This Tesla Model S Owner Repairs His Own Car

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Junito Punto Comm : Open a Tesla Auto Mechanic Center and You will be rich in a Year !!

Tony Zee : He doesn’t do it properly, I don’t see any duct tape around ;-)

Mah Fah : That man has helped so many owners and potiental buyers

cm 24 : My car is out of warranty, I fix it myself. Do I also get to be on the news?

Murphy82nd : He never considered his isolated location and the need for maintenance before he bought the car?

DikoMan : Umm, how is this different then other car manufacturers? Once warranty is done you are on your own.

david juneja : I think people are defending Tesla too much in coment section. At the end of the day it still is a company.

CaffeinePizza : If Apple made a car.

JoeyLovesTrains : I can’t be the only one who thinks the Tesla is the Apple of car Company’s

Vocalead : Surprised a lot of dumb people in the comments don’t realize this is a right-to-repair claim against Tesla, not just a story about his warranty expiring.

srercrcr : Its common knowledge to avoid first year models.

Ztrix. : I would rather have a cheap toyota

Jia L. : If you are out of warranty, you're basically out of luck. This applies to EVERY CAR MANUFACTURERS OUT THERE. e

Diego : Jesus, when he started listing the problems with the car it really makes you wonder if it's made of defective legos.

Donald J. Trump MAGA : This is just a tesla smear lol. It's a first year model with new tech that is out of warranty, with over 100k miles on it. What did he expect? Dumb story...

FamilyFirstJ : If he was closer to @richrebuilds they could create a super power

Sabin Ionesco : Musk is a fake Guru. The whole Co. is a scam. Like Apple.

Boognish : Note to self: Wait 10 years to buy a Tesla, if it's still around.

Levi Pittman : This guy needs his own YouTube channel

Victor Ciobanu : I think he wants a job at tesla :0

autistic mandem : 20 years later the downtown detroit will be full of scratched up and broken electric cars. times are changing

Baldur Fiddlesticks : Don't buy a tesla ever

JK C : I wanted one until this video revealed that they aren't actually consumer friendly. It's like a closed system. It's as if you combine Apple's anti-consumer tactics in the service department with Mercedes price, but only more expensive. /Puke.

marc xiong : easy, don't buy pos tesla

James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย : Left cold by Tesla after warranty expired..horrible customer service which will back fire. What are some major safety issues or concerns that DIY can face repairing a Tesla?

Malik Browning : So basically rich rebuilds except no kitchen knifes

Martin Rey : If he buys a Tesla, it is because he has the money to buy it and maintain it. So, I don't get the point of it.

weshoot : I'm glad you posted this. Some people think that Tesla and Elon Musk are out to help humanity, and that Tesla is a "different" kind of car company. The only thing different is that they have a monopoly on service and parts for their cars. It is still all about money! They want you to think that this car is less complicated than an ICE car, and needs less repair. I used to repair cars for a living, and this car needed a lot of repairs shown just in this short video. I have owned lots of cars for lots of years, and never replaced/repaired a door handle on cheaper cars. Nor have I replaced headlight or taillight assemblies for moisture inside. I guess they aren't as well made as Tesla and their fanboys would have us believe.

Kenn's Instagram At: i000 : They show this, but what about the black guy that completely rebuilt one and is currently fighting for the rights to repair not to mention some of what goes on behind the scenes.

wholeNwon : Poor design, poor testing, poor quality control = junk. Fun to drive, but junk (in my constitutionally-protected opinion). I'm reflecting on the cost of all the repair parts for my Lexus in the last 20 years = $24 (not including wear items like batteries, tires, brakes, etc.). That's quality.

I edited my name : Don’t buy a Tesla.

chicken65 : What kind of POS is Tesla? The thing is 5 years old and costs a fortune. My car is 11 years old and I just changed the tires and battery, other than that an interior lightbulb. Now It will last me another 10 years probably.

frankie4you2013 : Well Greg, you deserved to get treated like this :D Dumb customers like you are the best source for a company

grifter : poor guys drove a car for 135k miles and they made him pay to fix it! outrageous we should figure a way out so people can get free repairs after 100k+ miles

electronicsNmore : I would never buy that car if that's what they charge for replacement parts. No thanks!

VK : elon musk got his bots to dislike

Nexus 7 : So, basically Tesla's are not reliable. How can a window regulator go bad/malfunction? LOL My Japanese car is 20 yrs old and still has the original factory installed regulator which has not failed.

Radoslavus : How this became a story I do not understand. This is no different from any other product, from any kind of company. Your warranty ends you need to pay. If you want original parts you need to pay big time. The only difference is that Tesla is a slightly new company and no ordinary car mechanic have the know-how to fix it. The end.

Dino Pappous : Issues with Tesla build quality are well known in the automotive community but the Liberal Left Tree Hugging Media has conveniently kept them on the down low to avoid negative press about PT Barnum's addition, the liberal left refuses to acknowledge the human rights violations of little African children mining cobalt so as to create PT Barnum's batteries.....The liberal left doesn't want to talk about that because of their desire to protect this abomination on wheels.....imagine if Ford was unable to meet demand on a vehicle that it had promised to its consumers....promising production of 2000 cars per day and producing 20 instead....PT Barnum has fired (he calls it a leave of absence) 5 head production engineers and has now built a tent (at taxpayers expense of course) to try to ramp up production of his "affordable" (50 K on average) model 3 sedan....Time to pull the plug on Elon, I mean PT BARNUM, and shut down this disaster of an enterprise..... FORZA ALFA BABY !!!!

palebeachbum : This is why you don't spend $100k on a CAR...unless you have money to burn.

MrGriff305 : Did every one of those components have a problem?? That seems horrible and highly unlikely.

ezejavii241 : Bro you can open your own shop and everyone will pay you to fix their Tesla’s instead of taking it to them

E30M3_4life : So let me get this right... he does his own maintenance... that’s it? Did I miss something?

Juan Zingarello : I sat in a Tesla Model X and was immediately turned off by the car. I could see and feel how cheaply the car was made. For $80k, I expect a solid feeling interior. I'm sorry but fully electric or not, I'd rather spend that money on a loaded Prius Prime. I am not impressed with these Teslas the least bit.

kirya312 : Wow, a guy fixes his own car, how unusual!

Name : Tesla will be the apple of cars in terms of terrible customer service and ripping people off

KaibaCorp HQ : It's like buying German.

shoei07 : This is why I won’t be buying a Tesla. I’d rather own a Zuma

neoxide h : not saying this guy isn't doing it safe but before anyone gets any ideas from this, working on cars with electric motors can be very dangerous and definitely can be, and has been fatal

Andre juneau : Does Greg have any media in addition to this that we can check out? A second Rich Rebuilds would be great.