Silence! The Musical: Put the F-ing Lotion in the Basket (Lego Cover)

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Karen Castañeda : this is a master piece.... only 500 000 views is a lie!

BugSplat : *WHere do dogs go if they lose their tails?* To the *Re-Tail* store! :)

james conn : This is from a real musical on Broadway

Tony Phillips : Absolutely magnificent. Stupendous. Best thing on Youtube, by a long shot.

Jake Smith : I'm jealous I didn't come up with that.

Melissa Rennie : Laughed too hard n pee'd my pants a wee bit!

toddsmitts : The part where he tucks his Lego junk between his legs is the most disturbing part.

Sydney Blair : Now i've seen it all... i almost died laughing

Shelby Washburn : That dog's just there like, "Dude, fuck, I don't want any part in this shit."

gene richards : Is he going to tuck his Lego between his Legos?

jay love : LOL

Christy Miller : BRILLIANT!

JKayser : What did I just watch and why am I laughing

Deep Kumar B S : *Fantastic* And I watched the movie yesterday... 😊

theswoogie : Wow, Silence of the Lambs, The Musical. Like Rocky Horror Picture Show or Little Shop of Horrors.

Rocketman Productions : I saw this off-broadway. It was amazing. They parody the whole film and the casting, timing, impressions, and songs were spot on. Love'd it!

threadpusher : NSFW Clarice

starcrafter13terran : 32 people had to quickly click dislike cuz someone was at the door.

ivorytower99 : Never get's old!!! :P

The Excellent Axman : This is frip-frappin hilarious, I think this is based off of the joe dirt

ivorytower99 : I pee myself every single time I watch this. A true Masterpiece of creativity!

Brandy Helms : I need this as my ringtone!!!

crimsion light : put CC on and you get some interesting lyrics

AlmondRed : OH GOD I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING THE TITLE THE LYRICS They rhymed "Wail" with "whale"? for shame! XD Please tell me you have more of this!!

iHaveNoLife : putt thaaa fckn lotionnn innn the basketttttttt

Gabriella Rodriguez : P

Keshen8 : Haha. Hilarious man.

Gary C : Love this video

legolambs : @jmtucker84 We did.

legolambs : Thanks!

legolambs : No, it's still going!

legolambs : True enough! And as a result of the flagging, now you cannot find this video if you type in Silence of the Lambs either.

legolambs : Does anyone know how to get a video unflagged?

Topic Tech : Defranco sent me Great vid tho!!please make more

Paul Rodenburg : lol, hilarious, and brilliant.

ErisTheFairest5 : Great work!

Amy McRoberts : brilliant

OneCharming Bastard : and to think, they said the musical as an art form had run its course. brilliant, hilarious, and wrong, really really wrong...... Check out the other numbers from the show.....

robinsings : hahaha!

Emerald Hawk : If I didn't know better, I'd think the song was from some uber-fucked-up Disney movie. XD

Ezgi Çetin : This is brilliant!

GaLoS : Sxephil, you might have seen him on the most viewed page everyday LOL. Sub him he's awesome

GaLoS : Defranco sent me

GaLoS : there is no hell, so nothing to worry about!

Justin Lelbach : amazing job

Kevin Le : "AAAAAAAAAAAH, I WANNA SEE MY MOMMY!!!" "Maaaaaah, put the fucking lotion in the basket!!

Matthias Joyce : what the hell am i doing with my life

free533 : copy and paste if you thought this was amazing and phil brought you here

Have it now : Bravo! Bravo! Tears running down my face...Bravo!

gionmusic :!