Don't Be A Sucker (1947)

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OnlySleeping. : Wow, thanks for the upload. Crazy how this still applies today

MNIMnoob : Hell yeah screw White Supremacy!

Battlecruiser Plays : doesnt matter what bullshit you spew there's always that one guy in the back of the room thinking to himself "hey that's pretty good!"

bzxd5z : What a powerful and thoughtful film. It is amazing that the US War Department produced this in 1947, with such clear examples and explanations of what can happen, in a society, and the consequences of this. I would say, its relevant to every and any country.

890slay : American- a mixed Terrier who's full of judgement about others.

Zen : You think non white countries are watching videos like this? Ideology kills. This video boiled down, you're either a Nazi or you're not.

Garrett Walsh : Should be a must watch for anyone today. For those on the right and left.

BIG SHAQ : Today's boogie man are Muslims.

airlockengage : They really should have shown this to the general public, could have changed things a little. Even a little.

커버스 클래식K : I love the simplicity of the way our lives where back then.

XoneaX : where was the jewish army

Quklasa : I had no idea how apropos this would be when I started watching.

Thomas G : Very timely.

Sean Smurfy : Old time zionist propaganda TV.