The Truth About Wireless Charging

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Real Engineering : Huge thanks is needed to Mike from Mobox Graphics (link in description) for this video. Mike is a fellow mechanical engineer and animator. 95% of the work for this video was done by him, including the writing and editing. I just did some minor editorial work and the narration. Wouldn't be able to afford to employ him without Patreon and sponsors like

jeabo0adhd : Some ferric core transformers are 95% efficient. Air gap transformers can be helped by increasing the frequency and narrowing the distance between the coils.

SteveAkaDarktimes : cables are efficient. and no matter what, if you have money, space and energy for conductive charger stations for anything, you can instead to it easier, simpler and more efficiency with just plugging in a cable. chargers in tables? how about simple sockets in tables? chargers on parking spaces? how about a sockethub? seriously, I just don't see this ever becoming popular.

Killer7481 : USB-C is so incredibly fast that unless wireless charging is somehow insanely efficient, i don't see the point. for those who are not in the know, my nexus 6p can charge from ~30%->100% in less than 1 hour.

Adam Leuer : Plugging in a cable is a non-problem, and the "solution" results in a lot of wasted energy. So maybe let's _not_ have wireless charging?

Callan Whitney : I think a smarter approach given the current (haha) inefficiency of inductive tech, is that we might instead find power inputs on the underside of cars, and chargers that come up from the floor that can work in conjunction with the car's intelligence and find it's way to dock completely unassisted by humans. We can use the tech that's already in Tesla's now to our advantage and make markings around the parking space on the ground that allow the car to see exactly where it is, and then the charger can come out of a hatch from the ground up and plug in! Easy 100% efficiency, and I would say we're much closer to achieving this than slowly developing convenient inductive charging with 90% or higher efficiency over decades.

coolal19 : Based on the title, I honestly thought this video was going to explore the ramifications of generating localized electromagnetic field distortions and their potential negative effects on the health of the human body.

Kyle Li : My dream is to build a completely wireless smart house, smart doors charged wirelessly, smart sinks, smart chairs etc. all without wires to power outlets. I imagine being angle to wake up, roll into a chair, say Okay, go to the bathroom, open up bedroom and bedroom door, and turn on sink. Without having to touch anything.

Poker Snob : Why the first 73 Seems odd?

Sam Host : Is wireless technology good for health?

Kanglar : THE TRUTH

Nemo D333 : wireless charging is for silly people who like to waste their money on useless things. First of all all these new nick-nags uses devices energy to monitor state of the battery, devices activity, time of charging and so on. It drains battery 24/7. Means you need to charge more often. By switching off all that crap, gadget runs all day+ with out problems.

dil The pickle : I’ve seen stores with charging stations, but usually no one uses them out of fear of loosing their phones.

Dimitri Sanchez : It's funny how we are jumping into a "wireless" future without even considering the health consequences. I truly believe that this post 2000 generations will have the highest rates of cell abnormalities ever in human history.

REA987 : Logic is simple; any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, music player, e-book) can still be used and charged at the same time while it was plugged to a power source. On the other hand, devices cannot be used effectively while being charged wirelessly since you cannot detache them unless you are okay with charging disruption. Just get a longer cable which can be extended and shortened.

Von Neely : I'm curious as to how Apple is going make sure their wireless chargers are incompatible with anyone else's.

Mohamed Mokrane : When I click the bell 🛎 icon for this channel, it says Error 404

Douglas : What do you prefer: slim phone or 1 week battery? With less than 5mm you can have 1 week worth of battery. Plug the phone to the wall would not be such a problem anymore.

Cupcake hero : Wireless chargimg seems like a great theory but in prictical use it takes almost twice as long with it enabled But for the wireless cars i was wondering if they could not use heat energy generated by the sun+the heat from the asphalt cause the get really hot can someone tell if thats a good alternate power source plz

Nicks My Name : I just unboxed/reviewed a new Wireless charger on my channel and its definitely one of the best and nicest ive ever had!

Jay Perrin : This affects 'current' technology ;)

आदित्य Aditya मेहेंदळे Mehendale : I use wireless charging on my smartphone. Wouldn't have it any other way. It's about the convenience of not having to plug and unplug the phone each time --> No cords to break --> phone lasts longer. Offset the "wasted energy" costs against "longer smartphone life" and suddenly the 25% wasted energy is won back many-folds.

Kakunapod : Coming from an EE, autonomous inductive charging is simply a stupid idea. Why? Why can there not be a physical connection that is automatically made between physical contacts? Yes it adds mechanical parts to the car that could wear, but the mechanism does not have to be complex, and it would achieve the same level of convenience while CHARGING THE CAR FASTER.

jan harald : THE single reason why people want wireless charging: broken cables and to a lesser extent, broken ports (if you're using it for years)

SanicTheHidgehag : The truth about wireless charging is that it's slow

George D : I think that being able to wirelessly charge my phone is simply amazing, and I have gotten so used to it that the lack of it would be a deal breaker for future phones I would consider. Firstly, I am not a heavy user and my phone (a nearly two-year-old S7 Edge) regularly lasts me around 70 hours between charges. I have a wireless charger integrated in my bedside lamp, so I just put it down before I go to sleep and then simply pick it up in the morning, no hassle at all - no wires, plugging and unplugging from the wall. I honestly don't even know where my standard charger is right now, I haven't used it in a long time.

