!

Mah Fah : That man has helped so many owners and potiental buyers

af1carter : Acts like he isn't very competent at fixing things- wears engineering shirt.....

DikoMan : Umm, how is this different then other car manufacturers? Once warranty is done you are on your own.

Murphy82nd : He never considered his isolated location and the need for maintenance before he bought the car?

david juneja : I think people are defending Tesla too much in coment section. At the end of the day it still is a company.

Nothing Less Than Epic : A thousand dollars for a door handle? I hope they stop running scams.

Vocalead : Surprised a lot of dumb people in the comments don’t realize this is a right-to-repair claim against Tesla, not just a story about his warranty expiring.

srercrcr : Its common knowledge to avoid first year models.

cm 24 : My car is out of warranty, I fix it myself. Do I also get to be on the news?

Ztrix. : I would rather have a cheap toyota

Donald J. Trump MAGA : This is just a tesla smear lol. It's a first year model with new tech that is out of warranty, with over 100k miles on it. What did he expect? Dumb story...

Jia L. : If you are out of warranty, you're basically out of luck. This applies to EVERY CAR MANUFACTURERS OUT THERE. e

wholeNwon : Poor design, poor testing, poor quality control = junk. Fun to drive, but junk (in my constitutionally-protected opinion). I'm reflecting on the cost of all the repair parts for my Lexus in the last 20 years = $24 (not including wear items like batteries, tires, brakes, etc.). That's quality.

FiZiKaL-ReFLeX : Your car is out of warranty. That’s it. Good for you, you fixed it yourself. News!!! This was so stupid. And on top of that... I’ve had cars with 200,000+ miles without any of these issues he’s having. This was just an attempt to rip on Tesla.

Tech Guy : In my opinion in a few years when a lot of Teslas are out of warranty and repairs are really expensive or when Teslas are in disrepair their resale value will plummet. This guy even thought about destroying his Tesla because it was such a nightmare. I see a rough road ahead for Tesla. I will drive my Toyota and watch Tesla from the sidelines.

Boognish : Note to self: Wait 10 years to buy a Tesla, if it's still around.

Boom boom : Buy a Lexus. It’s a much smarter decision.

kirya312 : Wow, a guy fixes his own car, how unusual!

Saw Saw : The truth hurts. This person is very sincere, a hard worker, doesn't have ill intent, and has good wishes. Listen to this advice, Tesla, and you'll rule the car world.

SP : Well Tesla needs all the money they can get right now, so makes sense why they charge so much.

Azar Malik : I drive a Honda Odyssey, 2004 model. Still drives like a new vehicle after 14 years. I have driven it to Canada AND Mexico - 4 times each. I’d take it out of the country again today... without even checking the motor oil level. Tesla who?

Ryan Kirkpatrick : Don't buy a tesla ever

autistic mandem : 20 years later the downtown detroit will be full of scratched up and broken electric cars. times are changing

niall mcdermott : The iPhone of cars

CaffeinePizza : If Apple made a car.

Mo One : Really CNBC? Tesla unsafe? Since Musk’s criticism nothing but negative stories on him and Tesla? Burry the hatchet already. It makes you look petty and bias. Faulting Musk -arguably a modern day overworked sleep deprived genius- for taking criticism personally regarding his life’s work . Kind of expected more from one of my favorite news sources. You’re giving off a Fox-like vibe with stuff like this.

Isabella A : Tesla is like Apple, only they want to repair their products and service them so they make it impossible for the consumer to do it on their own

palebeachbum : This is why you don't spend $100k on a CAR...unless you have money to burn.

Rajesh Banik : Don’t buy a Tesla.

Finleyrizo : well duh? What do you think warranty means lmao these people

JK C : I wanted one until this video revealed that they aren't actually consumer friendly. It's like a closed system. It's as if you combine Apple's anti-consumer tactics in the service department with Mercedes price, but only more expensive. /Puke.

Theoria Apophasis : buy a toyota and STFU

PBJTime : Why is this a story? The car is out of warranty, so is my O3 Ford Ranger. Where’s my CNBC story?

VK : elon musk got his bots to dislike

MikeIsSuperbad : He seems like he’s a nut job that stockpiles weapons and he’s ready to pop at any second.

frankie4you2013 : Well Greg, you deserved to get treated like this :D Dumb customers like you are the best source for a company

Radoslavus : How this became a story I do not understand. This is no different from any other product, from any kind of company. Your warranty ends you need to pay. If you want original parts you need to pay big time. The only difference is that Tesla is a slightly new company and no ordinary car mechanic have the know-how to fix it. The end.

Duy Vinh Tran : 3:22 "If you can put together Legos you can put together a Tesla.”

M Jave : Why not be a solution and not a problem on fake media 🤷‍♂️

shoei07 : This is why I won’t be buying a Tesla. I’d rather own a Zuma

Emma Manso : great work man!!!! well done

JoeyLovesTrains : I can’t be the only one who thinks the Tesla is the Apple of car Company’s

Andre juneau : Does Greg have any media in addition to this that we can check out? A second Rich Rebuilds would be great.

r g : The Freddie Mercury of Tesla repair.

Refuso Againo : One day maybe I can afford a Tesla. Now I put up with lesser EVs like a Chevy Spark or a Fiat 500e. Funny, neither car breaks down. Almost nothing goes wrong until I start playing with it. The screw-in antenna on the Fiat broke off, when I clamped a sun cover to it. Had to replace a wiper blade on the Chevy Spark over 3 years. That was tricky. If I ever spend $50k on a Tesla, I don't want to ever have to call anyone to repair something.

Anthony Barbuto's vids : Omg it’s the end of the world

Levi Pittman : This guy needs his own YouTube channel