The Truth About Wireless Charging

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Comments from Youtube

Kernels : Wireless charging is inefficient.. Plugging a cable is not that annoying.

StruckPlayz : did he say a power rectifier? did he mean a *FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER*

WillFulForza : Tesla was a freaking genius

Super robot Knuckles : lol they should have a big plug on the front of the electric car and a receiving port on a pole . So all you have to do to charge the car is ram it into the pole.

kirby march barcena : It took almost a century for Tesla's dream of wireless technology to be adapted. Too bad he died as a poor scientist despite trying to invent something for the people's benefits without financial gain.

Pepper LePew : Why can we just have removable batteries to change our. ..grrr

Saad SYED : wireless chargers still have wires

Joe Plumley : The only problem is. Can we put our phones down long enough for it to charge?

ProBro X : Now: *plugs phone into wall 2035: *walks into house *CHARGING*

Jay Perrin : This affects 'current' technology ;)

Aleksandar be together not the same : iphoje battery is pure crap its degrade in half year 不不不不 because of 5w charger and last less 不不不不

A Z : Id rather buy a wireless charger than buy an iphone cord every 6 months

MrEqp123 : As a former ev owner, here in California local government got lobby by big oil industry to slow down production of charging stations, the grid is small from the boom of ev, this is full plug in ev, i dont want to wait 1hr for a charging station thats why i returned my ev, big oil wins. Untill your government embraces ev technology we cant move forward.

PizzaPete1958 : This is the first of your videos that I watched. I've subscribed and hope to watch more in the future. You've done a pretty good job.

loleq21 : Wow, this is dark. Thank you for your advice, I will never buy a wireless charging device (they're expensive as heck in Poland anyways kek).

Douglas : What do you prefer: slim phone or 1 week battery? With less than 5mm you can have 1 week worth of battery. Plug the phone to the wall would not be such a problem anymore.

Sheon Peebles : No connector to wear out! that killed my last 5 phones so I'm sold.

Kitt Parker : So... we use a flux capacitor to control the magnetic flux, correct?

Stephanie Brilla : Dude What if you found a way to make walls a giant wireless just need to enter the house and whoosh! Your phone is charging... Id die for that lol 拎


Just Do it : 5 years later... water charging phone being invent

Laceykat66 : 4:45 - LOL, gotta love it. "seeking out a parking space" because they are always readily available and near where you are. Particularly downtown. Let's get real. Your autonomous car will be driving around for hours looking for a parking spot just like humans do now. Thank you for the information though. I have a wireless charger for my phone and had no idea how it worked.

Chaosnaut : I used the Palm series of webOS mobiles, and the wireless inductive charging is something I miss to this day. With a magnetic, wireless dock, my mobile was not only always charged each time I picked it up, there was never a need to fiddle with wires. The best part of it, is that the mobile became an ambient display, always showing photos and social media like a smart photo frame.

HANS SAPUTRA : U say energy will be problem, but in futur peopl will pull 3 star from neighbor stary scystem then turn we sun to blackhol and harvest infitnit energy with dison spher

Complicated Mind : Great explanations, even though you misplaced examples of Tesla models.

Deloptes : Blah blah BS. Nikola Teslas technology was perfect and could charge the whole planet ... only J.P. Morgan did not agree that the cost should be that low and cut the funding. What you see is perhaps only 0.000001% commercialization of his idea.

24Hour Of Alonso : Reasons I watch his videos: 1. Accent 2. Accent 3. Accent 4. Interesting content 5. Accent

cableup1 : We charge our Motos with Qi. Not as fast as the wired charger. Some of the pros. Qi charger stands let the mobile rest in landscape position. It replaces my alarm clock. Since it's not widely adopted it's not prone to disappear from my desk. The biggest pro for me is that I don't have to fumble with a connector. Many of my past phones ended up in the junk drawer because the female connection on the mobile became unreliable from repeated use.

SevenDeMagnus : Hi. Thanks. Next video could be: history of the circuit board. God bless, Proverbs 31

Sven Kowatz : 1:30 The shown simplified sketch of the circuit bothers me. The battery provides DC, which would cause the volt meter on the other side to show a pulse upon connecting and then drop to zero. To transmit energy effectively you need AC as only a change in the magnetic field will induce a current.

