RIP chickens :(

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Nico The Rabbit : I have a chicken proof lawn… ------------ Its impeccable…

Ashley Butterstick : Someone should have called in sick for work

redknight801 : Oh man....that is indeed sad... :'(

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Raoul Martinez : At least they got to fly once before they left this world.

SmoothieOtter : "I like chickens, Eddy."

loutiscrive : so sad

Hans Gruber : Why is the man listening to such god awful music?

Croco : Well, that was annoying to listen to.

Daniel Petras : Look at all at those tickenths!

XzantozX : Why I'm vegan.

emoji arie : Well rest in peace chickens .we love you

Tymel Searcy : hey what song was that

Dizeliun : Awe its so sad those sentient beings were killed in that accident instead of purposely at the slaughter house for your taste pleasure right? Why are you so sad about this when you pay and support the torture and suffering of these beings in the first place? Way worse shit happens to animals INSIDE their housing coups and slaughterhouses than this accident here. But you pay no attention and even support it because you are willing fully ignorant. Take a glance at the egg industry alone...

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Noah Beserra : That is so sad, and disgusting! What kind of monster would record vertically?

walkin dude : Oh how horrible that all those chickens died on their way to be slaughtered. no nuggets for us....

ruggaby : "OH, no – no! My God… CHICKENS!!!"

hiredmercenary : Why the hell does a soyboy listen to rap?

Rob C : McD's about to have that $2 ten piece

NATi : That was horrible and depressing. Seriously, you need to listen to better music,

Thomas Vlerken : literally RIP...

A Osman : You can't feel sad watching this and then eat chicken or any other animals. Hypocrites!

Mathiew Leiser : Hi Nate, I'm a journalist at Newsflare, an international viral and news video agency. We would like to work with it. Send me an email for a paid media offer - - Thank you

George Brown : Hey, George from LADbible here. We love this video, please could we post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!

YourPrivateNightmare : that's a lot of nuggets

GEES44DC : 1. Terrible music. 2. Don't use your phone while driving. 3. THOSE ARE chickens. 4. Hold your phone properly. 5. I'd rather not see this than to watch it in this manner.

El Stealtho : Why did the chicken cross the road?

Premolatino : damn, damn, DAMN!!!

slipknot2k4 : Why didn't the chickens cross the road

kenuty : what a tragedy, some popeyes and kfc will be empty today R.I.P

Steve Maguire : I guess the chickens didn't lean in to the turn

HILUX CHAINSAW : The ones that were killed got off light. The ones that lived would have suffered hell in a chicken processing factory.

courconwll : Chickens!

Austin Thomas : Damn this new Offset & 21 Savage music video is pretty depressing

Rieltek Argentina SRL : winner winner, chicken dinner

Lindsay Gardipee : Ooooh, oh no, its chickens, CHickens!

Kyle Houseman : I saw this too on my commute to work this morning. Saw someone removing the dead ones :c

Jeff widjAIWDJAWd : sad but your reaction is hilarious tho

Felixo : Listens to murder rap Cries over chicken white people lulz

[marbardan] : *It's the work of an enemy stand!!!!*

asdf zxcvb : looks like meats back on the menu boys

Kyle Paxton : All the nuggets that could have been.. Tragic.

1000lb GAMING : This was in pa right?

Daniel V : ;(

Bodhi : Why did the chicken cross the road? Because a tractor trailer flipped over and shot his disemboweled body across it.

Can Sezer : Best music I have heard in an hour.

GBF-Elu : so much wasted food

leo ll : Bwok

Angel Moreno : *lookit all dose chikens*