Aaron Urias : I can only see a few practical uses for wireless charging (as it is now). At a Cafe, just need to give it a bit of a charge while you sip your drink, or when when you go to bed and place it on the pad while you sleep. That's really it, wireless charging while you drive sounds pretty cool. Until we have actual wireless charging with a range of at least 6 feet, Wich I'm not sure if that's possible, this technology will not grow passed those two

Romuel the Knight : It is through things like this that climate change will most likely be resolved in bulk. People want stuff that's useful, cheap, and efficient which science and the free market are happy to provide.

Jake Maningding : I'm using ultra low brightness on my moto G5 (basically the dimmest setting) . You can't use high contrast mode (impossible to see during daylight hours) but you can use brighter background to compensate.

whoeveriam0iam14222 : wireless phone charging seems pretty useless to me. you either plug in your phone or you plug in the pad and your phone can slide off that the problem with electric cars is that if you're not rich enough to have your own parking spot you can't charge your car at home

werer dfsfl,muu : My wireless charger requires the phone t be perfectly placed on the pad. Are other pads better?

WeAreJamming : This is an engagement comment.

Vikash Chandola : At this point of time wireless charging has nothing fascinating other than word *wireless*. After all this you just saved yourself from plugging a cable that's it, Even there is more mobility and higher efficiency with wired charging.

Joe3D : The problem with inductive charging pads is that they generate a strong magnetic field over a great distance which is not good for health. Magnetic fields have to be always contained.

sicunder kahn : Even 10% waste of energy is a big damage to the environment. I never liked wireless charging because of the inefficiency.

AnarchistMetalhead : if you are using electricity generated from coal the power plant itself is just barely more efficient than a regular combustion engine, but will soon be overtaken. should you bring up wind turbines to make you feel green, the unpredictable spikes of wind electricity necessitate that any grid using those has coal power plants for balance, burning on small flame without electricity generation constantly to be on standby, with the exception of grids with large, unutilized hydroelectric capacities. so in most cases nearly no advantage over direct coal use. with an induction efficiency of 60%, an electric motor efficiency of 80% and 15% loss in the power lines you now have just 41% the efficiency of a combustion engine, in the worse case of just 40% induction efficiency you are down to only 27% the efficiency of combustion engines, so you need to burn almost 4 times the fuel. This ignores the higher weight of the batteries, which obviously requires extra energy to get moving. So even if you ignore the environmental impact of the raw materials used in batteries having to be mined, and at some point disposed of, as well as the significantly greater energy required in production compared to conventional drivetrains, people using electric cars have a much greater environmental impact than people using regular cars

Element of Kindness : In a nutshell, it's a horrible idea for every reason.

Dialgavspalkia : The truth is: They aren't really "wireless" as they have to plugged on the wall in order for them to work, which requires a cable!

Daan Sloots : love your channel because i always learn something and love your voice. gods blessing and pls stay awsome

Hector Diaz : I'm still confused as to how this witchcraft works.

Zane H : I hate the way you had iPhone as the example on your display, Samsung had Wireless charging phones years BEFORE Apple implemented it, give them the credit not Apple.

Ants Aasma : Charging a phone is 0.01% of am average households energy consumption. You could power it off an exercise bike and not get a good workout. The efficiency really doesn't matter there. Let's worry about the big stuff first before nagging on wirelessly charged phones.

MrKlswe : Beaming power will cause major EMC problems anything other then well built inductor chargers will never get CE approved.

iRx Destiny : we need fusion energy, and then all the energy problem will be fixed

Scopolamin : Energous is the future!

Ronn Bot : So works like a transformer, except that there's no core. Transformers are 95-98.5% efficient, so low 90s would probably be the max efficiency reached by wireless charging. Want to conserve electricity? Stop mining crypto currencies!

Oakmen : Real Engineering ha, what about the benefits? Of course you loose energy compared to a cable, however your phone will hopefully last longer removing another point of failure. Produce less phones? No that's not going to happen. Incremental performance really is not as it once was. People are still rockin' phones from 5+ years ago. That is what we need. Yes, I am a fan of wireless charging and even better, there is a STANDARD for it. The battle was won by Qi years ago and Im glad they did.

Cian O'Connor : if you thought chemtrails wereThe additional load on the grid is "about 25 years worth of power for an average home, and that's just one mobile phone." Mother of God

varjagen : what is the music 0:40 seconds in?

Pun Boi : Why not just add more coils?