The Truth About Wireless Charging

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kirby march Barcena : It took almost a century for Tesla's dream of wireless technology to be adapted. Too bad he died as a poor scientist despite trying to invent something for the people's benefits without financial gain.

Kernels : Wireless charging is inefficient.. Plugging a cable is not that annoying.

coolal19 : Based on the title, I honestly thought this video was going to explore the ramifications of generating localized electromagnetic field distortions and their potential negative effects on the health of the human body.

SteveAkaGoatpile : cables are efficient. and no matter what, if you have money, space and energy for conductive charger stations for anything, you can instead to it easier, simpler and more efficiency with just plugging in a cable. chargers in tables? how about simple sockets in tables? chargers on parking spaces? how about a sockethub? seriously, I just don't see this ever becoming popular.

Saad SYED : wireless chargers still have wires

Ricky : Wanna hear a joke? too

REA987 : Logic is simple; any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, music player, e-book) can still be used and charged at the same time while it was plugged to a power source. On the other hand, devices cannot be used effectively while being charged wirelessly since you cannot detache them unless you are okay with charging disruption. Just get a longer cable which can be extended and shortened.

Bomberman : Did he say "Tesla Model 3" and show a Tesla Model S? *TESLA FANBOYS TRIGGERED*

halolosers : Electric cars are useless until majority of our energy supply comes from renewable resources. Until then all they are making power plants put more pollutants in the air because of the loss in efficiency to convert to electricity and the crazy mining that takes place to make the lithium ion batteries we love so much. We need new/better batteries that doesn’t destroy the land to get the resource, and we need more renewable energy for this to even make sense. But people think they are being cleaner to the environment when in reality they are producing a larger carbon footprint then their regular car counterpart.

Douglas : What do you prefer: slim phone or 1 week battery? With less than 5mm you can have 1 week worth of battery. Plug the phone to the wall would not be such a problem anymore.

Von Neely : I'm curious as to how Apple is going make sure their wireless chargers are incompatible with anyone else's.

AnarchistMetalhead : if you are using electricity generated from coal the power plant itself is just barely more efficient than a regular combustion engine, but will soon be overtaken. should you bring up wind turbines to make you feel green, the unpredictable spikes of wind electricity necessitate that any grid using those has coal power plants for balance, burning on small flame without electricity generation constantly to be on standby, with the exception of grids with large, unutilized hydroelectric capacities. so in most cases nearly no advantage over direct coal use. with an induction efficiency of 60%, an electric motor efficiency of 80% and 15% loss in the power lines you now have just 41% the efficiency of a combustion engine, in the worse case of just 40% induction efficiency you are down to only 27% the efficiency of combustion engines, so you need to burn almost 4 times the fuel. This ignores the higher weight of the batteries, which obviously requires extra energy to get moving. So even if you ignore the environmental impact of the raw materials used in batteries having to be mined, and at some point disposed of, as well as the significantly greater energy required in production compared to conventional drivetrains, people using electric cars have a much greater environmental impact than people using regular cars

Gabriel Williams : Don't you mean wireless CHEEEEERGING?

sicunder kahn : Even 10% waste of energy is a big damage to the environment. I never liked wireless charging because of the inefficiency.

Pepper LePew : Why can we just have removable batteries to change our. ..grrr

whoeveriam0iam14222 : wireless phone charging seems pretty useless to me. you either plug in your phone or you plug in the pad and your phone can slide off that the problem with electric cars is that if you're not rich enough to have your own parking spot you can't charge your car at home

Sheon Peebles : No connector to wear out! that killed my last 5 phones so I'm sold.

Nemo D333 : wireless charging is for silly people who like to waste their money on useless things. First of all all these new nick-nags uses devices energy to monitor state of the battery, devices activity, time of charging and so on. It drains battery 24/7. Means you need to charge more often. By switching off all that crap, gadget runs all day+ with out problems.

Scopolamin : Energous is the future!

Sam Host : Is wireless technology good for health?

