Don't Be A Sucker (1947)

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Paulina. : Wow, thanks for the upload. Crazy how this still applies today

Thomas Tereszkiewicz : sounds familiar doesn't it?

bzxd5z : What a powerful and thoughtful film. It is amazing that the US War Department produced this in 1947, with such clear examples and explanations of what can happen, in a society, and the consequences of this. I would say, its relevant to every and any country.

Garrett Walsh : Should be a must watch for anyone today. For those on the right and left.

MNIMnoob : Hell yeah screw White Supremacy!

Tim Slee : This is even more relevant now because of the internet. There is so much misinformation that it's hard to tell what is legit.

Quklasa : I had no idea how apropos this would be when I started watching.

airlockengage : They really should have shown this to the general public, could have changed things a little. Even a little.

Sean Smurfy : Old time zionist propaganda TV.

joelwinters100 : I wish this had been a mandatory school video. I wish something like this was mandatory. With the way we're being convinced to divide ourselves 70 years after this....WE"RE acting like a couple of suckers. That racist on the soap box continues to speak and with more effective lies, mediums, and tools today to ensnare a larger audience. We need more effective minds, more aversion to hate, and a love for the rights that let human decency and the innate desire for personal and societal freedom to thrive.

Edward Gaines : So THIS is where Trump got his crib notes from. Sounds eerily familiar to the 2016 election. Demagoguery...

890slay : American- a mixed Terrier who's full of judgement about others.

Talar Asdourian : This is the best vintage video I have ever seen

카르멘Carmen : I love the simplicity of the way our lives where back then.

Thomas Gangemi : Very timely.

Zen : You think non white countries are watching videos like this? Ideology kills. This video boiled down, you're either a Nazi or you're not.

Daniel Harthcock : When he said "by Americans of every color and religion" i was like aint God goood

Jennifer : I think it was GK Chesterton who said "all news is just old news happening to new people". The wise King Solomon said "there's nothing new under the sun". This is why I am always surprised at how offended people get about age old issues.

white5mage : what's wrong with masons?? I didn't know state propaganda was already trying to convince people that masons were innocent good guys at that time.

Jennifer : This is why there is a danger in thinking certain minority groups are more "minority entitled" than others.

TheSixthFinger : where was the jewish army

MiserysFence : "I'm a REAL American!" says the lily-white old man.  No, you're not.  Your ancestors were uninvited immigrants who bullied and cheated the REAL Americans, the native people.

Indegruv : great propaganda film for freemasons worried about their image


Gregory May : All kinds of people.... people, people who need people, are the luckiest people...

jim cherkas : Interesting they allowed littering back then

nancy cogar : History!!! If only people would read our history. America was found on people coming here from all over the world.

MandoPrime1138 : Littering is punishable by death

theflyingdutchboi : (((sucker)))

Shamica Johnson : Dude sounds like a real idiot!

BIG SHAQ : Today's boogie man are Muslims.