We discover a rigged table during a restoration.

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Sammy Spaniel : Just a quick note since no one else seems to have the guts.......the music is a bit loud.

D Sloop : music is way too loud

billy fakersonton : I don't suppose anyone had mentioned to you in the last 2 years that the music is a bit loud in video.

Ben Rainero : Great video. your music is a little loud. recommend turning it down a little.

joeskis : Who's the stupid editor that put vocal music in this video and upon reviewing it decided it was a good idea?

Adam Bear : Think of the hidden rigging tech they have today...

Z B : If you listen closely, you can hear the subliminal messaging in the music. Something about table restoration.

I leave mean comments : jesus christ this guy really drags it out, doesn't he? GET TO THE POINT MAN!

Devin Shillington : i think theres a guy talking in the background

Mark Cotte Jr : I can barely hear the guy with the music blasting.

Gordon Tendick : Skip to 4:38. You're welcome.

phdtobe : For the electricity from the batteries to circulate and power a device, the circuit is *closed* by the switch, not opened. That's because closing the circuit completes the pathway for the electrons to travel.

Joshua Jones : could you upload one with no music? trying to absorb the information became really difficult when the music was basically as loud as your voice.

werty1432k : Please no more music

North American Heathen : Your video would be 1000 times more enjoyable if you turn off or turn down the music.

Isaiah75287 : The background music was too loud

dadio1a : holy crap...turn your frigging music off

Jason Kneller : If you want people to enjoy your videos, either don't overlay music on to it or at least reduce it to a volume low enough that the speakers voice is not competing with it. Christ that was annoying and made it unwatchable.

T AN : Glad to hear that everyone else agrees the music is too loud.

J Crif : Oh shit that music makes this unwatchable, goodbye

Thomas Jefferson : Very interesting but the music is very annoying.

Gregor Cleganes Rabid Pug : - please turn the music down - stop saying UMMMM

William Owen : Music is far too intrusive, fade in, fade out is your friend.

Keeks Marone : Idk what these guys are complaining about I can hear you just fine over the music, it adds to the time period too.

The Gods Right-Hand Man : Just an FYI to say I had no problem with the music interfering with your voice. You were lucid and tangible and the music was a good background. Seems a lot of people here can't listen properly . . . .

Tipperzack : The music was too loud when he was talking. Play it in the beginning, not throughout. I enjoyed all the work and information about the table.

Rondal62 : music was louder than you, I understand you were trying to add nostalgia It is a good video other than that.

Quimquat : the back ground music is too loud I can't hear you plus you mumble

Auckland357 : I'm sure a casino table set up for cheating is "really rare"

Matt Stevens : As everyone is saying... The music is TOO LOUD!

Obvious Schism : Apart from getting rid of the loud music, please also consider using the correct terminology. The phrase you are looking for is "Close the circuit". Otherwise very interesting video and where can I buy one of these tables?

Deadbeliefs : Music was fine considering It's the era of the table. Video was awesome, learned more in five minutes about fixed tables than some commercialized television program. Ignore these children giving you what they consider 'sound youtube advice' (double entendre). Kids wouldn't know a good jam if the jar broke at their feet, know what I'm saying?

Markush 3 : I feel like the music gets louder and louder as he talks

monkefoahead : wow facinating.if they were doing it back then it probably still happens today.i am going to take a close look at the wheel in my local casino

TheStuffz : this should be in the Mob Museum in vegas

Nickster : Turn that music up, only kids from the 1920s remember this!

Mat E : I didn't mind the music since it added personality to the roulette tabe giving it some history..

KYoss68 : Wow that music was really annoying.

BurgerWeiner : Could barely hear the music.

alf beef : I couldn't hear the music good enough could you turn it up next time? I would like to really I've seen the demonstration of the ball and the pin..

smallbustboy matthews : Ditch the music, what were you thinking of.

Ohio Guy19 : The annoying/loud background music is wonderful, only complaint is it’s too quiet

Mark F. : can't hear shit cause the dam background music is too loud

Michael Lederman : Dude learn to use a fader so that the background music fades out when the accented man is speaking it ruined this video.

1978ajax : Another splendid example of why it such a bad idea to add music just because you can.

DAZLG : every time i used to go casino and play roulette so many people would cover way over 20 numbers and still lose

zomgtehrei : very interesting video but you guys really need to brush up on production. The guy talking says um, er, ah almost every five seconds and some of the camera footage was too bright or not even in focus. Maybe consider more closeups too Still a good video but you could really stand to tighten a few screws on the production.

TheWedusa : volume...

adam sala : more rigged wheel all casino cheating......

officialghetty : I wish they would’ve put music in this video.