Callan Whitney : I think a smarter approach given the current (haha) inefficiency of inductive tech, is that we might instead find power inputs on the underside of cars, and chargers that come up from the floor that can work in conjunction with the car's intelligence and find it's way to dock completely unassisted by humans. We can use the tech that's already in Tesla's now to our advantage and make markings around the parking space on the ground that allow the car to see exactly where it is, and then the charger can come out of a hatch from the ground up and plug in! Easy 100% efficiency, and I would say we're much closer to achieving this than slowly developing convenient inductive charging with 90% or higher efficiency over decades.

bignatec1000 : "Water the implications" 3:50

oakmen : Real Engineering ha, what about the benefits? Of course you loose energy compared to a cable, however your phone will hopefully last longer removing another point of failure. Produce less phones? No that's not going to happen. Incremental performance really is not as it once was. People are still rockin' phones from 5+ years ago. That is what we need. Yes, I am a fan of wireless charging and even better, there is a STANDARD for it. The battle was won by Qi years ago and Im glad they did.

Dimitri Sanchez : It's funny how we are jumping into a "wireless" future without even considering the health consequences. I truly believe that this post 2000 generations will have the highest rates of cell abnormalities ever in human history.

ShiJie 12311 : And I thought this video was gonna expose fake wireless charging

24Hour Of Alonso : Reasons I watch his videos: 1. Accent 2. Accent 3. Accent 4. Interesting content 5. Accent


Hamza Hussain : 0:23 lol not my 13000mah ulefone power 5 it lasts 7 days well i dont use my phone as a pc but still more then 4x the battery size of your avrage phone

skepticbb93 : Any health issues if wireless charging pops up everywhere? Combined with wifi signals, cellular radios and whatever else is bombarding our bodies and brains?

John Macintosh : Is the truth that it is less efficient? Cost efficient/time efficient?

Anodyne Melody : What would happen if someone with an internal cardiac pacemaker implant were to walk over a section of street which had an inductive wireless charging circuit below the pavement in a parking spot meant for electric vehicles like the one shown in the video? Would it just charge up the battery inside the pacemaker? Or, would it overload the circuits in the pacemaker and kill the pedestrian? Thanks for another great video Real Engineering!

Simon : I doubt this is going to make an impact for phones. Cars, Laptops, PC's,... Stuff you have to place down to work on or leave stationary for a while. That is what this technology is good for. Increasing the range will inevitably reduce efficiency. A charger for a car that detects when you're in park mode and raises closer to the receiver would be cool though. I hope Tesla and other manufacturers are working on something like that.

Super robot Knuckles : lol they should have a big plug on the front of the electric car and a receiving port on a pole . So all you have to do to charge the car is ram it into the pole.

Layback Studios : 0:20 but mine lasts for several days at a time with light usage #4100mAh!!!!!

varjagen : what is the music 0:40 seconds in?

iRx Destiny : we need fusion energy, and then all the energy problem will be fixed

M4 Thirsty : why does the added impact of wireless charging even matter? If we didnt have it, people would use normal charging and still have the same impact :? correct me if im wrong :P

Hector Diaz : I'm still confused as to how this witchcraft works.

Menstrel : I do not want these devices anywhere near me.

World Peace : Sure enough charging from the distance is cool ...but it is also very much a waste of energy as the field strength decrease with distance...hence you need more energy to put in. So no...i don’t think this will be a thing also because it might be problematic for people with peacemakers for example. So it is better to keep the fields small and efficient. However I think a cable will probably still be better either way.

Real Engineering : Huge thanks is needed to Mike from Mobox Graphics (link in description) for this video. Mike is a fellow mechanical engineer and animator. 95% of the work for this video was done by him, including the writing and editing. I just did some minor editorial work and the narration. Wouldn't be able to afford to employ him without Patreon and sponsors like

Luminite C : *Cherging*

WillFulForza : Tesla was a freaking genius

Kleanthis Kleanthous : TESLA MODEL S IS NOT A MODEL 3 How many vieos have i seen showing a model s and telling its a moddel 3

DragonTechRoyale4k : I love wireless charging!!! It’s so much better than wired charging (even fast charging)!!!

Jay Perrin : This affects 'current' technology ;)

Golden Raider : I *LEARNED* something today!


bad99teddy : how did come to ''the first 73 people will get something speciall...'' Imagine him arguing on the phone like :''i wont do it for less than 75.'' then the company like ''i only can go as high as 73''. ''........yea fine what ever''

mahesh reddy : For those who say that wired charging is better, do you use wired internet connection or WiFi?. It's all about comfort...