SevenMagpies : Hey, hair-oil, a wee bit of speech tuition might go good for you. It's certainly be a bit easier on your listeners. Usually a Dub accent's just fine, but truthfully, not the artificial effort now known as "the DORT". Just saying.

Shubham Kumar Das : Your video was amazing. Your way of talking is inspiring and influencing. I feel like listening to my inner voice when I hear you but in this case, it is knowing it all and much informed than the real me. You're doing great. Much appreciated. Don't stop what you are doing..

Marcel G. : What is the bad thing of this wireless/inductive power station? You talked about Heat problem but are there any other bigger problems? Something that disturb any other parts of the smartphone. Is it than possible to make such a strong charger that when you go into a room your device loads automatically. I hope you have an answers to that and thank you for the good informations in your videos.

John Macintosh : Is the truth that it is less efficient? Cost efficient/time efficient?

Pete Allen : Sorry if I'm being dumb, but where does the charge in the receiver come from? Does the magnetic field from the source just "make" electrons in the receiver coil!? I do not doubt the technology, and use it myself, but I don't get how electricity just "appears" in the receiver.

Foxhound : Did he say "Tesla Model 3" and show a Tesla Model S? *TESLA FANBOYS TRIGGERED*

Jeff Session : Charging often and slowly is great for lithium batteries. So wireless charging is a win with current phones

Raptor Swire : that problem with phones discharging too fast only relate to Apple. Android phones usually last 2 days...ignorants... :D ...And this heat from wireless charging is damaging the Lithium-ion batteries in capacity loss. Just use the cable....not lighting tho, it wears off too quickly...the best option is type-C ...charge it quickly and efficiently. Not with half-speed like on wireless pad

Eric Tay : I'm one of the first to use Qi charging in a Nokia. But have since stopped using it because wireless charging generates a lot of heat, which kills my smartphone battery within a year. I have gone through 4 smartphones with wireless charging and all had reduction of capacity within 1 year.

Galo Aguirre : That laser powered setup would be great on quadcopter drones. Having had one of these fly ahead of a convoy in Afghanistan or Iraq, scanning for ieds or ambushes, powered by a laser on the lead vehicle.

Daan Sloots : love your channel because i always learn something and love your voice. gods blessing and pls stay awsome

Bob Is The Builder : Great video. I liked the fact you broke the technology down so the average person can understand it.

TransitBiker : I got an iPhone 8 on black Friday. One of the main selling points aside from the A11 chip was the cordless charging. Very excited to see this technology expand (both for my own uses and for other people/industries), and cannot wait to get my Qi charging pad on xmas day. I may just rename my iPhone "Tesla", heh.

Podcast People : Is this healthy for human body ?

PANDA! : I dont think it has too much of a future in our homes but cmon I love being able to put my phone on a table at Starbucks and itll gain a few hours of battery. that's dope

nikoladd : Charging a 2Wh phone at 40% efficiency is somewhat wasteful, but charging 50kWh cars at 40% efficiency is extremely wasteful. No grid in any country can handle that as of now.

Michael Smith : Nothing like filling the atmosphere with burnt coal to fuel your "environmentally friendly eco" car. Don't see how it's better than gas but okay.

Mike Falderoff : Induction charging does not require the cellphone to be a cocoon of glass we have now. It makes the device more fragile and cost more to make/repair/replace.

CZ Period : Interesting, but inductive charging on cars is not really new: I still have a 1990's era MagneCharger at the house to charge my S10 pickup truck and Geo Prizm (both factory GM electrics). The overall efficiency is still around 92% efficient, with most of the loss in the Magnecharger pedestal (to convert 240 AC to high frequency AC) and the car (to convert the HF AC to battery). Even a direct coupled Tesla has some inefficiency in the on-board charger, so it's possible to make an efficient inductive charger. Magnecharger is nice. Yes J1772 has ground fault detection, but you can plug in a MC to a car in the rain, standing in a salt water puddle barefoot and have no worries about any chance of an electric shock. And with a 25kw max power transfer (home units were 1.0-6.6kw) you could charge at supercharger speeds....