The Expanse Series Fan Trailer - #SaveTheExpanse

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Kagua : This is next level shit. Why Syfy didnt do trailers like all the fans did recently ??

JerryKanMan : This show IS way before its time #SaveTheExpanse

STR33TSofJUST1C3 : This has legit brought tears to my eyes. With this stuff trending on twitter and reddit, and a plane flying over AmazonHQ in CA (#SaveTheExpane), it's impossible for it to go unnoticed. No way that Amazon thinks this show is not worth picking up.

Jonathan Lindhome : incredibly well done. #SaveTheExpanse

Pop Culture Pandora : Best scifi series of this decade.

allmhuran : Way better than the official trailers

Christopher Peters : SyFy cancels its best show in years... Sounds like an opportunity for Netflix or Amazon.

Matthew Jacob Ramos : "The exploration of space will go ahead, whether we join in it or not, and it is one of the great adventures of all time" ~ John F. Kennedy #SaveTheExpanse

bzdug : I think the fans are proving that whoever picks up this show can slash their marketing budget. We got this. CAN'T STOP THE WORK! #SaveTheExpanse

S GKukov : I never gave this show a shot, after seeing this i am definitely going to watch a few episodes. Sorry they're cancelling it

UwevomBrieg : Great work man, tears in the eyes...

James McLane : This gave me goosebumps. Amazing job!

Red Zeppelin : SyFy channel should be cancelled, not my favourite show. I have money here in my pocket that I would use to pay for these episodes, but there is no way for me to give it to them or watch the show (I live in the UK). This is a collossal failure of a TV channel/network, just like with Firefly. Are you reading this TV executives? Are you reading this investors? I have money right here that I want to spend, but the archaic TV channel model is DEAD and I cannot give you the money because of the choices you've made to deliberately prevent me from doing so. Let me pay you for my TV show! You idiots...

DragonStudioLPs : No human being seeing this could bring himself to cancel this. #SaveTheExpanse

Octavio C : I can't share this enough. This is 1000% more compelling than anything SyFy ever did for the show. Must.Not.Stop.The.Work. #savetheexpanse

Cosmo Nicedog : I've never watched this but the trailers shown recently, looks and sounds like Mass Effect if it were a TV show, I definitely wanna watch this show now.

Noelle Nn : Earthers! Martians! Belters! Unite and #SaveTheExpanse!

AncientAndroid古安卓 : I'm not crying, you're crying! #SaveTheExpanse

L0calher0 : Amazing. Shit gave me goosebumps. If you haven't already, WATCH THIS SHOW!

David Woolley : #savetheexpanse #remberthecant

Beatmyguest001 : Keep the Roci flying!! Excellent trailer and if only SyFy had marketed their show with even a tenth of the effort of this excellent fan trailer..

Goatman : Here from reddit, this is amazing. Haven't watched the show before but you've got my support now

The Magical Rock : Wow this was beautifully created. Well done! Also Reddit is great so guess where I found this

Sham Wow : This show is so visually stunning. Every episode I watched I was thinking to myself, "Jesus Christ those are some amazing visual effects. Why didn't I see them in the trailer? I would have started watching sooner."

Gerard Murphy : Rarely am I brought to tears watching a tv show fan trailer. This is all too perfect. I sincerely hope this gets through to someone high up at Netflix or Amazon.

BlackBirds93 : Damn this gave me chills

Tom McCormick : Great work putting this together. Such a good show, hate to see that it's getting cancelled. After reading the books watching this on TV is so refreshing.

Kalyptic : Prax Meng: "How many people have you killed?" Amos Burton: "I’m not sure." Prax Meng: "You’re not sure?" Amos Burton: "I’m not a homicidal maniac… Holden and Naomi, they’re not like me. They’re better. I’ll watch your back, but they’ll find your little girl." #SaveTheExpanse #SaveMei

Tracid007 : Well that's a shame :( I personaly considered this tv show is next best thing after galactica, but without killer robots. Anyway if they dont continue story on tv at least people will get some closure over the books, which are in some opinion better than tv show. In the end it's thier loss... #SaveTheExpanse

R4nc!d : The Expanse, Firefly and Star Citizen. This is sci-fi for me! #SaveTheExpanse

OmarFW : Can you imagine if game of thrones had been cancelled after it's 3rd season? We'd have lost some of it's best moments. This show deserves another chance, because it's a prime example of truly great sci-fi.

Ivan Dergachev : Much better than the official trailers!

memespace : This show looks great!

Valux91 : wow. amazing. poetic even. thank you xx NEVER GIVE UP #SaveTheExpanse #RenewTheExpanse

Blindman AI : Chills, man. This gave me chills. This will be my go to trailer when I try and introduce this series to others. Godspeed to the efforts indeed.

Jez Kern : Great series The Expanse, joins my all time favourites Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica.

Hans Yolo : It's a goddamn shame to ground a pilot and his ship. So #KeepTheRociFlying and #SaveTheExpanse

Demitrix : Signed

Takuba Anx : WOW! This is the best trailer ever! You have mad editing skills, not mention the choice of scenes. Fantastic work and a big THANK YOU!

Tim : Fucking hell this is awesome. Good job! Absolutely love this series.

some cunning linguist : How have I literally never heard of this show

Felipe Prusch : Never watched it before, will definitely watch now and hope someone #savetheexpanse

Celeste Flores : This is waaay better than any trailer Sci Fi has made

Chris MacDonald : We need more likes!

Aaron Sherman : Something this trailer reminds me of that I forget sometimes: this show (and this comes straight out of the books) has a glacial pace, and sometimes we can forget that glaciers are not gentle, unchanging things. They are massive, irresistable forces, carving inexorable landscapes. By the end of book three, I looked back and couldn't recognize the world that we'd started with. I feel the same way with the show. It's almost necessary to re-watch it in order to gain an appreciation of how amazing this show is.

spinakker : Please save The Expanse we have to complete *the work*

Jrrocks1 : Dude I have to start watching this show its like honor harrington meets mass effect meets game of thrones

Michael DeGar : This is a great trailer for the series as a whole. Shows some spoilery stuff out of context so it's not a huge deal. I would totally share this to get new people into the show.

VisionTN : Very well done.

Tactix01 : The best shows always gets canceled. This reminds me of when they canceled Defiance.