Oh Sweet Jesus, Give Me More Nanners!

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Jesus Christ : yes, yes, you may have all the nanners you want. 😇

kevin coots : Someone please add the metal gear alert sound.

Big Blue Weeaboo : Don't interrupt nanners time

Angela : This vid and Mr. Bubbz have the same energy

cheech-a-roni _ : when his voice cracked after looking at the kids face..

beefknuckles : I've hit replay about 20 times already and I can't stop cracking up hahahahah

LUCKY HORSE GAMING : Eating nanners and taking souls.

Memes are the only thing that keeps me going : Top 10 anime jumpscares

Matthew Schalo : Is it just me or does the guy laugh in the tune of grenade by Bruno Mars at the end

Niki Boeseman : I don't know what cracks me up more, the cute but hilarious face she makes or his laugh lol

orazal99 : that is scary.. better call a priest

Waffle Ranger : See y’all on Ellen

Rainbow Dash : When you suddenly understand the sense of life, and then lose it.

Bobby Love : She is too adorable and scary at the same time lol give me food seamor!

Smark Shillington, DFCO : There's something very unsettling about that reaction.

KeithTheKreHater : Kinda creepy actually. Kids gonna do that next to your bed in the dark eventually.

Alpha India : If you watch this at .25 speed it becomes much more terrifying.

Kamon23 : That laugh at the end was a victory jingle

I Drink Apple Jucie : someone is about to make this a new jump scare :D

zionxxx : Adding it to my LEGENDARY playlist of videos. So funny!!

Zoe Cancian : Jajajaja qué lindura!!!! Jajajaja no puedo parar de reírme!!! Jaja tu hijita me hizo el día, estaba rre depre

Miss Virginia : NANNERS!

littlepinkskeleton : That is a jumpscare!

Lyssa Gee : This is my favorite video lollllll


9GAG TV : Hi There ! This is James from 9GAG. Awesome clip ! Is it possible for you to grant us permission to share it on our Facebook and Instagram ? Will surely credit you back ! Can't wait to hear from you soon ! James

Kristy Soto : I’ve worn out the replay button, & my husband is getting annoyed.🤣

Tweetie Pie : This child just peered into my soul

Crystal K : Yo I don’t remember the last time I laughed this hard😩

Ms Johnson : This never gets old 😅😅😅😅😅😅

Tony Tiger : got a minute?

Pogadust : I imagine the baby with a Scottish drunk man's voice

SuperBlurby : N E W M E M E I N C O M I N G.

Kelly Louise Newman : I love this so much!! 😂😂 hope you liked the edit I sent you 😁


Dylan Carreau : no i dont have a minute

Tree's Bro : Viral x)

The Dhiegoz Garcia : Demon baby

Michael Cusanus : 10/10


Dannyboy : 0:08 when someone wakes me up too early.

Aaron Vasquez : I'm scared

Lenaya Carter : This is it. This is my favorite video on this site.

Ms jeff : She's like " Give me more"!

Jack Dodd : >:O

Mingo P. : Looks possessed

Siberius Wolf : As long as it doesn't throw up.. it's an okay baby video.

starman Rocky : Doblao?

ChampionofNamira : Reminds me of that beluga whale scaring some kid lol